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**Monday 3rd Tri**

Morning Ladies!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! i didn't have much time to get on. I was helping to paint the living room on Saturday which led me to have pains that made me a little concerned baby might make an early appearance, but thankfully all is well and baby is still well and truely safe in my tummy for now!  went to meet a friend for dinner last night as she is off to Australia for 3 weeks today! so i 'should' have a baby by the time she gets back!

Last week of work this week! Mat cover starts on Wednesday, so i'll basically be done by Tuesday! which is good!  meeting Saffron for dinner on Tuesday too!

Baby Out vibes to those who need them, and Baby in vibes to Libby until Friday! 

RKB 37+4



  • Morning rkb... Sounds productive.. Glad the pains eased and you have nearly done with work now.. Hopefully you can take things a bit easier in the next few days...

    Afm... It was our first wedding anniversary yesterday so had a lovely day shopping, cinema and dinner.. Brought my pacapod changing bag with vouchers from work too... Tried to fit in some ball bouncing and crawling on all fours but I'm pretty sure baby hasn't turned.. Off to hospital this morning for the ecv.. Not much looking forward to it..

  • Morning ladies,

    rkb...glad your feeling better and enjoyed your dinner with your friend. Take it easy decorating etc, last weeks at work yay!!

    bexy...yay to the pacapod, I have the Napier in black! Hope baby has moved and the ecv is not needed!

    afm.. feeling the same, still getting the odd pains, but nothing 'proper' has  happened! Hoping baby stays put till section on Friday or at least wednesday as we have plans I don't want to miss! Nothing but the school runs, relaxing and some light housework planeed for today so will be back in a bit!


    baby out vibes to those needing them!!!

  • Libby.. I got the Napier in driftwood! Very excited about getting to grips with it! Hope baby stays put for another few days.. Try not to do too much...

  • Morning Ladies

    RKB - sounds like you may have over done it on Saturday - Yay to your last week at work!!

    bexy - good luck with the ecv.  Glad you managed to make a decision on the changing bag - I have ended up with one messenger style bag that H will also use (he will be having 3 months off with baby once I go back to work after 6 months, so needed something non-girly).  I couldn't find a handbag style one that I liked, so bought myself a new handbag and a changing insert to go in it, so I can swap it into whichever handbag I want to use that day!!

    libby - sending you lots of baby stay put vibes 'til Friday.

    AFM - I had a nice weekend, it was really nice meeting other cleft parents and babies on Saturday.  I have had period type back ache and a bit of a sore bump since Saturday night, but nothing seems to be happening ... I am ready for baby to arrive now, I've finished my to do list and just feel like I am sat about twiddling my thumbs a bit!!  Nothing major planned for today - might do some weeding in the front garden ... see if I can get things moving!!

    Al x

  • Morning all! Baby out and keep put vibes to those who need them :) everything at home is ready, batch cooking etc. lots more pressure down there baby Bs head pushing down on my poor spd :( ouchy! Hope everyone's ok :) can't believe we have passed 35 week mark :)))

  • Morning ladies

    RKB - sounds like you overdid it on Saturday. Make sure you take it easy from now on! Painting is not the best job for a 8 month pregnant woman! Yay to your last week at work, can imagine that it's all seeming a bit real now!

    Bexy - happy Anniversery for yesterday. Pleased to hear that you had a good time and got your bag! Good luck for the ecv today

    Libby - hope that baby stays put until Friday! Do you feel all prepared for the arrival?

    Al - glad that the cleft group went well on Saturday and you met lots of other parents in similar positions. Lots of baby out vibes to you. Weeding sounds a lot like hard work but like you say, it may get things moving!

    Afm - had a wonderful baby shower yesterday. Was completely overwhelmed by if all, my sister and friend did the best job organising it. Got loads of wonderful pressies for the baby and also me including a massage which I am very much looking forward to using as soon as my ML starts! Am of work today and am meeting my mum and sister in London this afternoon for a potter and then to see beyonce! Very excited! May try and have a nap this morning as I slept terribly last night and know that tonight will be a late one and fairly exhausting. I just can't seem to get comfy at the moment. Poor H as am keeping him up also, he looked shattered this morning as he left to go to work! Preparation for all things to come I suppose!

    Have a good day all x

  • Morning everyone

    RKB- Glad it was a false alarm. Hope you have a nice easy last week at work.

    Bexy- happy anniversary! Good luck for the ECV. Worked for my friend a couple of weeks ago. Fingers crossed it does for you.

    Libby- hope you make it until Friday although you do realise by making plans for the meanwhile you're tempting s0d?!

    Al- glad the cleft meeting was so useful for you. With anything I always like to have as much info as possible. I find it helps me cope with things better so hopefully having a good chat with other parents in a similar position will help you. I'm getting twinges too but nothing today. Sounds positive for you! I think there might end up being a few of us racing to the finish!

    AFM- thought it was happening Friday evening but he seems to have bobbed back up now. Walked about 3 miles yesterday and still nothing! Not really done much this weekend. I'm also running out of things to do now! My horse goes out 24/7 a of this Saturday so that will make life easier. I've said baby can arrive Friday evening! Got another scan and appointments with Mw and consultant tomorrow afternoon. Any guesses how big this time? He was measuring 7lb12 at 36 weeks.

    Nothing planned today really, few bits of housework to so but that's it! Might have a soak in the bath in a minute.

