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Due in June 2018 - Part 2



  • My tightening have settled a bit now thank god! No they said they couldn't turn her because she's facing my back and her head is so high up, and there's not allot of room in there. I would have refused anyway, it's our choice. If you don't want one then they have to do cesarean.. it's your right xx

  • How’s everyone getting on? 

    Things are going well my end, it feels like Pearl has always been here!

    i just had to share this pic, as it’s definitely not a normal way for a 14 year old boy to spend his Saturday night, skin to skin with his newborn sister 😍

  • That photo is just lovely - what a lovely bond they are going to have 😊.

    Rosberry I am just over 3 weeks to go and so uncomfortable - I am finally managing to sleep a bit better but apart from that I’m only comfy sat on my birthing Ball. 

    Cant believe I haven’t finished work yet and people are having their babies already 😱

  • Welcome nursejo! 

    I've one week of work left! Thank goodness, I'm barely awake by 3pm  😂

    Yesterday was interesting. I had two hours in the afternoon where I had Braxton hicks every 4-6 minutes lasting for about 60secs each time 😮 they were a little sore but I managed to eat dinner and keep knitting so clearly fine. And they felt like every other Braxton hicks I've had really, and I've had plenty since about 20weeks. 

    I phoned the midwife who was a bit concerned I was in early labour but said as I seemed so relaxed on thd phone, to take a warm bath and see what happens.

    They became less often and then stopped all together.

    I'm only 35 + 2 ... I've always said I expect him early so who knows! 🤷‍♀️ 


  • Evening Ladies

    Thanks for the welcomes, no signs baby is planning on coming anytime soon although my bump seems to have dropped since yesterday so could be moving in the right direction


  • Rainbows sounds like he is being a monkey and playing games with you 🙃.

    Mum2be any update?

    I have really struggled in the heat for this first time today 😴😴

  • Hi Everyone. 

    No news unfortunately. The 1st propess didn't work and got left on the ward till 3pm today till I requested to speak to some one senior. Kept being told They re waiting for a bed on labour ward to try drips. Then no beds as its been so busy and probably won't get a bed today. So options were abandon all together for a few days.  Try a second pessory and then abandon for a few days if nothing or c section on Tuesday.  I'm trying to avoid c section  so I've tried another pessory.  However they've allowed me home as I'm low risk and near enough to the hospital.  

    It's full moon soon. Here's hoping it brings me a baby. 

  • Fingers crossed things start moving in the right direction soon and hoping being at home will make you more relaxed

    The heats really got to me too today Allybob hope it is cooler tomorrow

    Rainbow glad the braxton hicks have settled i have been getting them the past couple of weeks they keep fooling me that somethings happening

    Norap what a beautiful photo i am hoping my son will bond this well when his sister finally makes her arrival

    Full moon is tuesday i am hoping that brings this baby out Xx

  • I have now been wide awake for hours and so has baby - think im being prepare for what’s to come!

    hope things are moving along Mum2be 🤞🏻

    Not long now nursejo - you could very likely have your baby in your arms this time next week ❤️

  • I am the same I was awake for a wee every hour then wide awake from 4.30, hubby was on nights so my son had sneaked in our bed so enjoyed some lovely cuddles with him really cherishing the last few days of it just being him, on the countdown now 6 days to induction :) Xx

  • How old is your son nursejo?

    my daughter is 6 and is being a bit tricky lately.  Not sure if it’s tiredness - getting to end of school year or whether she’s worried about the baby arriving - or maybe a bit of bot. She mostly seems very excited and is very loving towards my belly but I wonder if she’s keeping some worries to herself. We try and talk to her a lot about when the baby will be here and how special she is and what a great big sister she will be. 

    Hoping spending some time together this week will help. I want to cherish it while I can! 

  • Hi Rosberry my son is 9 he will be 10 in August so will be a huge change for him. He is excited and pleased he is having a sister as he really didnt want a brother. He is getting very impatient waiting now though

    Enjoy half term i thought the easter hols would be the last bit of time just me and him but looks like i am getting this half term too lol xx

  • That’s lovely that he is excited to have a baby sister 😊

    My LO won’t say what she’d prefer - she just wants to be a big sister! 

    Its lovely that they’re old enough to understand and help out (that’s what I’m hoping anyway!!)

    Enjoy the bonus half term - you might not get all of it - you never know 😊

  • I love the pic NoraP, so nice to see the teenagers enjoying their little siblings. I have some lovely pics with our big kids having snuggles with the littlies. 

    Seeing babies arriving has given me a reality check at how close my due date is! All the best to everyone due this week, looking forwards to seeing pics of everyone's babies!

    I finally did an overdue maternity photo shoot, been meaning to do it for a couple of months. My eldest daughter has recently turned her photography hobby into her profession so I got to be her first maternity model, we had so much fun, despite it being freezing at the beach!


  • Lovely photos! Wish i had the body confidence to so something like that but bet it’s relaxing with it being your daughter behind the camera 😊.

    I am totally over this heat now. 

  • I walked 2 miles in the heat Today and that was enough my body is in agony now 🙈 I know I’m not ready to go into labour yet but I can see why walking will definitely help. I am struggling to walk up and down the stairs at the moment haha. Won’t be doing that again. 15 days to go! Find out thursday if I’m get induced or not!! X

  • Love the photos..well I walked to the pub and back for a lime and soda in the beer garden 😆😆 tired me out all day. 2 days to go 😁😁

  • Only 2 days Rachelricky - so exciting! How are you feeling? 

    I keep getting Braxton Hicks today. Packed my bags ready. Presentation scan on Wednesday to see what baby is up to. Wondering if it’s turned as bump feels a bit different and movements- but might just be my imagination.

    Hope Mum2be is getting on ok. 

    lovely pics cheeky monkeys. I don’t have the body confidence for many photos at the moment - I feel like a whale!! 🐳 


  • Beautiful photos Cheekymonkey 

    I have been getting braxton hicks this evening i thought something proper was starting but isnt regular hoping the sweep starts things moving tomorrow Xx

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