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Monday Weight Loss

All aboard!

I had a great weekend - saturday was very healthy and within points, sunday was a binge day but still within points! I had biscuits, lasagne, chips, garlic bread, sticky toffee pudding and custard! Amazing!

Feeling very good and hoping to see a loss tomorrow. Feeling bloated after the blow out but a clean day of eating will help plus lots of water!


  • Well done on a good weekend 1st Baby.

    I went out on Friday, drank way too much, spent half of Saturday getting over it and will be aiming to do better for the rest of the week to get back on track!

  • Hi y'all, well I'm still here. I had more than I should have fine over the weekend but far far less than I normally would so I'm still really happy with that. I'm still getting into the swing of things but already feel I'm getting benefits from it. I'm not so bloated I don't think. I have been getting breathless though, I read up and it could be a side effect of the depo jab. With that and the possible weight gain it can cause I'm really not sure if il have it again. I've got till December to decide though.

    Today breakfast, coffee and a slice of toast. Lunch cup if soup and dinner the boys are having a corned beef hash, must avoid that so maybe plain soft noodles or a wrap.

  • Morning, I weighed in on Saturday and lost 2lbs, taking me to 6lbs in 2 weeks so I'm very happy.  Had a naughty weekend but back on track today.  I was going to have a fast day today but I'm starving so will see how I go.  No gym today cos I'm hanging.

  • Well done Sw, that's fantastic.

  • Morning all!

    Well done 1stbaby - fingers crossed for tomorrow.

    Cedar - just draw a line under your naughty weekend and start again today x

    QS - well done! Sounds like you are doing really well.

    SW - well done thats brilliant!! Hope you feel better soon!

    I am so proud of myself. Had a very good weekend despite going to the in laws who are real "feeders". Sitting here in a cafe surrounded by gorgeous cakes, with P playing in the buggy and i am just having a diet coke. I did eat 2 chocolate digestives when i got up to do the 4am feed but still within my syns as long as i eat free food the rest of the day which is fine. I will have jacket potato with beans and salad for lunch and stir fry with noodles for tea.

    Already feeling better too. Much less bloating and bags more energy. Before i would have a huge sugar crash about 4pm and be really crabby and sleepy but havent felt like that in a week!

    As far as exercise goes i am still having physio on my knackered abs so cant do much high impact stuff but i am doing a long walk after school drop off and again when i pick G up so probably doing 50 mins a day of cardio and walking fast enough to work up a sweat.

    I am in the zone!! Keep going everyone!!


  • Hi All.

    Mixed weekend here. Had a bug Saturday so not great - altough I did lose 2 pounds (think it would have been 1 otherwise). Did go for a walk yesterday before L's football and realised my hip has started playing up from my couch to 5 that I've been doing.  Was stretching it lots yesterday and today but really don't think I'll be doing any exercise tonight. Changed today to a fast day so fingers crossed I can do some tmw.  Really enjoying so don't want to stop!

    Anyway, enough woe is me!! Keep up the good work everyone! x

  • Well done on the weight loss Trayloub and SW!

    And well done for avoiding the goodies Maisie Moo.

    I am currently ignoring the biscuits and fudge that one of my colleagues has kindly brought back from their holiday.

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