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Long shot I know but maybe a be meet for everyone???????

Hi all, after all the meets lately i was thinking cos we all speak to different people on here from all over and the meets have all been localised. I was thinking maybe their could be wquite a central point for most of us to meet? As I am down south but speak to all lot of you from up north or elsewhere I am rubbish at geography!

I was just thinking that even though would may be a bit of travelling for most of us but meeting everyone would be lovely that maybe we could try and find quite a central place for everyone to try and meet?

As the title says I know its an absolute long shot but thought if i never asked i would never know what everyone else thought about maybe arranging a huge baby expert meet??????



  • That would be good hun but god knows how we could do it as some ladies are from Scotland - I am from Germany but am staying in the midlands for a few weeks!

    I would love to meet all the lovely ladies I get advice from xx
  • It would be fab and we could book out a whol soft play or something which would be ace but goodness only knows how we would organise it!!!!
  • I was thinking it would be so difficult for a lot of us but maybe try and get as many as possible, I may have to get google map for a central place as I am rubbish. Just wonder how many woudl be up for it? xx
  • Wouldnt a central place be somewhere like birmingham???? Thats middle of the country isnt it.
  • I think Birmingham sounds cool. Wonder how many would be up for it as i think it would be really nice but yes really difficult for probably everyone xxx
  • Its probably best to go somewhere which is easy accessible by public transport rather than middle of the country. As lots of people would be travellign from a distance. A couple of hrs on the train would be easier than sitting in a car and getting stuck in traffic where travelling time is longer and unpredictable.
    The obvious here would be london as all train networks go here. It may even be cheaper for some people to fly in who are further afield, particularly if there is an offer on.
  • couldnt do london,but would try best to get to birmingham

    kerry xxx
  • Ooo this is a really intresting idea! I think to at least talk about how it were possible can't do any harm. & it's a lovely idea! I'll watch this space...

    I do think London is a good suggestion, because all roads lead to it if you know what I mean.. but of course I'm bias.. and don't want ladies up north to be/feel excluded because they feel it's so far..

    if you don't ask, you don't get tho.. so if you need any help.. just let me know! x
  • I could do Birmingham prob London at a push xx
  • I'd be interested to. London would be easier for me but could do Birmingham too.
  • i can do either, but would have davids dad with me as a chauffeur lol
  • ahh i did a post on this last year sometime saying how awesome it would be, though very very difficult! i'd be up for it if it was to go ahead! not too sure about travelling to be honest but i'm sure i'd make the effort at the time image
  • this sounds all very interesting!!

    i'd have to go with the Birmingham / midlands meet tho, as to get to North London it is still probably 5hrs drive!! i'm not sure about the train, but have to confess, my history with public transport is not too good!!

    maybe somewhere in the M1 / M6 vicinity would be an idea?
  • Am sure someone suggested a simliar idea but hoping Prima Mag would help us out a bit?! Think it is a really good idea-we'd all have to wear badges with our usernames on and our real ones! Birmingham would be me prefered option and I'd probably bring oh as I'm not great with directions!!Think he'd be interested to see who I spend all me time talking to! Me and Alf are in x
  • I couldn't do either birmingham or london!
    Way to far to travel for me and I'm not the furthest north, Manchester is about central considering the geographical locations of the members (there is a whole country above birmingham y'know :lol: ).... and it would be just as cheap to fly into manchester as it would london.....

    in order to get a fair place it might be an idea to ask people who are interested to email you their locations then you can pin them onto a map and choose a place that is in the middle of everyone.... you'd also have to consider the difficulty for people travelling with children, not so much the babies but slightly older ones and toddlers... I know travelling anywhere with Ollie is a major task at the moment so I'd probably have to leave him at home, as I just dont have the energy to bring him with me whilst I have RD and low iron levels. (I struggle to walk the dog more than half an hour these days!)

    Sounds like a good idea, but the feasibility might prove difficult....
  • OOOO i'd come, it would be best somewhere i could get train to as i dont fancy driving a long way xxxx
  • Hi, sounds good i used to live in Newcastle and know that they are trains to kings cross 3 1/2 which goes from Glagow, and to Birmingham its approx 3 hours, that was my stop to know i was half way to Swindon lol, i know if you book in advance its so much cheaper plus i have a family/friends pass and thats another 1/3 off. Birmingham new street is the stop, in the summer probs best isnt it, as many of us have school kids so although it would be hard work it would be so much fun lol x
  • thought i'd throw in a few things we'd need to think about....

    *venue - going to have to have quite a big capactiy to house us all plus children and possibly other halves

    *cost - the venue and any other expenses such as food/accomodation/travel - can people afford this?

    *what would the day consist of? would we hire out somewhere, get a buffet? any entertainment ie bouncy castle, DJ...? what sort of event are we thinking?

    *date - obviously it'd be hard to please everybody, it's inevitable that somebody will be left out, so what time of year are we thinking?

    also, it'd be great for all of us to meet, but we'd really have to make it worth the travelling.... ie plan a really good day with lots to entertain the kids and things to make sure people are getting the most out of the trip.

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  • It sounds like a fab idea!! I think London is too far for a lot of people though. It's just about doable for us (Leeds) but it is a 4 hour drive with a completely clear road, it could take the Scottish ladies 8 hours to get there easily! Birmingham sounds like a good possibility, or Manchester, but that might be too far for the Devon/Cornwall/Somerset girlies. I think Linzi is right that we need to make sure there is plenty to do, and not just for the littlies as well. I wonder if Prima would help out if we made it a charity event? We could pay for tickets and donate all the profits to Tommys or similar.
  • There is no way i could get to london! It would be 4 hours on the train for me. Birmingham is one hour on the train although i dont think i would want to travel alone to somewhere i dont know.

    I would def be up for manchester since its 20 mins from me!!!!!
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