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HELP LADIES!!! im really struggling with my craving to chew and suck the washing powder flavour out of my clothes i have chewed straight through the sleeve of one of my fave tops now looks like a moth has eaten it! my jumpers and robs t-shirts are ruined round the necks! its rubbish! i cant help it i have no self control i keep telling myself to stop it! i got a flannel to chew instead the other night but ended up with a black mouth where i sucked all the colour out of it aswell.. cant be good for the baby or me!
oh and the bath sponge! rob only bought me a new one yesterday and i chewed it to bits in the bath this morning and sucked the soap out of it!!
i have to count to 3 and force myself to throw it out of the bath so i can get out or i'll sit there all day with it!

please someone help me any advice greatly appreciated!


  • HAHAHA I haven't laughed so much in ages lol but the funniest thing about it is that I have the exact same craving lol. Bath sponges YUM YUM I love to lick mine, I am hygenic and have one just for chewing, sucking and licking (OH is jealous lmao)! This is the first time I have openly admited my addiction lol.
    What's your faveourite brand?
    Mine is Boots sanctuary spa mum-to-be bath soak (with sponge) along with the smell of Tesco's own 'Pine' disinfectant. I keep cleaning just to smell it lol!!!
    Oh dear I'm still laughing!
    Sorry I am no help - other than to say I had the same craving in my first pregnancy and have a very happy healthy 1 year old son!!! no damage done!!!
    Hannah xxx
  • i had the same with my first baby too, she is a bit of a fruitloop but i dont think that has anything to do with the soap! well i do my washing with fairy and that what im the worst with.. the sponge chewing can be whatever i have in the shower at the time! i also have a seperate one for chewing on! hubby only bought me one last night and i chewed the crap out of it in the bath this morning!! oops... he thinks its really odd! but its actually called Pica craving un edible things! xx
  • oh im also a pregnancy chewer lol ive got through a pack of 6 bath sponges in the space of a few weeks as i just cant chewing on them. was the same when i was preg with tegan. theres just something nice about chewing on a sponge lol i cant wait for my evening bath time, just to have a good half hour chew on the sponge. how weird is that? lol xxx
  • i also have seperate chewing and washing sponges, im not totally grose haha xxx
  • lol im sitting here atm chewing the tassle of my hoodie! lol. im so glad im not the only one. i have to try really hard not to chew my clothes in the day coz brooke copies and starts eating hers! argh!!! so i really need some self control specially during the day! then i can chew till my hearts content! well to an extent hubby hates it and constantly tells me to stop it!
  • haha my oh is the same and im not allowed to chew around Tegan as its "disgusting" I think its normal and i quite enjoy it to be honest lol flannels are also good. your making me want some chew time now lol xx
  • yeah i like flannels too! but i had one of brookes with piglet on and washed it so i cud chew that instead of my clothes and ended up with a black mouth where the colour of the out line of piglets face had come out! was rank hubby wasnt impressed! go have some chew time!
    do u find tho u dont wanna eat? i find if im chewing i cant stop chewing to eat my tea or something.
  • lol ladies the thought of sponge in my mouth really makes me cringe and go all goosepimply im so glad i only crave chocolate spread on toast image
    claire x
  • lol yeah who needs to eat when you can chew. i find myself in the bath for hours at a time just chewing, its not untill im almost asleep in the bath that i actually start to wash and stuff lol xx
  • i also have a quick "chew" when i nip to the loo...which is quite often these days :lol:
  • OH MY DAYS... I just had a chew-a-thon, right after a nice sniff-a-thon lol. This talk of chewing sponges made me sooooo desperate for some 'sponge time' so I went and scrubbed the bathroom till even the door handle was shining with the lovely aroma of pine disinfectant. I almost took a swig but I refrained lol!!! I then rewarded myself with a nice long hot soak in the bath with my mum-to-be bath soak and chomped on the chomping sponge till my jaw hurt!!!
    I'm just gonna do some google 'research' and find out if this craving means anything!
    Hannah xxx
  • sounds like you had a good time Hannah! im just off for a bath now, all this talk of chewing is making me jealous xx
  • lol all i know is its called pica... eating things that arnt edible.. other things include plaster coal,brick adn things! makes out sponges and soap seem quite normal! x
  • lol enjoy your time alone with your sponge! from what i've just looked up bath sponges are actually a very common craving!
  • it was very good, theres nothing like wrinkly toes and half eaten sponge lol
    i would have never of thought sponge cravings was normal...not unless it was sponge cake...which i also wouldnt say no 2 xxx
  • I did eat a WHOLE victoria sponge a couple of weeks ago! over the course of a few hours, not quite all at once!
    Don't worry it was a one off, in fact I had salad for my dinner tonight lol!!!
  • mmm i really do want some cake now, would go down a treat! when i was pregnant with Tegan i bought a whole chocolate birthday cake and ate it on my lunch hour at work, i didnt half get some funny looks haha xx
  • Oh god now I really want cake lol...
    and I don't have any image oh is a chef, will ring him and get him to steal something nice from work as he is still not back lol!!! xxx
  • Damn, he just got back as I replied.
  • ooo bet he has really nice cake aswell lol guess your guna have to be patient like me and wait untill the morn and send your oh out for some :lol: im guna be dreaming of cake tonight xxx
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