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  • I did in previous pg Alijo, and all turned out fine - as far as I'm aware the brown blood is "old" blood and so nothing to be too worried about. That said, I know that I personally would double check with a MW - it can't hurt. I'm a bit of a worry wart thoughimage xx
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm 35 and my little boy is going to be 9 months old next week. I took a test yesterday and got a BFP! Slightly in shock right now and wondering what the hell my work are going to think about this (as I'm not even back from maternity yet), but hubby and I are over the moon.

    Initial due date is 18th Dec, but I think it may be a little later. Will just have to wait and see?

    Love my last due in... Group, we're great friends and always there for each other over the last 17-18 months, so hoping this will be the same x
  • Hi Alijo,

    I haven't had any spotting, but as it's my first pregnancy I don't know anything about apart from what I'm reading on the internet (most of them say the spotting it's perfectly normal) but, if it was me I would check it with the MW anyway as there's no harm in that and at least my mind would be at ease rather than constantly thinking that it might mean something. It's always conforting to hear the professional's opinion in these cases I think.


    Welcome to the group Juniperdraley image Your due date is very close to mine, doctor foresees it for the 16th of December image


    Hugs everyone, and hope you all enjoy the next few months image



  • Hi ladies!

    We found out yesterday baby no.2 is on the way! I'll be 31 on Monday, our daughter Jess will be 2 in 8 weeks. I have pcos so both babies have now been conceived on the 2nd round of clomid! I think im due between 21-25th December, so Christmas could be extra fun! So excited to be sharing the comin months with you all!



  • Congratulations Kelly image And welcome to the group image

  • Congratulations every one and wish you well for the next 9 months . Exciting times and Christmas ahead
  • Hi Everyone! I found out on 10th April I am expecting my first baby! I have been charting my Basal Body Temperature so know when I ovulated and have worked out my due date to be 20th December. Not been to the doctors yet, but got appointment for 1st May. Looking forward to seeing how everyone is progressing over the next 8 months or so image 

  • Congratulations Bug on joining the club image It's my first baby too and I'm so happy I just want to enjoy every single moment image



  • Thanks Sara! x


  • Hi guys.  I found out on April 11 by total surprise.  My last pee stick you know I just had to pee on it.  it was last thing before bed so I really thought bfn then to my amazement on our first month ttc (properly, before nottrying but not preventing) BFP!!!!!  EEeeekkk..... saw GP yesterday and she put me due 3rd December.... eeeekkk!!!!!!  Oh and I had NO idea about all the free stuff..... whoop whoop I love free stuff!!!!!

  • Welcome to the group baby88 and congratulations image

  • Welcome to the group bug and baby88, it's an exciting time ahead. Congratulations to you both. It's my first baby too bug. Baby88 what free stuff I'm intrigued I need freestuff lol
  • Hello ladies! I found out I'm expecting my second today and I'm just bursting to tell someone! I make my due date to be 27th December, and if this one is 2 days early like my son was then xmas will be very busy this year image I used BE last time and I'm looking forward to bring to know you all over the coming months!

  • Congratulations mamacat I know that feeling wanting to tell someone. Hopefully are keeping well sounds like you may have a busy Christmas this year, will be a lovely Christmas present for you all
  • Congratulations mamacat and welcome to the group image Sounds Christmas might be extra special for you image



  • Hello ladies


    Very nervously popping into here...I am 3+5!!!!! Got a BFP at 8dpo, I am 10dpo today.I am 33 and this is our 2nd child. We have a DS who is 26 months. 


    I was in a due in Feb 12 group on here and still chat to all the ladies so really hope for the same this time xx

  • Hi ladies found out yesterday im expecting baby no 2!! Over the moon my little girl Ruby is 13 months image also loved my due in april 13 group we are all very close and I do also hope this turns out the same ( we have a secret facebook group) im due dec. 28th! Very close to christmas! Congrats on your bfps xxxx
  • I am 4 weeks my little girl was 5 weeks early and only 4lb 8oz so I think ill be kept an eye on I also had recurrent water infections first time round and a kidney infection im hoping for a more relaxed pregnancy! We are all going to be very hot this summer lol xx
  • Hi all congratulations!! me and hubby had been ttc for almost two years, found out on 5th April that we was expecting baby #1 Couldn't believe it think it's because id totally given up hope and thought it would never happen so stopped thinking about it and here we are!! Couldn't be happier image I make out im due 12th December but doc reckons it's 15th
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