Lets all be happy!!!

im so happy owain has text you i bet it made your day x x x


  • hi everyone!! All the posts i've been reading 2day seem quite unhappy and sometimes heated so i thought id do this 1 for us all 2 get 2getha and be happy about something!! I know a lot of the issues raised are v important and im not trying to say they're not. I just thought 2 cheer us all up on this miserable march day we could all list stuff we're happy about!

    So I'll start.. I'm happy that i have a healthy lil boy and that im due 2 have my 2nd baby in September. Im also happy that im about 2 eat a nice slice of pepperoni pizza!!
    And that my o/h has taken up the hobby of hoovering and changing the beds as im now too tired to do it!!

    Anyone else??


  • Oh are we pregnant women allowed pepperoni? That alone has made me happier*
  • Ah i love this subject! Its such a nice change image
    Im extremly happy i have to wait 6 weeks until my due date to see my baby boy, also im so happy that my fiance has txt me so i know he is safe and he will come home from iraq soon, end of may latestx x x
  • I hope so. . i always eat pepperoni!!
  • i always eat pepperoni too!! ha haha Glad u all are ok and happy!!! Sophia glad your o/h is safe n well

    Anybody happy abput anything else>?!
    im happy teletubbies is only on cebeebies once a day so i only have to endure it once!!
  • Im so happy he is ok aswell, and im happy that my bubbles hedgehog is going to be ok, i have to get him from the vets tomorrow but he will be fine!!! x x x
  • U sods I'm gonna have to order pizza tonight now.

    Ok, I'm happy that my little boy is beautiful, and putting on weight well (7 oz this week fat sausage). I'm happy coz he is seeming happier in the day coz he is sleeping better.

    I'm happy my husband is home now coz as happy as my baby makes me it is nice to hand him over for a few before I have to bath and settle him.

    i'm happy that Sophias hedgehog (???!???!??!!) is ok

    I'm happy my hubby is off work tomoro

    And has got a nice bottom.
  • I know my little bubbles hedgehog is going to be fine!!!!
    I want pizza tonight i want some now x x x oh its good that your baby boy is putting on weight x x x
  • ahhh it puts me in such a nice mood when people are happy about stuff, dont get me wrong i LOVE a good old moan but it gets me down sometimes when i see how upset some people get on here or there's bickering etc!!

    Sophia sooooo glad bubbles is ok
    Dawnie- looking at a nice bum always is a pick-me-up!! ha ha Also glad ur little one is gaining weight..
    I took mine 4 his 8 month assesment on Tuesday... 19lb 7 he is now!!!! Heffer or wot?!! ha
  • i am not going on bitches post tonight as i only like to talk about nice, happy things and everyone is sick of me going on about all my pets!! x
  • hi sophia talk openly about whatever makes u happy on here!!! ha ha ha.. I've gotta be in the mood 4 bitching really.. and 2day im in a fairly good mood, it's the 1st day i've been able 2 feed my son baby dinners without heaving!! so i feel better!
  • Ah bless how old is he & whats his name?? Why does it make you heave??
    i think ppl on bitches site are annoyed with my talk of animals and cute things, i cant help it! image x x x
  • I'm happy coz I think I've just figured out (if my maths is right and the benefits work out how I think they should) how I can go back to work part time. Was looking at full time and not a happy bunny about it. Just got to convince his work and my work to go along with my genius masterplan!!! Positive thinking everyone!!!!
  • Hey all the happy bunnies!
    Hope u&babies are all well, just getting ready to go to my midwife appointment (34weeks today)!!!
    Good news about the work thing dawnie, hope everything goes all good 4u.
    SuzanneLS, hope ur ok. The hedgehog isn't my actual pet, im not that weird! But i found him in my garden and i feed him every day thats all, and gave him a name! I have a boxer dog, ferret, kitten, horse, 3goldfish, and a bunny. I keep my dog and horse at my parents house as i dont have much room in my new place!! Plus with the baby coming i dont want a farmyard full. . x x x write on here later going to mw in bit x x x
  • I am happy today as I got up turned the music channel on and Shayne Ward and Justin Timberlake were on it, sad I know but it brightened my day up. xx
  • You sound like me i LOVE justin timberlake i have a topic on general called 'im in love' and its all about justin timberlake. obsessed or what??
    Chat to u all later x x x have a good day everyone x x x
  • Midwife appt went really well, my fundus has grown by 7cm since i went 2 weeks ago!! so im really much happier now. . good luck with your appt this afternoon aswell. I love goldfish they are so cute, they are named after me, my fiance & our little unborn baby they are sophia, owain(fiance) & theo (baby). . x x x
  • hi sophia my little boy's name is Jack. he's 9 months old and im pregnant again. And the baby dinners make me ill!! Glad everyone's feeling happy again 2day!!
  • Hey k8, i must say i love this topic its nice to have a happy one!!
    ru ok today?? im just waiting for gas man to come out but been waiting 3hours now x x
  • hi sophia yes im fine.. glad 2c midwife went well. I gotta make an appt with mine in the nxt coupla wks.. Do u have any names 4 ur lil boy?? I have Paul 4a boy but im stuck on girls names.. no clue what so ever. I think im having a boy. When ru due? Id love a girl as there's LOADS of boys in my family so a girl wouold be lovely.. but she'd be nameless 4a while!! xx
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