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The Due in October 2017 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, October 2017 is around the corner, and we know we're expecting some babies soon from the Due in October 2017 birth club, so we thought we'd get this special thread underway for all your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations! (And if you fancy posting a picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!





  • AHHH this is mad! But so exciting😬👏🏼

  • Nervous and exciting

  • So where do I begin

    I came to hospital last Thursday for my normal blood pressure and ctgs. My blood pressure was through the roof and Jesse failed the first ctg as his heart rate was to fast, they repeated the ctg an hour later and it failed again as there wasn't any variability. I was admitted to the ward. the doctor came to see me that night and said I needed steriod injections and he was going to discuss with my consultant what he wanted to do.

    while I was seeing my son downstair the doctor told the midwifes they planned to induce me at 7.30am Friday morning. Friday morning came my consultant was away all weekend and the other doctors disagreed I was only 35 +2  all day now was left waiting and then a member of neonatal intensive care unit came to speak to me and said her believe was that given our history he was much better out than in So I was moved to the delievery suite as it was late they wouldn't start the induction that night.

    Saturday morning yet another different doctor who believed I should wait and really tried to persuade me i stuck to my guns and they started with the 24 hour propess, i walked around lots bjt  done nothing, on Sunday morning they gave me my first 6 hour prostin I started contracting with it and was quiet positive but after the 6 hours I was still only 1cm they put the 2nd one in and I slept all night no contractions I then had the 3rd one on Monday morning and if there was no change by 1pm they were going to try break my waters but if they couldn't they were going to send me for a section, they didn't turn up until 4.30 but she did manage to break my waters.

    Contractions didn't start with 4 hours so I was put on a drip at 9.30 by 3.00 jesses heart rate kept dropping everytime i contracted so they had to turn the drip off and the contractions stopped so I was taken for a c section.

    when i was taken in my blood pressure was 210/106 so they had to delay the section until they had blood test results finally at 11.04am Jesse Thomas Fletcher was born at 35+6 weeks weighing 6lb5oz he's had a afoght on his hands as he has an infection which he caught off me which explains why he was getting so distressed, he was ventilated and sedated as he has lung disease but it is improving loads and he's better everytime I go to see him. 

    Ive got infections aswell and low iron but I'm over the moon and so In love. good luck ladies i hope you all have a quick and easy delievery. 


  • Oh he's absolutely beautiful chamilto congratulations. Take care of yourself sounds like its been a bit of an ordeal for you. Thanks for sharing your story 💙

  • Aw Chamilto, Jesse is amazing. Glad to hear that he is progressing so well! Hope he will be out of hospital real fast. X

  • Aww Chamilto, he is adorable! 💙

  • Here is my birth story......

    Since the start of the week I felt as though my waters may have been trickling as I was feeling rather moist down there however went about business as normal. When I went to bed tue night I put a pad on due to the feeling I was getting then when I got up Wed morning I had a brown mucussy discharge on the pad and some fresh red blood when wiping. I phoned hospital for advice, they told me to change pad then go about business for an hour then phone them back to let them know what was on new pad. There was no more brown stuff but still a bit of red fresh blood when wiping so they said to go up and get checked over. 

    Thankfully hubby was late shift this week so was still at home and able to take me up. So went up and was hooked up to monitor for an hour or so. Baby heartbeat was fine and it was showing I was having tightenings but they weren't that close together. 

    We were sent home believing it to be braxton hicks as my cervix was still closed. Left hospital and went to Burger King for lunch 😊

    When we got home I went for a bath then a bit later on unnoticed the tightenings were getting more frequent so I decided to note timings only to realise they were coming every 4 minutes! I recorded them for an hour by that time they were every 3 min so phoned hospital back and they said to go back up. Took a couple of paracetamol incase it was braxton hicks.

    At hospital I got hooked back up to monitor which clearly showed the tightenings/contractions were stronger than they were in the morning and now every couple of minutes. The midwife checked me and I was 2-3cm dilated. As I was booked in for a planned section on 28th sept the midwife went to speak to the registrar to see how to proceed and whilst she was away my waters went! It was just like a balloon had popped in my pants lol!

    Due to being soaked thru I took off my leggings and pants to reveal a mass of red, I just panicked! I then noticed a clot about the size of a 50p piece, panicked a bit more, I then saw a massive 'blob' about the size of my fist, I almost freaked out!! Midwife was great reassuring me everything was fine, it was just a bit of membrane that had come away. Baby heart rate was still being monitored all thru this and was fine thankfully!

    Decision was made to go to theatre for section then and there but due to eating lunch at 12.30 we had to wait until 8ish. Contractions picked up so had some gas/air to tide me by until I got my spinal. 

    Isla was born at 2020hrs on 20th sept 💕

    (Well done if u got to the end lol)


  • Congratulations too you both . You both sound like you've been threw a though time off it . So glad to hear you and your gorgeous babies are doin well xx

  • Congratulations both.  Rest up! 

  • Congratulations both of you, your stories are amazing to read! All the best with your babies xx

  • Congratulations. Hope that you are both recovering well Xx

  • Alice June, born on Monday 2nd October at 18.34 by vbac. We had decided to go for csection due to oblique positioning and risks due to gestational diabetes and were scheduled for that in the morning (3rd Oct), but Alice had other ideas. I started with contractions half an hour before the preop! So continued with that, but also went to labour ward for evaluation. She was head down and progressed extremely quickly! At 5 pm I was 3 cm, 6 cm by 5.30 at which point my waters went everywhere. I was still in leggings but managed to walk down corridor to a labour room! She was born at 6.34! It was therefore painful but soooo quick. I had an episiotomy and a tug with vontouse to try and control delivery as the speedy exit was causing her a little distress, but she was already crying as her head came out and then body followed very quickly! No time for pain relief except gas and air! I feel great now! She's just perfect ???????????? and feeding well.Lu xxxxx
  • She was 7lb 1oz xx

  • Congrats, lovely name btw. Take care x

  • Congratulations on the birth of little Alice! Hope you're recovering well xx

  • Congratulations, wow what a dramatic entrance! Beautifully name, hope you are both well xx

  • Congratulations mummies well done! So glad to hear LOs are doing well, making me even more impatient though!😬☺️

  • Congratulations MP2711, little Isla is gorgeous. How are you both doing now x

    Chamilto, didn't hear from you, must be very busy and enjoying time with little bubba. Let us know how are you both doing x

    Wow LoobyLu7, what a fast delivery. Well done and congratulations, yes, Alice is perfect x

    This is all so exciting, I wonder who's next? 

  • Congratulations loobylu. How quick was it labour ? . Well done you . Hope ur both doing well x

  • Alice is so beautiful loobylu. And a great weight too x

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