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Due in June 2018 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in June 2018 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • I'l kick this thread off 😊...lots of movement today I can feel little feet kicking about. I can' believe we are 20 weeks this Sunday, so long we have wanted this, and struggled. I feel so thankful x

  • Rachelricky what a gorgeous bump!!

    So I had an appointment with a consultant at at the hospital this morning due to 2 previous retained placentas. I’ve been told that I will be having extra growth scans at 28, 32 and 36 weeks due to my daughter measuring small for my dates when I was pregnant with her(even though she was born at 39+6 and was 6lbs 4oz), so I’m not going to complain at the chance to see baby a few more times! 

    I was also told that as long as I understand the risks and I’m happy to go ahead anyway, then I can have the home birth that I would like. So, so happy about that! And if it is how the birth of my daughter(planned homebirth) went, then all that will happen is that I’ll get taken off to hospital after baby is born at home to have the placenta manually removed, which isn’t the end of the world. So all in all, a good appointment this morning 😊 plus I got to listen to baby’s heartbeat which I hadn’t heard since my 12 week scan so that was great(& also reassuring!) x 

  • Ah Rachel, how exciting!! Halfway 😬 bless you, if you don’t mind asking, how long had you been trying? X 

  • Nora, that all sounds really positive! Rachelricky that bump is lovely. I feel like I'm reaching breaking point. Something needs to pop soon as I'm having to pee every 20 minutes it feels like! 

    I cant remember which of you lovely ladies was giving advice on NCT classes but thank you! We did a bit of our own research and have just registered for one. 

    We have decided on quite an unusual full name, with the intention of then using a nickname. It's Arrietty (Etty for short) and seems to be dividing opinion a little 😂

  • Can anyone describe what their babies movements feel like? Feel like I am feeling something but not sure if it’s definitely her, the first time was like a little flutter lower down in my abdomen and then a week later it was almost like a roll across the front of my tummy from the inside, now I just feel certain movements that have me guessing 😩

  • Schmorgan i feel your pain! Seriously I am going to invest in a good book for reading in the bathroom I spend that much time in There! 

    Lovely bump Rachel x

  • Allybob, I'm a teacher. Maybe I'll start keeping my marking in the loo. To be fair some of it belongs in there anyway! 🙈

  • Nice bump Rachel!

    I have been huge since about 11weeks and have sort of just hovered there now, swapping bloat for baby I assume. For the past week, when I wake up (with a full bladder) I feel my uterus poking out really hard sitting just under my belly button. It's so weird. 

    I have had weird feelings for about a week and half... so hard to decribe but its like something brushing my insides lighlty... like a feather? 🤔🙈 I'm only 15+3.

    OMG I read it could happen this early buy geez really?! I can't remember who said they had itchy nipples and then some colostrum but it's happenning over here too! 🙋 it's just small pin drops at the moment though.

    Schmorgan what age do you teach? 


  • Ohh lovely bump pics! Will have to try get one of mine. 

    Definetly think Im feeling tiny dancer moving now! Not kicks but "movement " if that makes sense, like rolling and several times a day. 

  • Rainbows I teach Sixth Form which is a pretty good deal a lot of the time. We have an insane amount of mocks and coursework moderation coming up though so it's going to be a bit full on! 

    I can feel my uterus really prominently a lot of thw time but then I need to pee all the time! 🙄

  • I would no idea what to even feel for to see If I can feel my uterus all I know is my stomach is rock hard when I'm stood up but disappears when I lie down. 

    I think I got full on kicked for the 2nd time today - just wish it was consistent x  

  • Schmorgan I like names which sound different so I'm liking Arietty. Cute!

    itchy feeling full boobs🙋🏽 And colostrum too. I'm layering both bump and boobs with balm daily. Keep those stretch marks away.

  • Allybob that will probably be your uterus. For where we all are it should have grown so the top is between your pubic bone and belly button. If you have a little prod on your stomach when you're lying down you should feel the edge of it. 

  • Mum2be thank you! 

  • Thanks ladies..Nora we had tried for about 6 years. I lost 7 stone I  weight, and curbed me pcos with the weight loss. But still nothing.. I had a lap done to check for endo, but no endo found. I had a dye test that showed one tube blocked and the other wasnt and bam 3 weeks later we found out we were expecting!! I think both were blocked and the dye pushed through one side making everything normal 😊 we even looked into fostering, so we feel very lucky! My movements felt fluttery last week but since yesterday I feel actual kicks, it feels like big muscle' amazing x

  • Schmorgan I LOVE the name Arietty 😍 it’s so pretty! 

    That’s amazing Rachel, losing that much weight, good for you. What a lovely outcome ☺️ 

  • Thank you 😊 x

  • What a lovely outcome Rachel 😊! 

    Is anyone else irrationally worried about their 20 week scan? I really should stop googling missed miscarriages! I'm going to give myself a slap x 

  • I was allybob and I’ve really been stressing about missed miscarriages for ages! It did put my mind at rest slightly after hearing baby’s heartbeat again today, but I know by tomorrow I’ll be worrying again until I get that scan. I just can’t stop myself. Please give me a slap while you’re at it!! X 

  • Hi everyone, we hope you guys are doing ok? 
    We wanted to ask you, during your pregnancy, have you had the flu jab? Please do tell us on this new thread here.

    Also, if you fancy sharing your top tips for booking a family holiday with ABTA, you could win a £200 John Lewis voucher. That thread is here. Good luck! 

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