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**friday 3rd tri**

Morning ladies. How are we all? Last day of work before half term next week. Yay!!! So ridiculously tired I've struggled a lot this week so in looking forward to the break, or as much of one as I'll have with p to chase! Nothing to report pregnancy wise really, baby boy seems to have gone back to his usual lively self after a few quieter days. Looking forward to our growth scan next week to see how he's looking. Baby in/out vibes where needed.


  • Morning AR!! Yay for half term! Do you guys have any plans? Glad the boy is moving - it's always disconcerting when they have quiet days.

    I can full on relate to the fatigue...I've been wide awake since 2.45 :( should be a fun day at work...but at least its my last one for 12 months!! Woo hoo!!

    WE how are you today?

    LD baby out vibes to you!

    Hello to everyone - not sure I'll get back on until tonight.

  • Yay for your last day sp!!!! That'll make it much easier to get through the day!! Half term plans are mostly seeing friends/relaxing! We've loads of painting and decorating to do but I can't really do any of that by myself with p about.
  • The friends and relaxing sounds so much more fun than painting!

    Hope you survive the day!

  • Hey

    Autumnrose yippee for your week off next week and a growth scan.

    Sweetpea hope your not too tired and bet your glad that is you finished now x

    Afm got the midwife just after 9. Not much else to report other than bden having the whole move or improve debate with h. Have a nice day everyone x
  • Morning!

    AR, yay for half term! Enjoy as much rest as you can. Bubs had a quiet day here too, now it feels like I have a washing machine going in my bump!!

    Sweetpea, enjoy your last day! Lie in tomorrow!!

    Abc, hope your appt goes well

    Afm, I'm knackered. Two hours of school disco last night wiped me out, especially the standing. My friend is taking J to school so I'm doing nothing. 24h ish til H is back in the country. Baby was quiet yesterday but v busy this morning lol
  • Hi Isis enjoy the quiet...before your H returns x
  • AR - yay for half-term! Bet it feels like it's been a long time coming!

    SP - enjoy your last day. Bet you can't wait to be finished.

    ABC - are you thinking of moving then? Do you need a bigger place? We've gone down the improve road, having our kitchen pulled out today and redoing the conservatory once the baby is here in Spring. Sometimes I think moving would be the easier option!

    Isis - enjoy a quiet morning! Bet you can't wait for H to be back. You'll probably find when he's safely home and relaxed things might start to happen (fingers crossed!)

    AFM - very glad it's Friday! New kitchen is being delivered today and the old one ripped out so it's takeaways and microwave food for us the next few days! Although it's a nice excuse to go for lunch tomorrow.

    Baby wise she had a bit of a quiet day yesterday but not sure if that's because I was under the weather so didn't really eat/drink much (naughty I know). Other than that bump is just getting bigger & heavier! Even H pointed out yesterday that it seemed to have grown overnight. Does anyone have one of those support bands? I've read a few reviews and am considering picking one up as I've read it can help to take some of the weight. Happy to try anything!

  • Morning all,

    AR- Enjoy your week off

    SP- How good does that sound the last day for a year

    ABC- Hope all goes well at the MW

    Isis- Hoping the baby stays put until the 24th

    AFM- I was woken up this morning by breakfast in bed. He'd made love heart shaped toast, I thought he must have bought a shaped cutter, but he used scissors lol. We're off out for a meal tonight and I've got a new Tiffany Rose dress that I my bump feels realy good in, so I'm looking forward to it. Babywise I'm 36 weeks today and am looking forward to my scan next week.

    OB- Congrats again

    LD- sending baby vibes

  • Flossy- sorry I missed you there whilst typing. A new kitchen how exciting. My brother commented last night I was huge but I don't think I am compared to others, let me know how you get on with a band if you buy one

  • I'm sure my brother thinks I'm huge but probably too scared to say! My argument is that I can't be that big as I still have a belly button! I think I'm going to get some kind of band, I still have 4 weeks of work left so if it helps I'll definitely get use out of it if I get it now. Will let you knowing it does anything!

  • Morning everyone

    AR - Great news that its nearly half term. Sounds like its good timing for you.

    SP - Enjoy your last day, have you got anything good planned for tonight?

    ABC - Its so difficult to decide isn't it. We have done as much as we can to our house so moving is probably the only option if we want another baby. Not going to think about that for a while though! Its the cost of moving that puts me off.

    Isis - Great news that your H is nearly home. Baby in vibes until then.

    Flossy - Can't help with the bump band advice but I know some women have found it helpful. Make sure you eat and drink today!!