    Baby out vibes to Gopher if she's still hanging on.


  • GB - missed you there! Glad to hear that all is ready at home! Baby pressure must be agony on you spd, hope that you are doing ok x

  • GB- you're doing really well to still be going! Hold on another couple of weeks baby!

    Ferbs- enjoy London and the concert! Hope it's not too tiring. A nap sounds like a good plan

  • WH - also missed you! Hopefull all your efforts will shortly help baby make an appearance soon! My friend swore by walking. 3 miles is good going! My guess for baby tomorrow would be 8lb1! Enjoy your soak in the bath and relaxing day

  • Hello all, hope you have some sunshine where you are.

    RKB- I bet you had a bit of a scare thinking baby might make an early appearance...relieved to hear it wasn't the case and all is well,

    Bexy- Glad you had fun celebrating your wedding anniversary. Thinking of you this morning and FX your ECV is successful.

    Libby- Ooh, you're on a countdown then- stay put baby!

    Al- Thumb-twiddling is frustrating isn't it? Good idea to get grovelling about in the garden!

    GB- Yay for passing 35 weeks and it sounds like you're super prepared now.

    Ferbs- Enjoy your day today and Beyonce, sounds fun.

    WH- Good luck for your appointments and I'd hate to guess how big baby is by now, eek! Much easier for you once your horse is living out, ours is out now too.

    AFM- 41+3 now and feel like this baby is never going to evacuate. I'm knackered today as we spent some time at Triage in the middle of the night due to some crazy itching! Have to ring up for blood test results later but hopefully all is OK and it was just one of those things. Roll on the weekend when the little monster should be with us one way or t'other!

    Have a good day everyone.

  • Hi everyone. Quick one from me. I'm in hospital, been up since 3am with tightenings, back ache and period pain. Had some mega tightenings while here, every 3 mins or so. Just waiting to see doc now. 35+5 today, was admitted with A at 36+4. Will update later!

  • Al...glad the class was helpful and you got to meet some other parents going through the same thing! The waiting game is pretty boring isn't it, try to enjoy the rest if you can but hope something happens for you soon!

    GB...yay to 35 weeks, your doing great! Hope the spd isn't too bad!

    ferbs...I think we're ready now but there's always 24hrs Tesco if not!! Sounds like a lovely baby shower, enjoy beyonce and i hope you sleep better tonight!

    WH...I know, I thought I'd try to squeeze things in before baby arrives but it is risky!! Hope that something happens soon for you, sounds like your keeping busy which should help!

    gopher...oh I really hope it happens soon, hope the bloods are clear and the itching stops soon! Are you booked in for induction (though hopefully you won't need it of course!!) ?

  • morph... hope your ok and things stop soon, unless it's better for baby to come now of course! Either way lots of vibes to you and will keep an eye out for an update! Good luck!

  • Morning everyone - can I dip my toe in the big girls' club? I'm still not 100% sure when 3rd tri starts, but thought I'd pop in and say hi. I'm not a huge poster as I don't have time to do personals at work, so I end up feeling bad and don't post at all!

    Some of you know me from 2nd tri, but a big wave and hello for those who don't!

  • Gopher - hope that things start happening for you shortly. Baby out vibes!

    Morph - hope that all is ok. Keep us updated. Good luck if this is the start of things x

    Knees - welcome to 3rd tri!

  • Morph- oooh! Was it you who posted that pic on FB last night if the pram? Hope things slow down but if not you're far enough along that all should be fine x

    Gopher- hope the bloods are clear. I bet you're so fed up now

  • Knees- welcome! I'm never sure either so jump aboard!

  • Hi Ladies

    Sorry no time for personals as mega busy at work - still have 6 weeks to go before ML!  Have had a quick read through and will try to do personals tomorrow as working from home!

    Baby out vibes to those in need!! xx

  • Hello everybody, I'm back.  Well what a morning it's been!  As I said I woke at 3 am this morning and just couldn't get back to sleep and was very aware of BH's/tightenings.  I never have then during the night, at least nt to my knowledge.  I also had a sore back, period pains and a churny tummy (although I think that was just me needing a poo EmbarrassedLaugh).  It carried on all night and I tried to just ignore t and sleep but no luck.  When H got up I suggested he not rush off anywhere, let me get up and dressed and make a decision about whether to call anyone.

    anyway, called labour ward as day assessment wasn't open yet and they told me to come in so H dropped me off and then went off on the school run and met me back at the hospital with A.  They put me on a trace and the tightenings were coming every 3 mins or so, with a few whoppers thrown in!  Doc took a look and agreed something was going on and given my history with A they need to do further checks.  I was examined and my cervix is closed which is good but it doesn't mean to say they won't start doing something soon so we agreed to steroids.  Ive had one shot today (ouch Angry) and have to go back tomorrow for a second dose.  I was allowed to come home on strict instructions to go back if things change.

    so the upshot is I have no idea if I'm in labour or not!  Given I've had 2 previous sections I've to be careful of leaving things too long but it's so hard to know what's ok and what's not!  H has dashed off to work for the rest of the afternoon to start doing some handover as he's convinced I won't go much longer.  Luckily we had a really busy day yesterday finishing loads of stuff off including me finishing my bags, sorting out the car seat etc so we're pretty much good to go but I need contingency child care plans now!

    going to have some lunch and I will come back and read the thread properly! X

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