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The storm!

hope every one is home safe and everything in the gardens etc is packed away!

We've  lost our sky satalite signal already! Cry



  • It's cr*p here already. Rain is hammering it down and the winds have been strong all day but are picking up strength now. Meant to at it's worst between midnight and 6am with peak around 3am here.

  • It's meant to peak at about 6am here. I'm wondering if my town will get blocked off as the only access road is lined by trees. I'm also hoping that no one gets hurt.

  • Its grtting blowy!

  • Hope all the touring caravans are still there in the morning when I get to work :/ we had quite a few leave this afternoon and all the tents gave up this morning haha

  • We've been away do not seen forecast for our area. I hope it doesn't get to the midlands. Hope you are all safe.

  • We were on a weekend away in devon in a static but right on the coast so came home today instead of tomorrow!

    I think it's due to hit here about midnight!

    Stay safe all x

  • I feel quite nervous - we have a tree as tall as our house right outside the bedroom window....

    Stay safe everyone xx

  • Hope you aren't battered too much, don't think it's going to hit us.

  • What SW says, hope you are all ok you ladies down there! Looks like just very heavy rain for us up in Glasgow

  • We were meant to be getting hit by it, but nothing yet.

    My local FB friends keep mentioning the rain, and wind. It's not that bad, worse wind comes out of my H's backside... People here are making it out to be worse than it is.

    Have seen updates from friends darn sarf, and it seems worse there.

  • I am in the south and it's pretty bad here! Can hear bins flying around!  

  • Not much going on in London, it's very very windy but we still have power and no trees have fallen.

    Of course all the trains have been cancelled so we can't even take N to nursery! I was hoping for a lie in..

  • Does it not have a name? Hurricane bawbag was my fave. Scotland normal weather, missing the storms for once!

  • This is what N thinks of it all 'Trees swwwwssshhhh swssssshh, cold wet, drop it leaf floor uh oh!'

  • It's called the st Jude storm and causing as much destruction as what my son caused in my front room!

  • All ok here this morning! A few trees down but everything / everyone else seems to be safe!

  • It's pretty much stopped now... got lovely blue sky this morning... nothing damaged around us this morning!

  • Having strong gusts here that's causing the house to shake a little. Hopefully it'll clear soon.

  • We had some lashing rain about 5am but it doesn't seem too bad now. H took the car to work but girls want to go out which means walking into the is going to be a long day if we can't get out....

  • It was exceptionally wet and windy at my house and the kids were worried as I decided it wasn't bad enough to warrant delaying my journey to work. Saw a couple of trees down on the way in, but apart from that it wasn't that bad. The roads were VERY quiet so people had obviously taken the advice to stay indoors. The sunrise was beautiful this morning, I kicked myself for not taking my camera with me. You have to admire mother nature!

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