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implantation experiences???.....



  • Hi, I'm 8dpo and have tender boobs but not that tender I can't touch. I had cramping after ovulation and tonight feel like I need a good bleed. I had a shower and then got sharp pains in my cervix like somebody is poking me with a screwdriver. Could this be implantation? 

  • its my 10th day after 3 day ebroy transfer period is not for another week got brown discharge yesterday and light red bleeding today.doing bloodtest tommorrow.csn it be implantation bleeding?

  • Hello Ladies i would like to ask you what do you think last week i experienced brown discharge for three days i was thinking that my af is going to show theyre ugly face but no after three days it stopped and since then im experiencing very sore boobs and sometimes back and lower abdomen pain like period pain .Did anyone experienced that  not sure if its implantation x


  • Hi Mrs MB & Ladies,

    I am unsure bout the discharge or bleedeing asi have had none. When is your period due ?


    Like most of you i had sex through my ovulation and im about 7-8days past now .All i can feel different is sharp pains real low down below with some backpain , but no sore boobs image xx

  • Hi bonnie I'm 4 days late now ,I'm having a sore boobs since that brown discharge  I'm waiting finger crossed everything goes well imageimage xx

  • Fingers crossed 4 days is a good bit have you tested at all ?x

  • No i haven't im trying to be patient haha x

  • May I just say these stories are wonderful to hear and make me feel alot better about my current situation ....

    I am at 9dpo today AF is not due for a couple of weeks, this is where my confusion begins...Saturday evening my DP and I were about to BD and guess who decided to make an appearance (or what I think may or may not be early AF) Now that I get to thinking about it, and read these forums...I am thinking it may be implantation. So many women have said that they expirienced red blood when peeing and after wiping, and that is what I have been expiriencing since late Saturday night, it is wearing off now, it started very heavy, and now I keep a panty liner in and I only seem to be having my pee light pink/some brownish color. I look back on thurs-friday before the bleeding and I did have some pains, but I ignored them because I knew my AF was not due until later on at the end of the month...I am very tired, feel very light headed/dizy and have been nauseous the past 2 confused!!! I am always regular and have never had an early AF..hmmm... any input?


    THANKSS image


    good luck to all of you as well!

  • Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me out I just finished my period a week ago and yesterday I started to spot very lightly (only when I wiped after urination) today I had some stringy discharge sorry if tmi I also have been more tired than normal about the last 2 weeks and having been feeling up to par for about the last 3 days... it is to early for me to be ovulating and I dont think you can go through a regular period and then have implantation bleeding a week later.

  • I was just wondering if anyone could help me out I just finished my period a week ago and yesterday I have had very light spotting (only when I wipe after urination) some stringy discharge and stomach irritation just not feeling up to par last couple of days what do u think this could be? It is to early for me to be ovulating
  • this is an old post of mine! lol
  • boooey were you pregnant?

  • no i wasn't, little did i know i couldn't get pregnant then! lol but. .

    am pregnant now with twins!

    yippee x x

    good luck!
  • Congratulations boooey that gives me and probably lots of other ladies out there hope! My husband and I have been ttc for 3 yrs with no joy. I have my last gynae appointment next month to which she will be referring us for IVF. Thank you for sharing your news image and all the best for the remainder of your pregnancy image x
  • Hey new to this. Just wondered I started bleeding but there's not a lot onky

  • Hey new to this. I just wondered I started bleeding today but there's not a lot only when I wipe and its red and pink with the odd small stretchy bit (sorry tmi) my period isn't due for another week. 

    I don't have sore boobs but they are fuller. I have had constant headaches for about 4 days ( which isn't like me ). 

    Just soconfused do you think it could be implantation bleeding even though its kind of red or be an early period? I never get an early or late period. 

    Please help


  • Hi, here's my story. My LMP was May 9, 2015. 2 weeks later on May 23 and 24 I had unprotected sex and he finished in me both times. (sorry if tmi lol). I have a long cycle normally (around 30-35 days) and my period is NEVER early and NEVER light. On June 4th I had some pms like cramps but less severe, and I noticed some pink discharge when I wiped, and later a gush of red watery blood with no clots. Today is June 9th and have been having brown, light bleeding/spotting since then, only a spot on a pantyliner each day, never any clots and always a watery consistency. I KNOW that it isn't my period I know my body. Ive been super fatigued, nauseous, dizzy, noticing certain smells more, sore breasts..I am not on any birth control, and have been anxiously waiting to find out if I am pregnant since we had sex. Yesterday I had a blood test done and the results came back negative...yet I'm still sure that I am pregnant. Am I being crazy? Since I'm still spotting could it be too early for the blood test to detect it? I'm supposed to go for a second blood test in a few weeks if i don't get a normal period. But I'm so tired of waiting already, I really want to know as soon as possible so that I can start prenatal care. Please let  me know if you think there's still hope for me. I feel so alone in this, none of my friends had any bleeding in their pregnancies and they think I'm just having a weird period because I'm stressed, but I've been far more stressed than I am now and still never had a  and never had a light or early period. Please help!

  • I'm going thru the same thing. My LMP was May 11tg lasted about 6 days, my bf and I had unprotected sex everyday or every other day up until the 29th was the last time, he finished inside me almost everytime(tmi lol). But that week of may 26th I had a dream that my sister was telling me I was pregnant and in my dream I was leaking colostrum.. I woke up from my dream and sure enough I checkEd my breasted and yellow stuff was coming out. On the 31st I spotted( I believe it was implantation spotting) it was only when I went to the restroom and that was it. Then for about 4 days I had mild cramping, my period wasnt due till the 8th but I got it on the 6th pretty normal but ligh but still a period. On the 8th it was on and off with brown, and on the 9th it was brown only when I wiped myself. My periods are usually heavy and my cramps are horrible but this time it was different. I had cramps but not bad and my bleeding was light but bright red then brown. ive been feeling very dizzy when I lay down mostly. I'm not sure but could I be pregnant?

  • How long after bleeding like that did you test and it showed up positive? I have had the same exact symptoms.

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