Hello ladies,

Just wondered if anyone was having a drink, or avoiding it all together, I have not yet had any alcohol, I am currently 14+3 and was thinking about the forthcoming christmas parties etc, my midwife has said a glass or two is fine, although I know current guidlines suggest avoiding all alcohol.

Just wondered what everyone is doing, I have to confess to missing the odd glass of wine! I have done a bit of a survey of my friends, and all seem to have had the odd glass during pregnancy.

C x


  • did have the odd glass in the later stages. lo turned out fine.
  • Ive had a small glass of red wine every other week but only since was about 25 weeks gone. :\)
  • Hi

    I've got a 4.5 month old little boy.

    Apart from the first few weeks of my preg (when my morning sickness was 24hrs a day!) I had 1-2 units alcohol per week for most of the weeks of my preg. In fact, one of my odd cravings was ice cold, very dry white wine; this craving usually hit me at the most inappropriate times e.g in the middle of a meeting at work!
    Xmas last year was particularly hard cos everyone around me was drinking but I didn't go over the limit.

    I'm still bf so still on limited alcohol intake. I can no longer remember what being tipsy feels like!

    Take care x
  • this is my 2nd preg i drank sumtyms in my 1st and have had the odd glass now n then im sure its fine.1 or 2 wont hurt
  • They actually say a sml glass of red wine or a guiness is good for you for iron intake!! xx
  • Yeah, i've been having one glass every other week (i'm 15 weeks) but always drink lots of soda with White wine. I've got a few friends that are Portuguese and they say in the med regions, they encourage a couple of glasses of red wine now and then as Madnbella says. I think as long as its no more than 1-2 units and you don't get drunk or anything, its fine. Will def have a small glass of champagne on NYE and Christmas Day x
  • Hey, I have been having 1 glass a week since I turned 12 weeks - sometimes 2 (like at my sis' birthday) and the odd sip out of my mums glass! There is no proof that mild drinking affects pregnancy, at least that's what I've read, even if you drink every night, as long as you don't binge. However, I'm staying on the safe side and having one or two. I chose not to drink in the first 12 weeks as well, as thats when the baby's vital organs develop. Since I got in my 2nd trimester though I feel like I've been naughty...sushi, wine, peanuts, the odd painkiller. But I think you can't limit everything in pregnancy, you'd go mad. My oh's aunt just had her lo and in her pregnancy she followed all the rules, in fact she wouldnt even eat eggs (even well-cooked) in case of salmonella.
    19 wks today x x x
  • I've had the odd glass of wine throughout my pregnancy, including a glass of champagne at my friends wedding when I was 9 weeks.
    I don't think the odd drink hurts at all, I've just been careful with what I eat (apart from peanuts which my midwife said was fine to have).

    37 weeks tomorrow!
  • Hi am pregnant with my 1st and I wont be drinking I know they say you can but I have decided I dont want to risk anything happening to the baby if I can prevent it and I dont see the point for the sake of one glass of wine.
  • I havent risked it, I had had a few g&t's before I found out I was pregnant but nothing since. It hasn't really bothered me though even though at the mo Im craving baileys mmmmmmm
  • Hi

    I decided not to drink whilst pregnant but have found it harder than I thought. I havent yet found a really nice alcohol free wine, although Sainsbury's is probably better than any other ive tried. I am addicted to Becks alcohol free lager. To me it doesnt taste much different to normal Becks and I still have lemonade to make shandy. If your concerned about drinking whilst pregnant, then an alcohol free alternative, it might not be as bad as you think. xxxxxxx
  • Hi

    Just to add; I found a nice alcohol free Rose wine by Eisberg (I think thats how you spell it). I know for certain that the Co-Op sells it but I'm not sure where else.

  • The alcohol free wine sounds like a great idea.never thought about that. I have also heard that the odd glass here and there isn't bad at all. When i told this to my mum ahe was furious and asked me to compare the rate of miscarraiges here to home. And at home 80% of woman don't have miscarraiges.She was fuming and making me feel guilty.

    I suppose if I do have a glass and I do end up miscarrying for every other reason other than alcohol I will never forgive myself anyway. Though doctors say it's fine!!

    So I say drink up ladies. At least one on Christmas day image
  • Hi, when i was pg i didnt drink at all, just had half a glass of bucks fizz on christmas and boxing day when i was 8months pg (but not even sure if that has any alcohol in it) And i had a sip of OHs beer when i was 8 1/2 months cos it looked so refreshing. I totally cut out everything that is recommended to avoid or limit. Nxt time i think after 18wks pg i will allow myself to have a white wine spritzer every other wk and at parties etc. If im pg now i will have a small glass with christmas meal x
  • i've thought about a weak spritzer or two at xmas that would make me feel like i had joined in lol. other than that i'm not touching it.
  • As I said before I'm choosing to still drink once or twice a week but it amazes me the differing opinions you hear from medical people. When I had my pg confirmed, the nurse told me it was absolutely fine to drink as long as I didnt get drunk. But then when I told my practice nurse she tutted and said u can't drink at all. But THEN I asked my mw and she said I can drink but only 1-2 a week - so thats what I do x x
  • I have been having the odd glass on special occasions, i cant see how it would hurt really if its just the odd one x
  • it makes me smile the varying opinions on alcohol limits lol i'd imagine after a spritzer i'd be tipsy lmao b4 i was pg it only took 2 pints to get me there lol
  • I think years of drinking too much (god I'm only 19 lol) have ruined my ability to get drunk. Before I got pregnant I tried & tried to get wasted, we were on holiday and I was drinking 6 double vodka & lemonades every night and .... nothing!!! :lol: We went with my OH's family, there were 11 of us and us young ones just couldn't get drunk while OH's mum had one drink and was throwing up.

    Apart from that, I never drank much, only about 2 a week like now but I wish I could drink more now tbh, I miss it and want to go out drinking. lol.

  • I've found a really nice alcohol free wine at Asda. They do white and rose it's basically a grape spitzer (with cranberry to make up the rose). Really nice and has been a pregnancy lifesaver for me as I've really missed wine. It's only 90p a bottle as well and it's really lovely to be able to relax with a bottle of wine and not have to feel guilty! xxx
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