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Does anyone's son have a doll?

Oscar's just fallen in love with a little boy doll from elc and I've bought it for his birthday. Just wondered what the general feeling is on here about boys and dolls. I feel no one bats an eye if girls play with boys toys but there's still something taboo about boys playing with girls toys


  • I personally dont see anything wrong with it. All little boys get to hold babies that are real thereofre why can they copy by nhaving a toy dolly. Boys will quite happily try and grab the pushchairs at toddler group, just like the girls will go for the cars.

    I personally think its quite sad how society today has changed. Personally I believe its the adutls that make a big deal of things whereas the children are happy to play with whatever. At the end of the day they are larning through play or imaginative play whether its a car or a doll.
    If more people in society didnt get embarassed about seeing theres or other childrens boys playing with dolls, or made a segregation between boys toys and girls toys. There would be less judging and critising in this world today.
  • My liitle boy has always had a doll and a pushchair and he loves it! I don't see the problem with it,if boys like them,why not?x
  • Barney has a doll, he was driving Millie mad stealing hers so I bought one for him. It's only a little cheap one from the supermarket, but he plays with Millie's other dolls as well. I don't see a problem with it, he looks cute cuddling his 'baby'
  • I bought my son (20 months) a doll when I became pregnant, he used to get his doll and give it cuddles. No 2 is now 3 weeks old, and he goes and gets his doll and changes it nappy, feeds it and winds it. Its been a great distraction for not touching the baby as he's got his own 'baby'. I haven't got an issue with him having one at play groups he always pushing the buggys round. At the end of the day he sees his dad holding and kissing the baby so why shouldn't he? x
  • Hi hon, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. We gave ds1 a baby boy doll when I was expecting baby no. 2 (incidentally, it really helped for him to have 'his baby' to play with while I was looking after new baby lol)

    We also bought him a toy pushchair as well, as one of his friends had one, and he used to love it! I must admit that oh refused to buy him a pink one though! We found a nice blue and yellow one.

    Quite often my 2 boys would make a bee-line for the girls toys at other people's houses - because of the novelty I suppose! Now I've got a little girl too, and I love buying girly pink toys! :lol:

  • my son had the boy doll from elc and the blue buggy too. he used to love playing with our neighbours daughter's toy buggy so we got him his own and he loved it!!
  • I don't think there's nethin wrong with it, my nephew's got a doll and a little blue buggy. I'll b buyin Lily cars and other socalled 'boys' toys. She likes playing with them so I'm not gonna not buy her them cos they're not 'girly' x
  • i see nothing wrong with it, JJ plays with prams and dolls at baby group and i'm thinking of getting him a pram at some point...gunna have a look round for one that's not too girly lol x
  • my son doesnt have a doll and i wouldnt personally go out and buy him 1 but i dont have a problem with him playing with them i just as i said wouldnt personally go out an buy him one
  • Floyd has a doll (baby annabell which was mune when i was luttle lol) he has played with it since he was about 7 months old... it was great for getting him ready for his baby bro, he doesnt play with it all the time but will occasionally spot her in the toy box get her out n give her a kiss n a cuddle n put her back,

    He also loves playing with the buggies at playgroup and friends houses, i did think about buying him a blue buggy....I dont think there is anything wrong with playing with dolls as most little boys will grow up to be daddies so they get to do their pretend/practice things just like little mummies do haha xx
  • Thinking of getting Zacky one as he always plays with his cousins when we visit them. He likes feeding it and getting it to burp and then putting the dummy in so that it will go to sleep. He will quite happily play with pushchairs as well.
  • Thanks for your replies. I've specifically been told by my husband I'm not allowed to get him a pushchair, although as he had a doll and pushchair when he was little I'm not entirely sure why.

    He did love playing with the dolls at toddlers and with my youngest sisters doll and pushchair but this was the toy he ran over to in elc out of all the others so I took it as a sign! Lol.

    I do think that dolls can teach our lo's lots of things and that there aren't really any readily available 'socially acceptable' alternative for boys until they're old enough for action man.

    Oh well, he loves it and that's all that matters to me!
  • my little boy (21 months) doesn't have a doll, but he does have a hoover, iron, sweeping brush and shopping trolley! I would get him a doll though if he showed an interest in having one. at the moment, he is happy with his iron lol. i think its sweet - they're only babies x
  • chidren just see a toy, not a BOY/GIRL toy. Hayden loves playing on his cousin annas butterfly rocker that is pink and my sis said he could have it if i didn't mind it was pink. Nope it don't bother me, if hayden is having fun then i am happy. oh and he got a hoover for his birthday, v cute!
    he loves to push a pram to.
  • I love the fact that my little boy 23 months loves his baby doll which is a tiny matchbox doll i used to play with, he cuddles all his dolls or teddies like babies and I love it, i think it shows a real caring side and that he is copying our behavior

  • Just to add to this again - My parents arrived to stay with us yesterday, and their present for lo was a talking Upsy Daisy and he absolutely ADORES it! He loves cuddling her and pressing her tummy and listening to her speak. he laughs so much when she says daisy doo and dances when she sings her song. He clearly thinks she is the best thing in the world.

    I bought him the talking Iggle Piggle and mum and dad gave it to him at the same time as the Upsy Daisy, and he really isn't that interested in Iggle! Poor Iggle.


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  • ha ha poor iggle! My eldest had a doll. it never occured to me to go and buy one but they had a nice big well looked after doll in a charity shop so i bought that for him and we named him jack. he loved it and like Mims it really helped him when i was expecting number 2. he went through a stage of constantly washing him, changing his nappy and taking him to bed (the doll not the baby!)
    he's 4 and a half now and although i wouldn't say he plays with it a lot he is very fond of him and my youngest now plays with him. I bought my youngest a pushchair. it is pink but thats only because the toy shop only had one and traditional girls toys do seem to be pink! my husband was more opposed to it been pink than it been a pushchair but i think thats cos he doesn't like pink rather than him not wanting his son to have pink things if you see what i mean. my son pushes the pushchair round town sometimes and although he gets a couple of funny looks most people don't bat an eyelid!
    both my sons like cars and wheels and trucks and tractors but they also like dolls, pushchairs and pretend kitchens and cookery and i'm happy with that. I should imagine they'll grow out of it with peer pressure from school from other boys saying its girly but I think thats quite sad and a shame.
  • doesnt have a doll (I'm working on OH as he plays with one at clinic and at nursery) but he is getting a hoover for xmas image
    No problem with them having a doll at all, its just like us having another baby, and I wish my OH would've let me get Ollie one before Mj was born...

  • Well he got his doll for his birthday and adores him! My friends son named him Billy. Oscar walks round cuddling him - mostly the right way up too :lol: And kisses his head, and takes off his hat. He's adorable and I love it. Hubby's still pulling a face but *raspberry* to him
  • ah thats fantastic! how cute!
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