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The Due in October 2015 Big Birth Announcement thread!


We've created this special thread for you Due on October 15 lot to share all your birth stories.

AND the lovely folk from Babyblooms have given us the most beautful baby bouquets (see pic below - they're no ordinary bouquets!) to send as a special gift to anyone who posts their birth story on this thread.

So please do come and tell us all about it. We can't wait to hear!

ps This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in October 2015; it's just a nice MFM custom that we make a special thread for each Birth Club's birth stories – so we can have all the birth stories in one place to look back on in Oct and beyond.






  • Well here goes there a lot to go through so hope the post isn't too long for you.

    Well as you all know the last 3 weeks of pregnancy was very up and down and a lot of worry, it started with my routine growth scan at 36 weeks they noticed that baby's weight had dropped and tailed of since our 34 week growth scan so had to have regular monitoring and scans every 2 weeks, baby's movements was still gud and ctgs showed baby was happy so was very relieved about that. When we went for our next scan at 38 weeks again there was no difference in babys weight and also a reduced volume in water around baby down to 2 cm surrounding baby with no leaking and no explanation as to why they were reduced, so went to c the consultant and they said they were happy to keep baby in until the 5th of October as doppler scan showed gud blood flow in the cord at this point I started to get really upset as was told by a different consultant at 36 weeks that if there was no change in weight they said it would be safer to get him out and now this one was saying it was safe to leave baby in there I was very confused indeed and felt that they were putting my baby at risk luckily the midwife went and got another opinion and they came to a plan that they would induce me at 39+1 still felt this was to long but better than what they first said.

    So the morning of my induction I went for a doppler scan and another growth scan and the sonographer was fantastic and said she really wasn't happy at all by the scan with the fluid reduction still at 2cm and she had a very horrible feeling that she could not shake and this baby shouldn't be left(which was very scary indeed) so she rang the induction team and told them she wanted my induction bought forward to an earlier appointment as mine wasn't booked until 6pm that evening so she got it bought forward to 2 o clock.

    So we went in for 2 o clock and after all obs and everything was done I finally had the pessary inserted at 4 o clock and was working well I was having regular contractions and was very excited when they examined me I was only 2 and a half cm after my exam at half 10 which was dissapointing as was only allowed one dose as had a previous section with my 1st born and she said they would burst my waters in the morning and to get some sleep but before that she gave me a sweep and put me on the monitor for half hour before getting my head down. That's when everything started going horribly wrong the contractions increased in intensity and changed round to my back and that's when baby's heartbeat started to decel so I rang the buzzer and got them to check baby's heartbeat then took for ages to find as it was so low that's when I was rushed up to labour ward they said they were gonna break my waters to c if that would help baby settle a bit as you can probably guess it did not, as my waters broke they noticed that baby had pooed inside me but wasn't fresh. At this point had several doctors in the room prodding and poking and all looking concerned and then the decision to take me for a section had a lovely midwife with me the whole time who tried her best to show positivity and actually made a very bad situation very bearable, after what seemed like an age my little man  corey james was finally born at 2:56am on the 2nd of oct weighing 6lb with his cord wrapped around his neck twice and a placenta that was very grey and failing the doctors said my baby was overdue and was even peeling due to him being overdue (I know what your all thinking I'm sure I read she was only 39+1 and yes that's what I was lead to believe) all I will say is if you have an instinct that your dates don't match up just keep a close eye on things and if you have any concerns for your baby's well being or if anything changes please get it checked. 

    All I can say is thank god for that sonographer as obviously without her having that horrible gut feeling something wasn't right we might have ended up with a whole different outcome. Thank you for reading my birth story xxxxxxxxx

  • imageCorey James xxxxxx

  • linz1234, thank you so much for sharing your story. We are SO glad you and Corey are all safe and sound - it really was traumatic, as you said, but what a wonderful result - you have your beautiful boy - and high five that sonographer. x

  • Thank you Danielle and was worth it all to have him here safely I was so freaked out at the time when the sonographer said those things but could tell she was very worried and really did believe that something bad was gonna happen if we had to wait and she would have been right aswell xxxxxx

  • Wow linz! That is one heck of a birth story. I'm so glad it all worked out for the best. I can't begin to imagine how scary it must have all got but the main thing is you are both OK and he is a very gorgeous boy! Congratulations!! Xxxx

  • Thanks rach it was but the outcome is so worth it all still can't believe he's here and so perfect xxxxxxx

  • Wow just had my lovely bouquet delivered from babyblooms all I can say is its amazing I love it thank you so so much it actually made me cry. Xxxxxxxxxx

  • imageimageSo beautiful xxxx

  • Oh, we're so pleased, linz1234. I haven't had a chance to say congratulations properly to you yet - so CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Awwwww thank you so much Helen can't believe he's 10 days old already xxxxxxx

  • Just read your birth story Linzi, thanks for sharing. So glad your little Corey made a safe arrival. We put all our trust in these professionals so glad you came across a sensible one who had an instinct things weren't right. 

    Me not your baby cuddles. 

  • Austin was born at 7.37pm on Tuesday 13th October 2015 weighing 8lb 2oz. 

    Austin is my 3rd baby - our beautiful surprise so glad we waited to find out! Anyway our birth story began way back when I was 32 weeks pregnant...I had experienced reduced then no movement from our normally very active baby for a day or so and panicked I had never had this with my girls who were both born at 39 and 40 weeks. I spent 4 days in hospital being monitored 3 times daily and seen by various doctors...I was given steroids as at one point they thought I may deliver by 33 weeks. Eventually I persuaded the doctors and midwives that I needed to go home as I felt nothing was going to happen and all the ctgs, scans etc showed baby was okay other than being larger than average for his weeks. At this point I should also say I have always said that our due date was way out and that the miscarriage I was said to have had in January was misdiagnosed. I also had my two girls at home so it was agreed I could providing I returned at least once every 2 days for ctgs and I had 2 consultant scans booked. 

