help me im falling asleep and it hasnt even started! is it me or is it sooooooooooooooooo boring!! even men in shorts dont seem to make it better!!


  • It is boring, oh has been watching it and by the roar he's just made I think we just won! I prefer footballers myself, I could watch frank lampard, beckham and Steven Gerrard all day long!x
  • Footballers. Why would anyone want to watch a bunch of bully boys running up and down a patch of green, swearing, spitting and showing very little respect for others and themselves?!?!?! No wonder they get nothing but trouble at a match. Now a game of rugby. They show total respect for themselves and others. The don't roll around on the floor screamin in agony because some other player deared to even touch them. I know they still spit, which is discusting. I believe that football is a skill full game but the players themselves ruin it. Rugby is just as skill full, if not in my opinion more skill full.
    Sorry have a very strong opinions on this subject. LoL.
    Kerry 39 weeks.
  • Yes, well, picture that: I am French and England. I am sooo sick of all these people coming to me everytime there' s a football or rugby match between France and England and making all these utterly stupid comments... Do they really think I care whether France wins or loses? I dread going back to work tomorrow because I have other things on my mind at the moment than boring rugby and I truly couldn't give a monkey who won. The worst is that my daughter is going to go through the same nonesense at school...
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