scan date through!


Finally got the letter about when my first scan is and I am so so so so excited!

The appointment is Mon 19th Nov @ 3pm, when I will be exactly 12 weeks by my LMP date.


Though I am so scared that they will tell me Eggbert has died inside me - I keep having nightmares along these lines. As much as I know the most likely thing to happen is that we will see little Eggbert wiggling away, there is a big part of me that knows it could still all go horribly wrong.

Only 17 days to wait - hopefully that shouldn't be too hard for little old impatient me!



  • i felt just the same and couldnt even look at first, id convinced myself that bean had died or was never even there!!! as soon as i saw my oh smile i looked and started crying!!! its such a lovely moment. enjoy it. eggbert is cool!
  • Eggbert is our name for this little one - my hubby keeps telling me he's going to be called Egbert when he's born (cos obvy it's a boy). I am almost certain he's pulling my leg!

    I can't wait for that first moment of seeing Eggy - it must be so magical. But after a m/c in June, I am finding it hard to accept this is really happening.

    Thanks for your support,,

  • After a mc in October last year, I found out I was pg again in December and although I had a scan at 7 weeks, I was still convinced that Bean wouldn't survive and that I'd go for my 12 week scan to find that there was nothing there. When the day finally arrived I was so scared I was sick! I couldn't look at the screen either until the sonographer said 'aren't you going to look at your baby?!' I turned to look at the screen and when I saw the little heart beating away I cried with happiness! Poppy is now almost 8 weeks old.
    I know it's easier said than done but try to relax, Eggy will be fine and you'll be over the moon!
    Take care
  • oh I was wondering about this just this morning - so pleased you have the date through and I hope it is the most magical moment for you both!

    AS you say hopefully 17 days isn't too long to wait!
  • hullo!!!!!!


    thats so fab, everything will be fine, and if eggbert could wave he will be on the 19th.
    it's only 16 days now, see one gone already! not much longer.

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