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Would you tell someone else's LO off?

I never thought I would but yesterday I told off someone else's kid! We were in a soft play area and a little boy was in there (tbh he was a bit too big to be in there) he was being horrible to the other kids and just being a pain. Anyway, Evie walked near where he was, she wasn't bothering him at all, but he suddenly roared 'nooo' and slammed into her with his elbow and knocked her down :x she was crying so much and she's a pretty tough cookie. So I got down to his level and said 'Hey! We don't do that to babies, it's naughty.' He didn't do anything else after that.

Afterwards I felt a bit mean but still think I did the right thing, especially as the boy's mum wasn't even aware of what had happened. She was standing nearby but drinking coffee :roll: Can't understand why people aren't watching their kids!

Personally if it was my LO doing something similar, I wouldn't mind another mum telling her it's not okay to do that.

What does everyone think? Is it okay to tell off someone else's LO or was I just over-reacting? Just thought it was an interesting subject.


  • I'd have done the same thing. I've done it before where they've pushed past rhys knocking him over or something and I've stopped them and said something about having to be more careful with babies around or something like that.
    I'd fully expect another mum to do the same if rhys had hurt or done something to there child too.
  • i agree i told 2 little girls off once me and my lo were swimming and he was going up and down the slide not bothering anyone when these two girls started kicking him at the bottom of the slide when he came down he was only 15 months at thetime so i told them dont kick him its not very nice he had not done anything to you they didnt do it again but i was more concerned where where the parents it was a swimming pool close supervision is needed i feel and they both looked after 3/4 so very young to be left to it

    some people make me mad if my lo was older and i never saw him do anything but someone told him off i would go over to the mum/dad and say i am so sorry for my childs behaver some people have no clue!!!:x

    sorry its long this is one thing that really grates on me!!!! :lol:
  • I think you did the right thing. It's really hard sometimes to know what to do. Like the others have said if his parents weren't watching then you had to say something. We had a similar situation in soft play last week. My dd was backed into a corner by a boy who looked 6 or 7. He was trying to grab at her clothes with a toy grabber he had on his hand. I could hear her saying no to him and he laughed saying 'baby says no, ha ha' and wouldn't let her go. I was with hubby and he looked so cross, they were on the top level and he squeezed his way up the slide the wrong way to get to dd. Then in a perfectly calm voice he told the boy that she was too little for him to play with and that he should listen and not be so rough. The boy actually said sorry! Again, no parents in sight.
  • I also think you done the right thing. I would and have done the same in a soft play area. Kara was just getting used to it and was in the ball pool and this older child jumped into it and jumped over her. If he had of jumped wrong and fell he would have been on top of her. He just looked at me when I got on to him. I told him to watched what he was doing and go and play with the older children.
  • You did the right thing.

    A little boy near us roared at Charlotte the other week holding a play sword and scared her so I told him off (in fact I also told him I'd shove the sword up somewhere)!!!!! Couldn't help it.
  • Yeah you did do the right thing imo.
    It's exactly these kind of examples that put me off going to soft play areas with Kade as 9 times out of 10 the kids that are playing rough are the ones who's parents are not in sight or are sat in a huddle with a bunch of other mums not paying any attention!
    A while back Kade was on a bouncy castle type thing and there was this kid who not only was a lot older but quite a large boy too. Anyway he was literally throwing himself from one side of castle to the other, which is fair enough as that's what kids do on bouncy castles, but I was grimacing every time he landed inches away from Kady. In the end I couldn't stand it any longer and scooped kade up to take him to a (safer) part of the soft play, lol.
    I just think it's a shame that some parents just leave their kids to get on with it without supervision!
  • Don't get me started on the parents that just think they can sit back and chat with their pals while their kids are at soft play/toddler group!

    If they aren't going to keep an eye on what their kids are up to, then they can't complain if someone else has to help them discipline their child! You go for it!! I've had to tell off a couple of kids before for being too rough with my baby at these places, I felt bad doing it, but they did listen to me and didn't do it again, so it does work!
  • I don't think its ever a problem to tell off another child when yours in the firing line of the poor behaviour.
    That being said i have always told off children when they behave badly....guess thats the teacher in me. I just can't stand bad manners and if the parent isn't around to correct (or can't be bothered) then i think its important that child learns that you can't behave in certain ways.

  • You did the right thing. I've told my friends lo off before for smearing banana (we all now how that stains!) all over my sofa. I make my lo sit down to eat and I made my friends lo sit with him, even though he isn't made to at home. Not sure what my friend thought, she never said a word.......

    I've also marched a child back to his mum before with my lo screaming as this other boy had hit him over the head twice he was probably 4 months older than my lo. tMy lo then moved away to play with something else. This other boy followed and hit him again, so I grabbed both of them and went to his mum obliviously drinking coffee. His mum asked him what he did, it was so cute he confessed he was too young to lie! He then apologised. She had to take him home 5mins later as he was hitting someone else, never seen her at that toddler group again.


    lo 21m and 34+6
  • Phew, it's not only me then!

    I just felt I'd been a bit harsh but I was so cross. It was 1st time we've been to this soft play place and it was great fun, but not enough staff to make sure kids were in the right places. The big kids kept coming into the baby area, I don't know why as the big kids bit is ace with loads to do!

    Tbh, I was more annoyed with his mum for just ignoring him and being so clueless as to what he was up to. I was right in there with my girls, partly to make sure they were safe but also to make sure they played nicely. Lily accidentally bumped into a little girl who was sitting at bottom of slide, but because I was there I saw what happened, said sorry to the girl and her mum and told Lily to be more careful. Surely this is how kids learn to play nicely?

    I really want to go again, so will probably be telling more children off in the near future!


  • Yeah, I tell other people's kids off and if Spence was ever violent or abusive to another kid and I didn't see then I would hope their parents would tell him off.
    My friend once apologised profusely for telling Spence off cos he threw sand at her daughter. She seemed genuinely surprised that I was pleased she'd tackled him over it.

    Liz x
  • I personally dont think that is classed as a telling off, its more just asking them to behave in a normal way lol

    I have told a couple of children off in my time lol when floyd was a couple of weeks old i was looking after a friend little boy he was 3 1/2 at the time and wass quite a rough boy.he wanted to hold floyd so i let him sit on the floor with him on his lap then he started squeezing him really hard and floyd started screaming so i aske if i could have him back and he sqeezed harder the whole time he was looking me straight in the eye i was so angry i eventually got floyd off him and i shouted at him and said that he was a horrible little boy, he just said u i dont care GRRRRR

    Also at playgroup there is one boy that doesnt like floyd for some reason he just a really mean horrible little boy his mum doesnt really do much when he's been horrible just says dont do that and carries on talking to her friends, I try and let them get on with it if he hits floyd floyd will hit him back but he gets so upset and a few times i have told him to go away, to leave floyd alone and that he is nasty because he is.. its not his fault its his mums for not doing the right thing when it comes his behaviour!

  • Do it all the time. Start with the evil teacher stare then follow up with words if needed! LOL

    Teenagers aren't safe from me either, do exactly the same to them!

    Felt something soft hit me in our local co-op then again. 2 evil chavy girls were throwing grapes at me! Gave them a huge ticking off the store manager came over made them apologies as well.

    Keep it up ladies, you are doing the right thing!
  • Oh I am so going to start to do that!lol

    When at park with lo all the other kids just push lo out of the way and off the toys and I feel really uncomfortable to say anything. One time a little boy almost jumped on top of lo's head!

    I can't understand parents who just sit on the bench and let they're children misbehave!

    Sorry moan over!
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