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  • I have that app too and it's really interesting!! I don't mind the extra cuddles but it's just a nightmare to try and get ready and out the house! May have to invest in a sling so I never have to put him down🙈

  • I’ve got a caboo light sling and it’s a godsend! She’s in it for pretty much every nap and sometimes at night as it’s the only way she will sleep when she’s clingy. I feel your pain!

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    Merry Christmas all ❤️

  • Hi Ladies

    How's everyone getting on? Bodhi was 7 weeks yesterday, I can't believe how quickly the time passes!

    Have any of the babies had their first immunisations yet? We're booked in for next week but I don't think I'm brave enough so might have to send hubby with him 🙈

  • Ours are Thursday I’m so scared :( xx

  • Ahh me too! Let us know how they go!

  • Baby got hers today! :( so cried sore but was soon asleep after then woke for a feed when we got home and back to sleep again fingers crossed she does okay threw the night but good luck girls :) 

  • Aww bless her! Hope she gets over them quickly!

  • Hi everyone, we hope you're all ok? How goes it?

    We were hoping, if anyone had a planned c-section, might you be able to help one of our due in March members please on this thread

  • Announcement! 
    Want to ask a sleep expert a question? Please tell us on this other thread your question and we'll put it to them!

  • Is anybody’s baby sleeping through the night yet? My 9 week old baby was managing 7pm to 1am then 6am for a couple of nights in her bedside crib. I really thought we might be turning a corner but this week we seem to have gone backwards! Baby wide awake and not settling till gone 10pm then restless through the night and only seems content sleeping on me. She had her jabs last week but seems well in herself but could this have set us back? Shes breast feed and seems full when I put her down at 7pm. 

  • Hi everyone! 

    im a little late to join - but my little Lucy was born in November along with all your babies!

    congratulations everyone and hope you’re all going well - particularly if you’re in Sydney with this heat. 

    Clare 🌸💜

  • We have been having horrendous nights of him not sleeping until 3am everynight. We have this week appear to have turned the corner and he has been going down at midnight until around 6. What a relief. I dread the 4 month sleep regression stage now. Hope all babies are doing well. 

  • Welcome Clare and congratulations to you too 😊 I'm in New Zealand, South Island so not as hot here but still too hot for me at the moment x

    Wilf slept through twice, once after his immunisations and then once more after feeding like crazy between 4-10pm 😂 slept from 10pm until 5am 😊


  • What a lovely little guy! The South Island is beautiful - we went there a few years ago and loved it! 

    Great to hear the little guy is sleeping so well - hope it continues! 😊

    my little Lucy sleeps pretty well too - but only at night (which I guess if I had to pick, it would be for to sleep well at night). I really struggle to get her to have a nap during the day. 

  • Hello ladies ☺️

    Loobyloo2018 - our little girl is sleeping 6-8h in her first night sleep and then 2/3 hours in her second, we don’t have a special set time for sleep yet as it depends on how the day goes, but I try to settle her down between 8-10pm. With regards to setback it can be your second leap which is causing her to be like that...

    Clare Violet - hello and welcome :) 

    Erithiel - he is such a cutie 😍 how are you mamaging your whole family? :) I hope all is going well, apart from the crazy heat 😂 btw where I am now, we have tons of snow, around 40 cm in few hours yesterday so roads were super crazy.. 

    our little girl is doing great so far, she is great baby, not much crying going on, only in the eve she cries often (for example during bf, or afterwards) but just for few minutes and then settles to sleep, no idea why 🤷🏻‍♀️ But she hasn’t done it 2 last nights, so maybe it changed, who knows.. aaand also the problems with sleep could be caused by teething 😱 my friend with November baby already has that problem

  • Hello everyone, we hope this post finds you all really well. 
    As we're sure know all too well, it's November, so we know your babies are turning 1, if they haven't already! Happy birthday!
    So we've kicked you off your very own November 2018 Toddlers thread
    Do come on over as we would love to hear from you and hear all about your babies are getting on. 
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