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Anyone suffered with hypothyroidism?

Hi ladies, I'm new to this so please bare with me! I'm called Lauren and I'm 25 from the north east of England. I have an almost 3 year old son called louie :)

Basically, the last 2 weeks I've not felt well.......not felt myself in other words. I had a randomly stiff neck appear from nowhere (hadn't slept funny although firstly thought I might have done), I'm tired all the time anyway but that's normal for me. I was also having weird sensations in my neck which seem to have subsided a bit, I've never had anything seriously wrong with me other than anxiety as something traumatic happened last year, I won't go into detail but basically my boyfriend had a mental breakdown and cut his wrists in front of me, few days before this he phoned me to say goodbye and that he was goino to kill himself :(

So as time has gone on my anxiety has gotten worse and worse. I worry about every little thing and it's got the point where I'll have a cold but I think I'm dying......I get a headache I'm worried I've got cancer...it's beyond a joke!

With the stiff neck and my weight gain (gained 2 stone in a year and a half) I'm worried I may have something wrong with my thyroid? Im seeing the doctor this afternoon but thought I'd post in here first to see if any other mums had suffered with something similar as I feel like I'm so alone, nobody understands what it's like to worry constantly and most of the time over nothing. 

I need to be strong, happy and healthy for my little boy, he's my world and I know he deserves the best!

*Sorry for the long post!!*

Thanks for reading.

Lauren xxx


  • Hi there. I've got an under active thyroid. Just a blood test confirmed this for me. My main symptoms were extreme tiredness and rapid weight gain. 

    How did you get on at the doctors? 

  • Well I've been diagnosed with depression and I had an ECG and bloods done yesterday because I sometimes have heart palpitations so they wanted to check my heart was ok before they decide which medication to give me (ECG looked fine thank goodness) then I've got my review next Thursday so I won't get my blood results til then.

    I really hope nothing is wrong, I worry too much about my health, the Joys of anxiety! 


  • Ahh, at least you've got some news. If you are anxious you can have heart palpitations, bit like a panic attack. I sometimes get them when I am super stressed. Hopefully the medication will sort it for you but if you want to talk to someone about it and get help that way too make sure you ask for it.

    It's easy for me to say not to worry I know how hard it is to break it. Have you tried some gentle exercise, that helps a great deal with depression. Even if it's just a long walk.

    Keep us posted image.

  • I go to Zumba once or twice a week and that always helps instantly when I'm there then as soon as I get home I'm a nervous wreck again.

    I've hardly slept a wink last night because my stiff neck has come back and it's only been gone a day :/ it's in the base of my skull, it seems to be worse when I'm in bed!

  • I get a stiff neck and it triggers migraines. They it's bad I've got a wheat pillow heat pack that's got lavender in and use that to try and relax the muscles it takes a while but it helps. Also try and rub along the line of your skull at the back of your neck, like you're trying to scratch it but without scratching it if you know what I mean. 

  • Yeah I know what you mean, thank you!

    It just appeared 2 weeks ago I woke up and had this almighty stiff neck and it's never gone away :/ could it be anxiety related? Just hope nothing shows up on my blood test next week!

    I've got a hypnotherapy tape so I might start giving that a go again on a night when my little boy goes to bed. See if that helps 


  • It'll all be linked to your anxiety that's all. Try anything you can to relax a little. I do when when my neck and shoulders finally relax the muscles still ache but it's a different ache and I can feel the muscles more relaxed.

    Take care of yourself and keep me posted.

  • Thanks a lot :) I'll let you know how I am tomorrow!  Take care x

  • How you get on today? 

  • Hi hun I'm feeling a lot better today, still get the odd feeling in my neck but it sounds like I've got hypersensitivity due to my anxiety but I've been a lot happier today thanks for asking :) xx

  • How have you been doing?

  • Hi hun I'm ok at the moment my blood results came back fine but I'm seeing my Dr tomorrow for my review and to see which anti depressants I'm gonna be put on x

  • HI hun I've been put on 50mg of sertraline my thyroid is fine my bloods are fine and so was my ECG but I've got to wait til my period comes before I start taking the tablets just incase I'm pregnant because there could be health risks for the baby if I am pregnant but I'm due on in the next week or so (fingers crossed) x

  • Well glad you've got answers now and you feel a bit better. Sorry meant to message yesterdat but been up the wall decorating. Let me know how you get on. If you ever want a chat or anything just give me a message ☺

  • I have a different story to tell, I don't want to make you panic, but you should be more careful while treating thyroid. This is a kind of disease which is associated with some other diseases and conditions. A thyroid patient may also suffer from severe hair loss problem, hearing loss, high cholesterol, etc. There may chances for panic attacks too. My sister who is suffering from hypothyroid had got severe hearing loss due to the fluid in the middle ear and now using HA's as per the advice of her audiologist ( http://nulifehearing.com/hearing-aids/styles/ ). She is facing hair loss problem too. Actually, thyroid is such a condition which can be cured completely if it is diagnosed and treated at the right time. Since you are having hyperthyroidism, you should follow a healthy diet which includes lots of sea vegetables and  butter. Reduce the usage of cell phones and slow down your eating. Do you have a habit of smoking? It is better to drop that too. Practice yoga, it will increase the stimulation of the thyroid gland and it will also help to reduce the chances of anxiety and panic attacks. Never give up your hope. 

  • Prior my last pregnancy I had hyperthyroidism but after giving birth I became hypo. I started gaining weight and I became sluggish. I took medicine for my hypo (Euthyrox25) after medication I went back to the doctor had some series of tests (ultrasound/blood tests) then I was declared to have a normal thyroid function. I'm going back to my doctor after a year so he could check if my thyroid is acting normal or if I have to go back to taking medicines again.

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