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Hello and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm @DanielleMFM and it's lovely to see you here. 

Welcome to Due in February 2020! If you'd like to join this thread and meet others who are also due this month, please do post and introduce yourself.

Start as many threads as you like here in your Due in February 2020 category from due dates to scan dates to baby names, or symptoms, whatever you want to chat about, go for it! 

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  • I took a test yday and said i was 1-2 weeks so will be due mid feb if correct and all is well. This will be our first! 
  • Hooray @Bluenose24! Welcome to the forum and huge congratulations on your pregnancy - thanks so much for kicking off our brand new birth club - we're sure there will lots of ladies joining you here soon. How you feeling so far? 
  • Hi @Bluenose24 congratulations dates are giving me between 29th of December and 2nd of feb so I won’t know for sure but I’ll join you on here too! The clear blue usually give you the weeks after ovulation if you use a pregnancy calculates off the start of your last period which should be more accurate and will probably give you a sooner date! 
  • Hey! so just used the due date calculator on the NHS website and gives a due date of 5th Feb! I’m feeling fine so far, had come back ache but that’s seems to have gone today. How are you both doing? Xx
  • @Bluenose24 I’m pretty much the same sooo tired though no nausea yet which I’m waiting for! Hopefully I don’t get it too bad as I go on holiday 1st July! 
  • @abbierk95 fingers crossed for you! Xx
  • Hi all, 
    I'm expecting my 3rd :) I've got two girls already aged 10 and 6. By af dates im due 1st of Feb but by my dates it will be 3rd Feb x
  • Hi @Kel04 congratulations! This will be my first baby it’s my second pregnancy after a MC last year how are you feeling? 
  • @Abbiek8 congratulations to you too!

    I've had two chemcials so far this year so I'm worrying a bit.
    I dont seem to have many symptoms apart from heightened smell, everything tastes bland and had a couple of bouts of nausea and tiredness. Also had a bit of cramping and back ache but with my last daughter by now i felt dreadful.
    How are you feeling ? X
  • DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
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    Welcome @abbierk95 and @Kel04 - so good to have you guys here and huge congratulations! Wishing you both super sticky beans. 
  • Hello ladies I too am expecting a new addition to our family Feb 1st 2020 according to my dates. I will have my first prenatal apt on June 20th!! This will be #4 for me so I am super excited and fingers crossed for a baby girl as I already have 3 boys. I have been feeling pretty good for the most part aside from a few nauseous spells here and there and the constant fatigue. 
  • Hi we have just found out 2 days ago we are expecting so I think I'm due roughly around the 10th Feb. Had a chemical pregnancy in March 2018 & this is the first time getting caught since so keeping everything crossed now x
  • Hi @Blessedmomma and @Abmc8607 congratulations I think I am around Feb 1st also sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancy abmc sending you both wishes for a healthy pregnancy! Anyone else fell like it’s going super slow! I found out quiet early around 25th May! My first midwife app is 27th June I should be about 9 weeks by then! I have nausea coming and going but nothing really bad! 
    Is anyone thinking about an early scan? I have seen the girls talking about there’s on other posts but don’t know if it’s for me 
  • Welcome @Blessedmomma and @Abmc8607 - congratulations to you both. Lovely to have you here. 
  • @abbierk95 thanks girl 😊

    Im with you on the fact that it seems to be taking forever this time around. I actually had an early scan with my 2nd child but I think this time I am just going to wait it out. I also found out I was pregnant earlier than normal on the 24th of May before I even had a missed period so I'm sure that isnt helping the waiting issue lol. I go in on the 20th for my first prenatal apt and at the moment I'm just trying to keep myself busy so I dont go crazy counting down the hours until I get to see this little one on the ultrasound screen!! Best of luck to all you new mommies!!! 
  • @Blessedmomma I’m passing the time by search every question and checking the posts! OH has agreed to a scan next week to give me reassurance I’m nervous but excited! Had a dream I had twins last night !!! 
  • @abbierk95 that would be amazing if you did have twins - now we're desperate for your early scan news! 
  • My due date is 3rd febr when did I conceive 
  • Hi @Lulama, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your pregnancy. 
    You could try Googling reverse due date calculator and it'll tell you when you conceived. 
    How is everyone else doing here? Anyone got pregnancy symptoms yet? 
  • Hi @Lulama, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your pregnancy. 
    You could try Googling reverse due date calculator and it'll tell you when you conceived. 
    How is everyone else doing here? Anyone got pregnancy symptoms yet? 
    I’m due roughly 7/2/20 I’ve sore boobs the sick feeling and back ache 😫 can I ask a question sorry if tmi but is it normal to get discharge in early preganancy ? 
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