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12 weeks today.

 Hello Everyone :) to these forums. I have 2 toddlers 3 and 2 and am 12 weeks preg.with my 3rd. To say i have a rollercoaster of emotions is an understatement. I feel so ungrateful as im struggling massively:(. My other 2 are 10 months apart and youngest i suffered severe pnd. It was honestly the scariest time of my life. 
The thing is now being pregnant again i can feel myself slipping. I have no interest in anything. Im nauseous 24/7, crabit and snappy and i just cant seem to settle myself. Im terrified of feeling that pnd again the anger the frustration all of it. I know i need to see someone to talk but im just to nauseous to leave the house at the minute. Im suppose to be taking 50mg sertraline but theyre making me sicker.
I find myself sometimes looking for blood when im on the toilet. (Iv had 3 losses) my husbamd is amazing so understanding he is so excited for this baby sadly i am not. Also he drives trucks so isnt home for 5 out of 7 days of the week.
Feel like the worst person in the world :(
Sorry for the long post xx


  • Hi @Kellied93 welcome to the forum, but we are so sorry to read you are struggling. You are absolutely not the worst person in the world, we promise you. 

    Can we suggest you contact your GP - we know they are likely closed, but some surgeries are doing video calls, and if you can chat through what you're feeling and how your meds are making you feel, they might be able to suggest a change in medication, or have some other help. 

    Also, please come check out the main Due in Nov thread here - there are loads of lovely women over there, please do come and have a read - you're not alone. x
  • Hello and welcome to this group.

    I second what @DanielleMFM says, you are most definitely not the worst person in the world. 

    I had pnd after the birth of my second baby, so I understand a little of how you may be feeling. My husband at the time was a workaholic so I did everything myself, and I have no family either. 

    I had my booking in appointment yesterday and I'd put on my notes that I'd had pnd. She said that if I ever felt the slightest bit like it might be coming back again, then I was to ring them straight away and they'd support me. Even though I've had another child since then with no pnd, she's still put it on my notes that I'm to be checked on by the mental health team this pregnancy just to be certain I don't suffer again.

    Huge hugs to you, and please do join the main thread as everyone is really lovely in there x
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