    AFM - Last day at work, wooo hoooo!!!! Can't believe its come around so quick. Its going to be lovely not to have to set my alarm for months, although I'm sure that I'll have a new alarm clock shortly :)

    All good at MW yesterday, measuring spot on for dates (despite everyone says how small I am, which is becoming very irritating!). No more engaged than last time and next appointment at 40 weeks. Guess its just a waiting game now.

    Hope everyone has a good Friday :)

  • Morning

    AR- half term has already started here. A has an INSET day today. I only have 2 weeks after half term- have you something similar?

    SP- Enjoy your last day at work.

    ABC- hope all goes well at the MW

    Isis- I bet you are tired after the disco. Now H is back I hope baby makes an appearance soon

    Flossy- I feel really big this time. This is by far my biggest bump. Can't help with the support bands i'm afraid

    BLL- Very sweet of your H. Enjoy your dinner out.

    Mrs V- another last day at work...enjoy!

    AFM- No school for A this morning so half term has already started. Thankfully children didn't wake until 10 to 8, which in my eyes is a mini lie in! I have a keyworker meeting at C's pre school today and then my cousin is visiting with her 2 children. Have to go for a repeat blood test tomorrow. Baby seems okay, although I am finding it increasingly uncomfortable. Oh, I don't think I told you about writing my complaint following my last appointment at the hospital. For those of you who don't remember I had a registrar who greeted us by saying I haven't read your notes. Skimmed them and then missed lots of things. Anyway, I sent an email and had a response from my consultant. She apologised and mentioned a few other things. and said that I was to specifically ask for her next appointment. Her secretary then phoned me on Wednesday saying that my next appointment coincided with my consultant's annual leave and could I either bring my appointment a week forward or put it back a week.  I have always thought my consultant was very good and as this may be the last  time I see her before baby is born it will be nice to see her specifically.

  • It's good they've taken you seriously s4. Are you at Queens? Any of my friends who have had pregnancy complications there have only had good thinks to say despite what ends up in the papers!

  • I am and honestly cannot fault the care I have had there (in all 4 of my pregnancies and my MCs too). However, it is registrars like this that give the hospital bad press. Although I haven't laboured there friends who have in the last few years have said they have had a great experience. Much better than say 5/6 years ago. Where are you delivering your baby?

  • Morning ladies

    Busy already this morning!

    AR, yay to almost half term. Not many more working days for you

    SP, yippee to mat leave! Are you going for lunch or anything today?

    ABC, hope midwife goes well. Did you come to any conclusions about moving?

    Isis, glad baby is staying put for now, not long till your H is back

    Flossy, what's your new kitchen like?

    BLL how sweet of your H, enjoy your meal out. What's your dress like?

    MrsV another going on mat leave! Hope you get to enjoy some rest before baby comes x

    Section4, glad your complaint got you somewhere, it's good to know your consultant is looking out for you now. When's your appointment?

    I had the worst sleep ever, bloody hospitals. The domestic was complaining about lack of staff at the top of her voice about 1am while making up a bed for a new patient, with room lights etc on which was fantastic. There are two babies across from me and both mothers left them till they were screaming before dealing with them in the middle of the night - in fact, one was crying just there and his mum was ignoring him while she chatted on the phone! Oh I could go on. And I've not been seen at all by a midwife since 6pm last night. AND the midwife yesterday suggested they may keep me in till delivery since it was my third bleed. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen. Will know more once I've seen a doctor this morning.

  • WE- I hope they decide to let you out. Staying in for several weeks seems a nightmare, especially as you can lay in bed at home and actually get some sleep, and come back in if you bleed again, but I suppose they'll do what's best for you and the baby. I hope all goes well for you with doc.

    My dress link is

  • Angriest person in the world here today! Can't be bothered to list any of the boring stupid reasons I'm ready to kill everyone I see and even a 20 minute rant-slash-snotfest last night didnt purge me of my temporary misery. Hoping everyone has a lovely Friday and Weekender and Isis keep babies in, safe and warm xxx

    Off to read thread now :)

  • Oh we, I've never stopped in hospital but you've described exactly how I imagine it is. It sounds awful! Hope they let you out but equally I understand why they'd be cautious.

  • S4 - I'm going to Broomfield. I'm kind of in between the two hospitals but there's a few more options route wise for getting to broomfield if the traffic is bad so we went with that one!

    Weekender - so sorry you had a rubbish night. Hope they give you some answers and you don't have to stay in. I guess even being on strict bed rest at home is a better option. Our new kitchen is a wooden one, pretty traditional but will be much nicer than the one we currently have! I'm mostly looking forward to the new fridge/freezer so I don't have to bend down so much for the milk everytime I make tea!

    BLL - gorgeous dress! You'll have to get a bump pic so we can see it properly!

    Counter - hope today gets better for you.x

  • Flossy/S4 are you essex ladies?? I am also at queens

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