Consultant appointment question

Many people on here and other websites said that when they went to there first consultant appointment that they got scanned! Is this normal as i didn't know they did this or is it just done in some areas? Very confused as this first time i had to see consultant!


  • yeh erm i had a scan then i had to wait for a midwife who did my blood pressure and everything, then she gave my notes to the consultant who called me through and talked me through everything they had seen.
  • Does everyone see a consultant? How often do you see one? I always thought it was midwife and GP who did the checks and stuff! Shows how much I know, Id better get reading! xx

  • no not everyone sees a consultant, its usually only if something is picked up in a scan or if your higher risk or if you go over-due that sort of thing. it might be different in your area though. XX
  • So would i of been notified that there was a scan involved? It just says take notes and urine sample?
  • I had my normal twelve week scan. My next appointment was with the consultant and he did another scan. I was not aware there was a scan involved but he was lovely and pointed out the hands, legs etc. It was n ice to get an extra scan although I didn't get a photo.
  • k well looks like a wait and see thing. It would be nice to see bubs again but won't get hopes up as i think maybe every area different!
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