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Problems with Pushchairs


I'm Ross. I'm a student at Strathclyde university in Glasgow Scotland and im designing a new pushchair. Can you give me any everyday problems you have with: pushchairs, strollers, prams, or any other way you transport your child i.e. getting on the bus, cleaning etc. Anything else would be much appreciated and will help in my final design image


  • Hi Ross, I've had a few issues with wheels that come off. This is a problem with e few different brand buggies. I need something that can be slung around a bit. Also, a lot of buggies have the seat made of fabric and that's it. When you put a baby in it, it doesn't help their posture and be 'slouchy' (great word I know). Wipeable is aways a bonus and the more bits that come off and can go in the washer the better. Not sure if you have seen a Phil and Teds Smart Buggy? I have a 2 wheeler which is great because the front section doesn't have wheels and the legs that are there instead fold in to meet the back wheels so you can leave your baby in but slide them in the leg room infront of you on the bus etc. Oh, if it's got a hood on it, the material at the often is quite short so it can turn into a wind tunnel. Adjustable footrests are good too. Nothing worse then seeing a kid with their knees under their chin. Lol image That's about all I can think of for now. If you want to see pics of the 2 folding actions of the smart buggy give me a shout. Bit Columbo of me but one last thing, it has to be able to fold small. I tried loads of buggies and I had a car with quite a big sized boot and some of the didn't fit. Good luck  image

  • i have been a pushchairaholic at one time i had 14 pushchairs , what makes a good pushchair ...... weight once child is in this can make a big difference to how it manovures , lighter the better but then how robust and lasting is it. storage ...mothers dont travel lightly some pushchairs these days you need to be a brain surgen to know how to fold the damn thing down. most ppl use carseat on pushchair and other adaptions some ppl add buggy boards to them and some dont fix that easily to the back buggy boards (always thought about designing a pushchair that turns into a platform with some kind of contraption around them when they are at the stage dont want to walk no more ...mmmmm this could be very sucessful ( how many mothers fight with their toddlers to get in the pushchair. well if your after any more i can go on and on p,s can i be your tester .
  • Being a first time mum i've only ever had one pushchair (Silver Cross Fizz).  I think it's great because it's lightweight, easy to clean and you don't have to have an engineering degree to fold it down!  My only criticism is that the brakes on it are a bit hit-and-miss, sometimes they work fine, other times they won't click in place.  I travel on buses a lot so for me one of the most important things is how easy it is to fold it down and how lightweight it is to carry when folded.  One of my biggest gripes with pushchairs is how unbelievably complicated some of them can be to fold down (and get back up again!). 

  • yeah brakes can be a bit funny on a few buggies. I'd like to see brakes that you can do all year round with boots on in winter without having to use your hand instead and flip flops in summer without having to press so hard that if you slip you've taken the skin off the top of your toes. Lol. x

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