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Christmas for the North West mums.....

hi girls,

yet again can i thank you all for being so patient and kind whilst waiting for my shifts!!

i am free.....

Mon 8th dec
Wed 10th dec
Tue 16th dec
thu 18th dec,

now, i know we've only just had a meet,

but i can also do mon-thu next week!!

as i have already spoken with Vanilla & Tommysmum, and will be emailing Cazmac very soon, if ok with anyone wanting to come, if poss, could everyone come to mine? i can give directions etc, and it is only about 10mins drive from Slatteries (home of the usual NW meet up!!)

there will be lunch & cake (of course!!!), and it helps to stop Issy trying to get into the kitchens at Slatteries and cause mayhem!!!

Cazmac, i dont have your home email, but will post to you on FB!!

anyone else is again, very welcome!!

cazmac also had an idea of a mini sectret santa for the babes - just to say i'm up for that!!!

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  • If you can make it the Mon or Tues I might be able to come too :image: Assuming that you'll have me of course!!
  • Free anytime hon - need to escape!

    Did you not realise I pointed Issy in the direction of the kitchen in the hope I could run in and grab some fudge cake on my way pmsl!

    We welcome everyone with open arms bedhead!


  • next week fine by me are we thinking monday
  • Mmm, most of those dates seem ok to me too! Just everyone else decide and I'll tag along if I still haven't got my lazy arse into a job of some sort!!
  • hullo!!

    thanks for the responses!! (I knew Lee would cos she just LOVES cake!!- she doesnt go back to Watford to see her family at all- there is a great cake shop down there!! :lol: )

    i've worked out to get everyone together, we are looking at

    Tuesday 2nd
    Monday 8th
    Tue 16th

    does everyone have transport easily enough?

    we could also meet earlier if better for some - i know leaving Slatteries on Wed meant a rush job for Me & Vanilla!!

    are we on for cazmac's secret baby santa too? image
  • All ok for me - cake and prezzies!!

    Just let me know!

    Gonna text Listef too and let her know when!
  • Tuesday 16th would be best for me but Mon 8th is ok as well, unfortunately I am busy next Tuesday though. I'm fine for transport, just need an address to aim my sat nav at!!

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  • Can I tag along too, was totally skint this week so coldn't make slatteries but it's payday today yeay ha ha
  • oh i wish i lived NW instead of NE!!!
  • Ohhhh no that would be rubbing it in vanilla! lol. mmmm cake!
  • Just a teaser for those who cant make it lol


  • ohhh im at work and it wont display piccis. grrrr
  • hi Gemzy

    usually we go to Slatteries which is in Whitefield (Bury / Manchester borders), but i have asked if this time we can come to my house which is in Rochdale!

    there is a reason for this, i promise.....!!!
  • in the new yr we are gonna come nearer your way - one of the other girls lives in Clitheroe and cant drive either!!

    you really should learn.... look what you usually miss out on!!
  • Ooo your meets sound fab! I drive but am ashamed to say I have never driven on the motorway ever so only drive locally imageops:
    Oh drives us everywhere usually!

    Gemzy, I too am in Blackpool! We are in Thornton Cleveleys....well just past the Norbreck castle.
  • ohh.. I wish I could come! sounds lovely!! & I luuurrve cake too! but it's just sooo far! I live in London! Imagine my OH's face.. 'oh love i'm just driving to manchester with our baby to meet some girls I know off the internet so I can eat some cake!' haha.. but do wish I could! please enjoy the 'extras.. wipped cream, ice cream, chocolate sprinkles ect' on my behalf! lol i'm sure the calories are piling on me just thinking about it so i'm sure your justified eating it on my behalf! xx

    *stomps off*

    lol A touch of the chocolate eye'd monster!! :lol: xx
  • tue 16th ok with everyone?
  • Thats fine by me mate!!!
  • I think that should be fine with me too!! Are we meeting at Slatteries or at your house??
  • I think its gonna be at Slatteries hon - what with christmas soooo close we all deserve a treat!

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