    The next 5 weeks were long and I went on early mat leave because of all my appointments..I shouldn't even be on it now!! 

    At my 1st consultant appointment she said that baby was definitely large, and she only could see that baby was moving in terms of stomach muscles etc and they appeared stuck in a Buddha like position. Water level had risen too. So it was decided I would be induced at exactly 37 weeks- 11th October. 

    At my 2nd consultant appointment at 36+ 4 it was decided due to not knowing if baby would have any issues it would be safest to deliver on the Monday rather than Sunday as not many paeds team on the ward.  

    So on Monday morning I phoned labour ward and they were extremely busy as the other maternity unit here had closed so they were taking their patience too. I called back at 12 and was told I'd have a time to come in in an hour...nothing so I called again and got really upset as I had my girls already with family and I had got myself mentally prepared for my first induction! They said I could come in and be monitored and then at least I'd be in the system. 

    At 6.30pm that evening I had a pessary inserted and midwife did a good sweep although my cervix was still fairly high. 

    A bed was found on labour ward and I was already feeling uncomfortable. By 10pm contacting were on top of each other and I was getting no break so midwife moved me to a delivery room where we stayed for the rest of labour. 

    I could feel so much pressure and I knew that once my waters broke it would give me some comfort so mw agreed to try and break them. It was difficult but she managed it - although it was only through me feeling that familiar relief of pressure that I told her they had gone !! 

    The next few hours past and my contractions seemed to die off but when they came they were intense and stronger than before just not regular. I was examined and was only 2cm. So they began the hormone drip. 

    The contractions came so fast then and I was in intense pain especially in my back. They were relentless. I felt like I needed to push so mw told me to go with it and more people came in. I was examined again and omg I was only 2-3cm still ! But I needed to push. It was then said baby was definitely back to back and this was going to be long - I already knew that! 

    I was on gas and air but midwives wanted me to consider other options. I really didn't want an epidural as I had a brain abscess in 2013 which meant I had 3 lumbar punctures. My oh tried to talk me round as he could see how much pain I was in and how hard this would be otherwise. Some time later I agreed. I'd started to become dilrious and was hallucinating from the pain and the gas and air ! So the anesthethic team came to see me. They wanted to see my neurology notes but these were at another hospital so the epidural couldn't be done until this happened! I think at this point I panicked because I knew my body wasn't coping the pain was none stop, I was tired and I could feel myself becoming unconscious. It was then my oh noticed I was no longer with him I was going into cardiac arrest. He says the next 5 minutes were the worst of his life. He crumbled as doctors and midwives worked on me. He heard them say that baby's heart beat was fine so they could deliver baby safely now if needed. He thought he was loosing me but baby would be okay. He sat in horror hoping I would come through...which I did! I woke up to a room full of people and my oh crying with relief. I was then given diomorphine by injection as we were still waiting on epidural news. I loose track of timescales now. But over the next few hours I knew my body physically was going to be unable to deliver our baby I was exhausted beyond anything I knew.  I begged them to take me for a csection but everyone kept insisting I could do it. I think my oh knew I was at my limit and he then stepped in and really was my knight in shining armour. I slipped in and out of consciousness again. They examined me and I was 9cm but I screamed for them to get baby out. I was saying things like I want to die - in that moment as selfish as it sounds I honestly did. I had given up. I knew my body was shutting down again. 

    Things changed quickly then. Within 30 minutes I was in theatre. I had a spinal block and the pain relief was incredible. I think I said I felt like I was dreaming. The plan was to try and get me to push baby out with help of forceps but I knew this wasn't going to be an option so when they said they would be doing the csection I wasn't surprised. 

    Our little boy was safely delivered and when my OH whispered "it's Austin" I was amazed honestly can't believe I have a boy!  

    He was checked over by baby doctors and given the all clear. They commented he definitely wasn't a 37 week gestation baby more 41...which is what I had been saying all along. 

    The consultant who delivered him said there was no way he would have come out the vaginally he was not only back to back but he turned last minute as was heading into breech. 

    So here he is. My beautiful little boy.  


  • image

    My amazing family 

  • Cupcakemummy I'm in floods of tears reading your birth story. You really did go through the mill. So glad all is ok now for you. Thanks so much for sharing X 

  • Oh cupcakemummy, i've just had a little cry at your birth story - truly so moving. We are SO glad you're doing ok and your beautiful baby boy is here safe and sound. What a beautiful family you have. Thank you so much for posting your incredible story - Babyblooms are on the way!

  • So glad it wasn't just me crying danielle! 

  • I'm not even hormonal abi! Totally got me!

  • Oh my! Reading your story makes me appreciate how simple my births have been in comparison. I dread to think what your oh went through but also the pain you must have been feeling. Very scary times but he is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so happy it turned out well for you both. Even better that you got your little boy! Congrats again. Xxx

  • Omg cup cake mummy what an amazing  storyreading it i was fighting the tears...what an ordeal im so happy to hear ye are both ok and you have a beautiful family. The best of luck with everything xxx

  • Oh wow what an emotional birth story, had tears dripping down my face. Glad that you're okay and everything ended up fine. He really is a cutie. Congratulations cupcakemummy  x 

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