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Ollier2001 or anyother qualified medical people!

Hi, sorry to bug you! Sure yr busy enough. Just wanted to pick yr brains.... I'm getting a rubella booster jab tomorrow after showing as 'low immunity' when I was tested whilst pregnant with Darcey, anyway I was just wondering if u knew how long you are supposed towait after it before ttc. I've looked it up on the internet-get varying advice from one month(bearable for me...just) to three months(makes me panick)! I asked my dr today and she didn't think it's as long as 3 months but said to double check with nurse tomorrow, which I will do. Just wondered if anyone knew or had a opinion! The more opinions the better I think!image thanks xxxx


  • hi hon!!
    sorry, haven't been on here for a long while!!

    we recommend 3 months after the MMR before trying to catch again (probably because the symptoms of any of the 3 illnesses combined in the vaccine can take a while to show themselves, and we no longer give the rubella on its own)

    you possibly know all this now anyway, but didnt want you to think i was ignoring you

    good luck with the ttc!

  • Hay, Ollier2001... I had wondered where you had dissapeared to! Hehe, thankyou for your reply, I am currently 4 days into the dreaded two week wait! This is our second month of trying so fingers crossed! Xxx
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