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started buying formula milk and storing it already!!!

Just need some advice

Im 19weeks pregnant and ive started buying loads of things stocking up etc, but i have been buying SMA gold as this is what i plan to feed my baby is it a bad idea to assume my baby will naturally take to this milk?


  • No i started stocking up on fomula during my pregnancey im using cow and gate
  • im only using SMA gold as my maternity ward give that out and my friends babies are on that, but a few people have said "what if your baby doesnt like it" i didnt realise babies could have a choice and want a different formula, bear in mind i know nothing as this is my 1st
  • its my first too and it was due yesterday
  • how exciting!
    how are you feeling?
  • Im getting excited now but im also bored of waitng
  • i think its only 3% of babies that arrive on their due date!
    so im going to add a week on top of mine haha.
    When did you start buying things? People keep saying its too early for me to buy things.
  • I started buying things about a month or so after i found out
  • My midwife told me that the hospital near me supply Cow and Gate and SMA. Both my boys previously had Cow and Gate so I was going to get that in.

    I dont think there is a huge difference between the two and both are readily available!

    You've got me wondering now but I need to make sure that I've got enough in for when I come out of hospital (cant drive for 6 wks and local shop v v expensive) as oh is gonna be frazzled enough!
  • well i have bought 3 massive tubs and im gonna buy another 2 every month until bubba is born then i can chill at home and not think oh shit ive run out! Ive done the same with baby wipes and nappies haha i must be mad.
    So babies dont choose their milk? They just get what their given? thats not supposed to sound as nasty as it does if you know what i mean
  • ive got about 6 tubs of cow and gate stored and also have nappies and wipes stocked up too
  • I think now might be a bit early to be buying a lot of formula as it is possible your lo might dislike it. 1 tub would still be ??7 wasted so loads is a bit much. I think most babies are fine on SMA gold but I wouldn't risk it personally. Also I dont know how long they keep for. I'm just going to buy a tub of sma at about 36 weeks in case he comes early xxx

  • i used cow and gate for my 1st and prob will use it for my 2nd
  • when i get home im gonna check the date on that now!
    well if my bubba decides they want a different one i can sell them to my mate i hope haha!
    babies are amazing but its so hard trying to get it right, i want to do the best i can but problems always seem to be arising
  • Hi babe i have bought one tub of cow and gate and four cartons of ready made up formula (for when i go out and i dont know what im doing) my friend has had 3 babies and some milks didnt agree with them so dont buy loads prehaps just buy one tub to see if baby likes it. Iam 38 weeks you want to see my nursery it is piled high with nappies and baby wipes my boyfriend is obsessed with buying nappies when they are on offer. I dont think ill have to buy any for months!!!!
  • Have just seen ad that might interest your oh - Morrisons have got huggies with 1/3 off! lol
  • with my first child we started her on sma gold but she didnt like it and we had to change to aptamil so prob not good idea to stock up on formula a big yes to all other things nappies etc thats all i will do this time round with our second baby
  • I've put things on hold buying wise for the moment as OH & I are going to go to The Baby Show end Feb/beg March, so see if we get any bargains, although we have already bought nursery furniture...just waiting to decorate room before setting it up, then it will be full steam ahead on buying!!
    I've not really thought on buying formula yet...and not even thought about if baby doesn't like it?!
  • I wouldn't risk it. I had evry intention of feeding my lo with SMA Gold but I didn't buy any in. Lucky I didn't as she was premature and was born 5 1/2 weeks early and weighed only 3lb 12oz. As she was so small she was put on Nutriprem 2 food which is only available on prescription and has to take this for 6 months so therefore she will never be on SMA. This might never happen to you but I would be very careful about buying in food as it is very easy to get when the baby is born. Maybe instead of buying the food in you could put the money that you would spend on it away in a tin and when the time comes you have the money all sitting ready and waiting.
  • Have to confess I bought nothing until very last minute for first son and am due again in 3 weeks and still haven't bought anything. As for formula I am probally lazy but Breast milk is definitely the easiest and handiest options and babies don't generally have a problem with it
  • I agree MsC that Breast feeding is easy and handy but I have made the decision to bottle feed my baby from the beginning. I had problems breastfeeding my eldest and bottle fed him from 2 wks so made the decision to bottle feed my 2nd son and now this one for my own reasons and I would just like to be organised.
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