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Hello and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm @DanielleMFM and it's great to see you here - welcome to Due in November 2020! 

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  • Hello ☺️ Looks like I’m the first one here ☺️ 
    I got my bfp on Monday after waiting over a year so we’re super excited ☺️ We already have a little girl who’s just turned two. 
    My expected due date is the 1st November 💗 
    Huge congratulations to every one joining soon 💗 xxxx
  • Hi @Lauralouke we are so happy to see you here! Congratulations, we are thrilled for you! And don't worry, we're sure this birth club will start to fill up very soon... 
  • Hello 
    I’m Rayna I’ve just had an unexpected surprise with baby no. 2. I have a baby girl who is 15months and will be 2 on 22nd November and my expected due date is 2nd November. So Two November babies plus their dad 😭 I’m excited and scared at the same time. 
  • hi @RaynaD congratulations hun on your brilliant news. So excited for you. I also found out this week on Tuesdays that I’m expecting . due On the 2nd November after trying for two years. Wow 😮 you also have a busy time near the end of the year. I have four daughters with ex husband. Two born in December. I’m just so scared as have had 4 mc over last two years. Partner doesn’t want to get his hopes up to much 😔.I’m so excited thou. Still can’t believe it. That we have our ikkle bug growing inside me. This time round it showed up early and I have had no implantation bleed . Worried this isn’t normal. I have had tiny tummy cramps and real sore boobs and so bloated and tired 💤 .  I have booked in for a private early scan but got to wait two weeks. Much love 💕 hayz x
  • Big congratulations💕 @Lauralouke. Exciting times. Still finding it hard to believe. We are pregnant . 💕😘So glad I found this website. Nice to have some friendly people in my life who are sharing this same experience as me. 

    Ikkle bugs due date 2nd nov 💕💕

    congratulations to everyone joining and their brilliant news 💕😘
  • Hi all, found out Monday we are expecting baby no. 2 on a predicted due date of 5th Nov 😊 

    The husband and I actually hadn't planned on starting to try again until April, but we're very pleased with our happy accident (from Valentine's Day of all days 🙄😂) 

    We have a 19month old son already.

    Nice to meet you all 👋👋👋 

  • congratulations @Rainbows01 🥳 💕😘 xx
  • @Hayz85 congratulations to you all aswell ❤ here's hoping for smooth and healthy pregnancies for us all! 

  • Thank you @Rainbows01. 💕😘
  • Congratulations @RaynaD ☺️ My husband’s birthday is also the 22nd November! So we’ll have a busy month too haha 🙈 

    congratulations @Hayz85 💗 we have also booked in for an early scan at around 8/9 weeks as we had an early loss in October last year so just want a little piece of mind, how many weeks will you be when you go? 

    Congratulations @Rainbows01 ☺️ At least you’ll always remember the date hehe! ☺️ 

    How are you all feeling ☺️💗? Xxx

  • @SunshineB not sure if you want to join this thread too 💗☺️
  • Hey everyone!! Congratulations 💗 never thought I'd be here! Thank you @Lauralouke for the tag hun. I have 2 days that I've been predicted atm, some apps day Halloween lol and some say 1st November. 
    Just taken another test today and got a dye stealer 🥰 feelings little bit better after seeing that x
  • Thank you LauraLouke 💗
    At the early scan I will be 6 wks 3days when we have it done on 11th March . Just want it to hurry up so we know that our ikkle baby bugs okay. Partners really worried . I will lose again. Been along journey for last 2 years. I keep telling him I feel different this time round and I need positive energy. Did you guys have implantation spotting? I didn’t and was worried but midwife said not to worry. I had it with my four daughters. Midwife said they will book me in early for scan also around 8/9 weeks. Midwife booked in to see me also at 8 wks.  Would your midwife not book you in early hun save you paying ? 
    My four daughters with ex-husband were very hard pregnancies. Had loads of scans with them and was in hospital from 6weeks 6 days on drip. 😔  and under a consultant. 
    Like you hunni I want that piece of mind that all is well.
    I’m really Sorry for your loss hun.  I know how hard it is . 😔😭. Praying we all have healthy pregnancies. And time hurry’s up so we can have our scans and know all is well 💕😘
    Couldn’t believe tests have picked it up so early this time . xxx much love 💓 
  • @Lauralouke I'm sorry for your loss 😔
    I'm feeling okayish, I have light morning sickness, on and off, but nowhere near as bad as I remember it getting with my first! 🤢 my boobs havn't gotten sore properly yet, they're a bit tender sometimes, but again, nothing like the 'touch my boobs and you die' feeling that they get later on. 🙅‍♀️

