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My little boy had his first round of jabs today and since we got home between sleeping he has been screaming and crying alot. Is this normal? I have just given him some calpol and he seems to have calmed down now.

Sarah + Jack


  • Yeah they should have warned you, did they not give you a leaflet or anything? Its normal for them to be off just keep on with the calpol and keep an eye
  • like the lady said they should have warned you also when all 3 of mine had there first jabs the doc perscribed some calpol just incase they needed it but yes all normal,hope jack feels better soon

  • I didn't receive any warning on prep for the jabs which was annoying. I read on here about the calpol and chance of sickly baby ad glad I did too. Will was ill for about 5 days on his last round. He had his third set yesterday, personally I find the nurofen seems more effective than the calpol.

    good luck
  • Thanks everyone,

    He was poorly all yesterday and a little unsettled last night but seems back to normal this morning, thank goodness.

    No I didn't have any warning the nurse just said to get some calpol as I was in my way out the door!

    At least I will know next time.
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