Am so upset

My little cat went out yesturday afternoon & still hasn't come back.which really isn't like her esp when last night it was chucking it down,me & dh have been looking all round the village but nobodys seen her am so sad i've had her longer then i've known my hubby,& got her when i was a singleton have cried loads tonight i just hope she's not lying hurt somewhere,dh has just come in from looking round again just wanted to get it off my chest xo


  • is there any news?? hope she is home safe and dry!
  • my heart goes out to you... I experienced a similar thing a few years ago. My cat never went far, and always came home. then one cold tea time he didnt show, and i couldnt go to bed for ages. I thought i would go to bed and he would be outside in the morning... but he wasnt!
    This went on for 7 weeks!!!!!! i really thought i had lost him forever, i ws so sad... then one night about 11.00pm I was in the bathroom, and I just heard this cry.. i shouted.. 'DUSTY!!!!!!!'... and sure enough it was him at the back door. I couldnt believe it. He was ok, and he was a bit scruffy and thinner, but was otherwise fine.
    I have no idea where he had been all that time, but he came home eventually.
    I just wanted to tell you my story to try and give you hope for your cat.
    hope he comes home soon hun
    caz xx
  • Thanks for your replys,she still hasn't come home me & Grace have round village this afternoon & asked nearly everyone we passed,i've put notes through neighbors doors asking them to check their sheds &made some posters i'm going to stick to lamp posts & ask shops to put them up,i just wish i knew where she was,hubbys been laughing cos the phone hasn't stopped ringing with friends ringing to see if she's home he says its like having another child!
    thanks magicmonica for your reply its given me some hope xo
  • Hi Cloclo........I hope you find your little cat cat is almost 13 but she used to disappear for days at a time, she was gone for four days at one time, but she always came back, she doesnt do it now so i can only imagine that someone used to make a fuss of her and poss feed her (she wouldnt always eat when she came back) and have prob moved away now or its just cos she's too old and cant be bothered.........cats know where they are best off thats why mine always came home when she'd finished out on the razz lol...................anyway good luck i know how worrying it is
  • Hey cloclo - hope your kitty comes back soon.

    Is there anywhere she could have got shut in? Any garages or anything? The reason I ask is that a friend of mines cat went missing one Thursday night before easter one year, and he turned up home again on the Tuesday morning absolutely starving and filthy so we think he must have got shut in a garage or something.

    Another thought for you - could your kitty get in if she was hurt? My friends other cat got run over and broke his pelvis, and he tried to come home but couldn't jump over the gate - he eventually made it home a couple of days later when the binmen left the gate open!

    Have you tried calling the local vets just in case she's been hurt and someone has taken her in?

    Hope she comes back soon!
  • Aww cloclo, I know just how you feel its awful isn't it. One of my cats went missing for days and I went out of my mind with worry, she was 13 years old so I feared the worst but I asked my mum to pop up to the house a few times during the day to see if she turned up and my mum went round to our neighbours and found her up on a high shelf in their greenhouse. She had been chased by something that had got hold of her leg and dislocated her hip so she couldn't get down again! She was meowing her head off but because they were an elderly couple they did hear her. She was very pleased to get home and have some dinner and a warm bed!

    As Kia says its worth giving the local vets a call to see if she has been handed in injured. Does she have an electronic tag? Sorry to say that another of my cats went missing over night and the next morning I got a call from the vets to say he had been taken in and had been knocked down by a car. They got hold of me quickly as he was tagged, he survived for a few days but unfortunately because of his injuries he didn't make it. It was terrible but I was so pleased that at least I knew where he was and what had happened and was able to bring him home to bury him.

    Fingers crossed that she turns up soon and has an exciting adventure to tell you about.

    hugs Liz xx
  • Hi hun
    any news yet? I posted a message to your reply in the mums in touch forum.. durham mums
    caz xx
  • i hope ur cat comes home soon hun. xxx
  • Hi still nothing have cried all night again! i havn't had her microchipped (1 of those things i wish i'd done!) i've got some posters so me & Grace are out again tomorrow i'm going to put them on lamposts, shop windows etc all the neighbors have checked their sheds & she's not there,just hope someone nice has taken her in,i never thought of ringing the vets will do that tomorrow thanks for all your replys xo
  • Am trying i think the worse is not knowing even if she was dead i'd rather know, we have a woods at the back of us so dh has been out looking for the 4th night & still nothing,what made it worse last night i had a dream she was sitting by the back door crying & i woke up crying,am really trying not to cry in front of Grace xo
  • Thank you for being so lush you've made me cry again,will definatly have alook at those sites xoxo
  • Oh Hun, I hope she is ok and home soon. I know what you mean about rather knowing, no matter what the outcome. Big hugs xx
  • There's nothing worse than a missing pet! I know I get worried if I haven't seen mine in a few hours never mind more! Hope she's just hiding in someone elses house and that she'll come back.
  • Thanks again for your replys have put her onto a couple of those sites fingers crossed! have had to switch the weather of cos they keep saying how cold its going to be & her pillows next to the radiator i just hope she's warm,someone set off a firework last night & i nearly went out looking for them,eeehhh this is horrible xo
  • hi
    am so sorry and i know what its like. we had one cat that went missing for 12 months (it was my dads girlfriends cat) and she had moved out by the time the cat came home - he was starving and dirty and full of fleas and mites but i knew it was him, my dad wasnt so sure because he was a completely dfferent colour!
    another time we had a gorgeous tortoiseshell kitten, only about 6 months old and she went missing the day the fair came to town..... we know they took her because she comes back every year and it really hurts me that she doesnt remember us..... she looks badly treated too but there is nothing we can do as we cant get near her! we tred calling the rspca once and the fair had gone by the time they came round to have a look ! (grr)

    anyhow, I'm sending lots of finding kitty vibes to you and i hope she comes home soon.

    big hugs
  • Ah I'm so sorry cloclo. I hope she comes back home soon. Cats can be a bugger. I used to have one that would disappear for days and have me worried sick, then he'd come home and act like he'd never been away. I'm sure she'll be back home before you know it. Big hugs xx
  • Hi all,still no news me & Grace have been out again putting posters up all over the village,been to the vets who got me all excited cos someone had been in who had found a cat like chloe but it wasn't her:cry: we've been to the next village thats about a mile away & put posters up there as well,Grace thinks its great cos she's had about 3 walks today! so w are all going on another long walk tomorrow & putting more posters up have just finished them,hope everyone is ok? xo
  • Really hope you find her soon cloclo xxx
  • Gosh Cloclo, really hope you find her soon, don't think people understand how much pets mean to you xx
  • Hi Cloclo did your little cat come home?i have just gone through this ollie went missing for 5days was worried sick i think someone tried to steal him as when he came through the cat flap he was warm and dry and the weather was cold and raining i also thought the baby had scared him off as she had only been home with us about a week when ollie went missing.dont give up hope as if someone has took her in the first chance she gets she will return home i hope as i write this she is curled up on your lap.take care.
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