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Clary Sage oil for labour - Nala in here please! Xx

Anyone tried this to induce an overdue baby or help during labour?

During my birth reflections meeting the midwife suggested this if I was to fall pregnant again.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with it though! Rub it on my belly? Sniff it? Burn in an oil burner?

Any ideas?!


  • It is stinky and doesn't smell very nice.

    I would have a bath with it, and sniff it on a flannel/muslin and only resort to rubbing in into my skin when desperate! I don't think you'd want your whole house smelling of it, so would avoid the oil burner.

  • Also can I rub it on neat without mixing with a carrier oil?

    Assume I can put it in a bath / put on a flannel or tissue neat without mixing with anything else..,?

  • I got some fantastic oil for labour which had CS in but also lavender and some other bits so it doesn't smell.  My H (who is a trained massage therapist), gave me a couple of back massages with it.

  • I used it almost every day from just before my due date and he was still 10days late. It stinks! Worth a try though I suppose. I would mix with a carrier oil as its quite strong on its own for the skin - plus you'd use quite a lot.

  • How did you use it McSquirtle?

    The midwife told me that it can help with contractions once they are established, as last time mine stopped when I hit 7cm, so her suggestion was to use it as massage and to smell when I'm in established labour I think.

    I have some lavender oil so could mix with that for massage?

  • I used it with a carrier oil and burnt it while I had a bath each day. And I used used it to massage my bump. Lavender oil would work well for a mix I think, might improve the smell too!

  • Is lavender a carrier oil??

  • Carrier oil is something like apricot, almond or sunflower (or you can use olive but it's quite heavy).

    I used clary sage both times and it made bugger all difference. I had:

    - drops on a tissue to sniff (used this throughout labour too, and kept it in my bra)

    - drops on my pillow

    - drops in my bath

    - drops on the radiator or in an oil burner

    - mixed with lavender and sweet almond oil for massage of bump/back and reflexology (by doula)

    I can't stand the smell now, just reminds me of desperation for baby to get a move on!

  • Hmm actually I don't think it is! I just did a quick google and its not coming up with much. I think carrier oils are usually (mostly) fragrance free. I used coconut oil when I used the Clary Sage. You could mix it with lavender to alter the smell, but I don't think you should use it on your skin. So sorry, I realise I've given you useless information there.

  • No it's ok, its really helped!

    Shall use almond oil as a carrier oil for massage but I'll burn it with lavender oil in a burner Smile

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