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Amazing homewater birth with twins on youtube!!!

Hi ladies,
I have just stumbled across this and thought I would share as I found it intriguing/amazing that this woman managed this - and it looked so "clean", no apparent mess?!?!


  • amazing!! also i love the song...does anyone know what its called? who sings it? thanks

  • Awwww!!!

    That made me cry!!! Don't think I'd like all those people around me though!!!

  • Hiya,
    Apparently it is called "Amazing" by Janelle - if you search it on youtube it comes up too.

    I certainly wouldnt like that many ppl around me at my (*fingers crossed*) homebirth; I have joked about selling tickets though! :lol:

  • OMG I just blubbed through the whole thing! That is amazing.
    Really don't think I would want that many people around me though!!
  • Oh wow that was beautiful! The second twin looked like it was born with its waters still intact, supposed to be very lucky! I want a home birth so i'll show this to hubby in an attempt to get him on board! xxx

    Cat 14 weeks
  • that was amazing to watch, made me cry as well! but i agree - don't want that many folk around. here's hoping our labours go that well image
  • wow, MrsGarfieldAckles told me bout this last night!!! what a lovely birth!!!
  • omg iam crying getting all emotional
    and apart from the bump how thin was she lol
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