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Help! Should I be worried by these pains!!!

I'm 33 weeks and for the past couple of hours I've been having dull aches like period pains that come anOther hatchet aren't excruciating pains, but nether the less they come, peak and go in a matter of about 15 seconds. I haven't noticed a regular pattern with how often they come. I am having braxton hicks and would describe these as uncomfortable rather than painful. I can feel loads of pressure down below and am having a wee every 5 mins. I haven't got any bleeding or had a show, no waters, but do have heavy discharge, which is typical of 3rd tri isn't it???

i don't know if I should be concerned by this? I'm over anxious I think because of all the bleeds I've had during this pregnancy. I won't want to look like a drama queen or like I'm a hypochondriac. I've managed to bath C and get him ready for bed, so the pains arent crippling but they are there all the same. I don't know what to do.


  • Can you call your triage number/delivery suite for some advice? I am sure its nothing to worry about but better to get some advice even if just to set your mind at rest x

  • I could call, but to be honest and I know it's ridiculous, but I'm on the phone all the time to them about my bleeding. I feel funny about it, iykwim. I know how stupid that sounds.

  • I would call them, my labour at 28 weeks started with just pains, no bleeding or waters going, it's always better just to get checked out

  • Don't feel bad about calling - that is what they are there for. Some pains are normal but if you are concerned enough to post here then you should call. it's not worth the risk xx

  • Have you been timing them? Sod how silly you feel lovely, that's what the MW's are there for. IIRC C was an earlyish show? Call them. Much better to be safe than sorry x

  • I would call them anyway, with your history of bleeding they'll take you seriously. In the meanwhile you can try a warm bath and some paracetamol and see if that eases them. Hope all is ok

  • I would call just to be on the safe side. With my 2nd pregnancy I had similar pains to these for quite a few weeks before going into labour, I thought I was on the verge to go into labour

  • You should call. Definitely.


  • I have a consultant appointment tomorrow anyway so have had a bath and popped a couple of paracetamols and it has taken the edge off for now. Ill keep an eye on it over the next hours or so and then give a buzz if I need to. God why can't this be straight forward!!

  • I was told that if they stop with a bath then they aren't contractions, however if they are still carrying on it would def be worth a call.

  • Hmmm, they haven't stopped, the just dont feel as bad as they did before.

  • I'd still call, just to be on the safe side x

  • How are you munchkin, did you call? X

  • No.....I'm loafing in bed. I'm seeing the consultant tomorrow, so unless they crank up in the night ill ask him tomorrow. Baby is really active. Still getting the pains on and off bit they aren't as strong, am hoping that they are just some strong Brixton hicks, or that baby is laying awkwardly xxx if anything changes ill let you guys know xxx

  • Glad they've eased off a bit. Do call them if they get worse, if it is labour there's more they can do early on.  Even if they think you're paranoid, and really, you've had plenty of reason to be concerenc so far so I don;t think they will, they'd rather see you.

  • Have they given you steroids during any of your bleed admissions? I ask because if not that extra 12 hours could make a lot of difference in meaning you get both shots in.

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