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Is it ok?

My little girls is 9 days old. She seems to sleep better on her side then back. Is it ok for her to sleep like this? Or does she have to be on her back. Sorry im new to all this, she is my first.


  • Well I don't think you have much choice tbh! :lol:
    If she doesn't want to sleep on her back, there's not much you can do to make her. As long as there's no loose blankets or sheets I'm sure she'll be fine. xxx
  • Maddy hated sleeping on her back and, in the end, I gave in and let her sleep how ever she was most comfortable. I know the guidelines for cot death say on their backs but, when I was a Lo my mum and all the other Mums were told to sleep us on our tummys! They change the recommendations every so many years.
  • im on my 3rd baby and all this put ur baby on his/her back baffs me still. J used to hate being on his bk - so i put him on his front, MW came round and had a right go at me, so, when i had isaac i tried to keep him on his bk. He used to cry and scream coz he was simply uncomfortable, but coz of that MW I stuck with it and had many, many nights of tears. Im sure its partly to do with why he is a funny sleeper to this day! So now iv had Tyler I will let him sleep whatever way he wants, which luckily seems to be on his bk. :roll:

    Surely its more dangerousif they are lying on their bk and they are sick? :\? :\? :\?
  • It's so confusing isn't it!

    One midwife in the hospital told me that its been proven that babies won't choke on sick if they are on their backs, so it is the safest way. However, another mw in the hospital fed Gabe and when she bought him bk she said he'd been a bit sick so she put him on his side (I had a spinal at the time so couldnt do anything).

    Gabe seems to sleep really well on his back, so I'm lucky.

    I would let her sleep how she is comfortable. I think sleeping on her side is safer then on her tummy, I dont see why its dangerous. xx
  • Hi love i wound talk to midwife HV might increass the risk of cot death i am not sure i have all ways had them on there back when sleeping. I think you should but them on there back to sleep as i now some one how suffer from there baby girl died from cot death about 3 year ago. i am all way making sure my little girl ok.
  • hi

    gate crashing a little bit here, but didn't they used to say that it was best on there side, and not to put them on their back, seems the cot death guidelines change every few years so now no one knows whats what
    when my mum had my bro and sis, she was told on their fronts, at thats how the nurses put them in scbu, when she hd me i was on my side, and now it seems they say to lay on back. CONFUSED!!!

  • The current guidelines are that they must sleep on their backs but my lo sleeps part of the night on his back then part of the night on his side and he sometimes rolls onto his belly as he finds this comfy, the guidelines are always changing and I bet it was different for all of us and we are all fine so I say whatever your baby prefers is best. My lo will never nap on his back.. only his side so I wouldnt worry too much as long as they are happy and safe.
  • The current guidelines are based on large research studies which looked at the rate of cot death in babies that slept on their backs compared to other positions. When the guidelines were introduced to sleep on backs the number of cot deaths reduced dramatically.

    My little girl also wanted to sleep on her side but I continued to do it and she did get used to it. It is all a personal chioce but if research indicates sleeping on backs reduces cot death I personally would not want to take the risk.
  • hi sweet
    i always put my wade on his side cause i'm scared if he spits up after his feed he will choke i just change sides everytime he feeds so he doesn't get cramp or something. if he hasn't had a feed or its long time after his feed i put him on his back..
  • I wound personal but her on back to sleep. I am all way make sure she not over heated and is at bottom of the cot. But when you now some one who lost the baby girl to cot death you risk nothing. Has for baby rolling over in there sleep that is an other matter. But for a very young babies that has not much head control it is an other matter please flow the guideline for new baby. But that is my personal apinon.

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  • i have to say i would agree with persevering on her back,she is only few days old so will learn to sleep on her back. i am terified of cot death and the reasom they change what they advice is that they have years of more evidence in what is causing cot death, i cant understand any one who doesnt take it seriously. My lo is 6 months now and can roll over but i allways put her down her back and if she rolls onto side or tummmy i leave her now as she has good head control and can roll back. a baby that is put down on her side could roll onto her face in night and not be able to lift it back. My lo used to sometimes nap in day on side if i couldnt get her to sleep but only if i was in the room with her. It is your personall choice though but health visitorsand midwifes will allways advice against it due to the cot death guide lines.
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