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Help with leaving work please

hey I was just wondering has anyone any advice or been in this situation before.. I'm going to be a single mother my baby girl is due in November.. I will have to leave work due to not having anyone to help mind my child i don't have a great relationship with the majority of my family.. I've keep reading that I'll have to wait 26 weeks to receive any sort of income /help if u voluntarily leave ur job.. I understand this completely but can they really still do this even if you have a newborn child? X


  • Hi, I left my job of 30 hours folosing the break down of my repatio ship and the main thing I was worried about was childcare. i started working from home it was the best thing I ever did, especially with a little girl at home.

    i have been able to see my little girl grow up as well as provide a stable future for her. 

    I am currently look for people to join my team. So every cloud has a silver lining and this may be yours ???? x

  • Sorry thay should have ssid following 

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