creme egg



  • damn, now i want one, and i have been trying to be so good lately, although yesterday i was a real pig! :lol:
  • pregnancy is just great!!!!!!!
  • i suggest you go and get one cos mine was fantastic,your really missing out.
  • yumm yummmI really want one now....stop teasing us!!!!!!
  • ha ha are we all mad in here or is it really down to the hormones.
  • I'm going to buy one when I go out for lunch at 12 yum yum
  • ha wasnt quite enough.
  • I say this every year to husband but how great would be it if one of the BIG Cream Egg easter eggs, where like all the little ones you can buy. You would need a spoon to eat it and most likely you'd be sick when you finished it but it would just be so great.
  • nobody in the world could eat a creme egg that big and with a getting yourself all over excited now.
  • No i think I would give it a good go
  • haha.thats awful.its making me feel sick thinking about it,i can see pictures of it in my head.
  • why buy two most shops are 3 for 99p!!!!!!!!!
  • Here's a question, probably a very stupid one, but if you had to get rid of one thing....Creme Eggs or OH's which would it be? ..... Oh how silly, I don't know ANYONE who would keep their OH!!!
  • i would have to get rid of the eggs,the eggs cant look after the baby whilst iam catching up on the hard earn
  • I just have to report an absolute travesty. At the weekend I bought a 400g bag of mini eggs in Tesco. They had a whole display of mini egg related products. It was heaven. I ate them all, so at work today, when I felt the craving, I went to the nearest supermarket to purchase another bag of mini eggs to satisfy my need, only to be told that they don't have them in yet! This clealry inferior supermarket shall remain nameless, but lets just say, they certainly didn't make my life tase better!
  • lol.come on spill the beans which supermarket???????
  • Maybe we should all gang up on the aforementioned supermarket and protest - can u imagine their faces when they see a big gang of preg women demanding quicker deliveries of Creme Eggs??
  • ha ha they would lock us up i think.still waiting to hear which supermarket is letting us down
  • I think kitkat left a clue....Isn't is Sainsburys that say 'making life taste better' ?? If thats the case i expected more from them!
  • You're right Claire, it was Sainsburys. Bar stewards. I can't believe it's nearly February and they haven't got the easter stuff in yet! Next they'l be telling us they won't be getting the Christmas stuff in till after they've got halloween out the way!
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