    Tummy cramps come and go, also had some good round ligament pain twinges. I'm asleep by 7.30pm and bursting into tears randomly 😂

    How are you feeling?

    Congratulations @SunshineB! Love a good strong line. I'm a bit of a POAS enthusiast - I've been watching mine get darker since Monday when it was barely existent. I've had previous m/c and chemical pregnancies so I'm a bit obsessed now, although I'm trying not to stress too much!

    @Hayz85 I'm sorry for your loss also. It's all a scary, scary time, made so much worse after previous losses. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to go crazy!

  • Bless you @Rainbow01 . yeah I know the feeling about feeling crazy . 
    I Love the comment ‘touch my boobs and you die' so true when they do get worse. Mine feel like they are gonna pop 😂. I have had no sickness as yet been feeling like I’m going to chuck up with smells but all good So far.. Morning sickness with others was definitely worse. Kids keep saying mummy why you moody and crying 😢 at tv .lol😂. gotta love hormones xxx💕
  • Blooming hormones 😂 my husband is away this week which has just about pushed my hormones to the brink! 😅 One minute I'm calm , cool and collected, the next, I'm a blubbering mess!
  • Thank you @Rainbows01 So sorry for everyone's losses :( you never realise how common it is do you?

    We had started trying this time last year and got first BFP on 8th of September but unfortunately had a chemical at 4 weeks and 4 days. Then my company went into administration 2 days later 😫 so we put TTC on hold. Thankfully I got a new job on the 1st of October so I went back on the pill for a few month. Came off at end of December and we intended to wait for AF to return, but I got a high OPK on 8th of so we ditched the protection that day and went with it. Not thinking it would actually happen this soon after all the trying from last year...but it did 😱 I'm feeling a but anxious with work, as probation ends on the 2and of April.

    I'm just sore with my boobs and my armpits kill but that's it xx
  • So sorry for everyone’s losses. It is such a hard thing and always harder to think positive. But sending the positive vibes to everyone’s way.

    I’ve never had any spotting instead I got nose bleeds and that’s how I kind of figured out I was pregnant on both occasions. I haven’t had any symptons. Maybe felt nauseous once. Boobs actually felt engorged at that same time and maybe bit of cramping. But haven’t felt anything since 
  • I totally agree I don’t think you realise how common it is until you speak to other people 💗 fingers crossed this is the time for all of us 🌈☺️ Horomones are an absolute nightmare I had a full scream at my husband for leaving cereal in the sink and then I went upstairs and cried 🙈😫😂 loL I’m feeling absolutely exhausted :( can’t remember being this tired with my first 🙈 I’ve had no spotting either. @Hayz85 I’m not sure if they would have booked me in I never even thought, I’ve paid a deposit too now 🙈 I did it aswell so my little girl could come :) as I understand children can’t come to nhs scans? Where abouts are you all based? I’m in Yorkshire in England ☺️ Happy weekend to you all! Xx
  •  @Lauralouke I'm in West Yorkshire!! Where are you?! 

    I feel like I have a lack of symptoms tbh. My boobs have hot a bit bigger and are tender,my armpits really hurt and I get a but company every now and then.
    I did have some pink tinged CM a few days after BFP but haven't had any since. Xx
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