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Telling family advice, after sister-in-law's sister has just lost her baby

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Hey all, looking for some advice. In two weeks I’m flying to the states to surprise my family with our pregnancy. My sister-in-law just found out that her sister has had a stillbirth at 39 weeks. We’re all very close. Would you recommend telling my sister in law before arriving? I’m worried about how fresh that loss will be when we arrive.


  • I think you're right - i would tell your sister-in-law as it could seem a touch insensitive if you don't. Better to be on the safer side here i think x
  • God- I can’t imagine what they’re going through. That’s horrendous. I lost a baby at 20/21 weeks pregnant and was devastated. 

    If you handle it sensitively though, everything will be fine. Yes I’d tell her, giving her a heads up. They will all still be excited and happy for you. I never felt upset about anyone else being pregnant- it’s a miracle and something very special. It’s just bad timing isn’t it.

    congrats by the way!xxx
  • Thank you :).. will definitely let her know; really appreciate the help.
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