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Look at my bump!

Hi everyone
I got my hubby to take some photos of my bump and it looks so big!

what do you think, big, small or average for 21 weeks?


  • Wow, I'm 30 weeks and not that big!
  • yes, does look quite big but if it's your 2nd or subsequent pg's you get bigger quicker apparently as everything has stretched before. This is my 3rd pg and my bump has got bigger quicker this time - I'm only 29+4 but bloke said in the playground that I look like I'm about to drop - thanks for that mr - made me feel great! men eh!!!!!!! Don't worry you look lovely hun.

  • i am nearly 22 weeks and no way as big! so i'd say u r pretty big!! looking fab though image xxx
  • I am 28 weeks and 6 days and am not that big...yet! But your bump is beautiful!
  • I had only started showing at 22 weeks so i was smaller than you are. However, dont worry that some of us have said you are bigger. As it is your second you are more likely to be bigger than if it was your first. it could also be more fluid and less baby. At least it looks like a bump. When i was about 24 weeks i looked more fat than bump! xxx
  • I'd say it's pretty big, looks like mine at around 28 weeks, but it's a gorgeous bump. And you do get bigger with 2nd pregnancy. My mum said she never showed with me (her first) and I was 8lbs 5oz. And she said she was enormous with my sister who was 7lbs 12oz. xxxx

  • lol thanks everyone. I keep getting paranoid that I look like I ate too many pies rather than pregnant after my mum came home with a T shirt for me today which says in block capitals "I'm not fat I'm pregnant"! I asked her why and she said "well, everyone will know now" Thanks mum!
    I do feel much bigger with this one than I did with Abby, but lots of people have said you get bigger with second pregnancies.
  • wow id say big!mines probably just bit bigger than that now n im 35 weeks with my 2nd!gig is beautiful tho,u look gr8!! xx
  • bless mum being helpful! you deffinatly look pregnant and not fat!
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