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Does anybody make their own chicken/vegetable stock?

I make all my own food for my lo as he has allergies but don't make my own stock as use Kallo's organic very low salt veg stock but was wondering what everyone else uses? I thought of making my own but tbh looks like a load of hassle lol.

Also do you know if you prepare fresh stock, can it be frozen then thawed and re-frozen in recipes?

Louise xx


  • Hi Louise, how are you? I found some low salt veg stock cubes called A.vogel Plantaforce in the healthfood dept of the supermarket, they may be much the same as the kallo. Like you I make up food for my lo but really can't be arsed with the stock too!
    I don't think you would be able to freeze, defrost and then refreeze the stock once made but not completely sure (very helpful!).
    Nicole xx
  • Hey Nicole, I'm really good thanks, hope you and your gorgeous lil man are doing well too.

    Thanks for that. I just googled A.vogel Plantaforce and found some from It looks fine as I can't see any salt in the ingredients at all. The kallo stuff says very low salt but I can't see any salt in the ingredients either so guess it is fine.

    I actually cooked us a roast chicken the other day and kept the carcass with the intention of doing stock but as soon as I started reading what went into it just thought agh sod it! I'm afraid making home made purees is as good as it gets with me lol.

    Just off to reply to your other post as it's just the same as me!!
  • Hey, no problem. I really don't blame you. I looked at the recipe in annabelle karmels book and just thought I could make and freeze alot of food for the time it would take to make the stock.

    Thanks your reply to my other post btw, it really did cheer me up. xx
  • i make my own stock with chicken or lamb from a sunday roast it just gets left on the hob for about an hour, i freeze it in feezer bags so i dont need to defrost the lot.
    just put the left over lamb nd bone or chicken carcass in a big pan with any veg u like, i use carrot, celery leek,onion, if i have any i put a few herbs in, bring to boil and simmer, strain through a sieve, cool and freeze in wat ever size portions u like.
    must say i dont do this every week, just when i can be bothered. xx
  • Can't believe you think it's a lot of hassle to make stock! You don't even need to peel the veg! Just roughly chop onion, carrot, celery and throw it in a big pot with the chicken carcass cover with water, bring to boil then simmer for a couple of hours. Strain and it's done! Free, tasty and full of goodness. I freeze it in plastic pots then use it whenever. I haven't bought stock cubes/powder for about 10 years.
  • Just to let you know, once you have made the stock, you can't defrost it to make meals and then refreeze it. I just do a pan of stock, then make the recipes up over the next few days (stock lasts 2 or 3 days in fridge). I gotta say I am the worlds worst cook, but Annabelle Karmel recipes are so EASY and quick, its just a case of throwing everyting in a pan, cooking, blending and freezing. My little boy loves the recipes. xx
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