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anyone planning a homebirth over the next few months......?



  • I had a clomid assisted pregnancy after a mmc and trouble conceiving and had a home birth with my first baby 4 wks ago. Not quite the same as an ICSI but I dont know why this should make any difference to your choice of birth if you have had a good pregnancy? What, in case something happened at home? Not wanting to wish it on you but if something were to happen, it would also most likely happen in a hospital, not because you choose to give birth in your own home! And if something were to happen at home then there is usually enough time and advance warning to transfer you in. I guess you need to assess how long it would take you to get into hospital if needed. Though this would apply to anyone having a home birth, not just someone with assisted conception.
    You have been blessed with a wonderful gift, whether assisted or not, and having a home birth isnt throwing caution to the wind!! You will find a lot of people have their own opinions, but what really matters is yours and your hubbys.

    I wish you a very wonderful birth!
  • Hi I have not had a ICSI but i would think after you have concieved your pregnancy, labour and birth are the same as everyone else's. So there is no reason you should not have a happy and safe homebirth!
    No one who has had a homebirth believes we are taking a risk with our or our baby by having a homebirth reasearch says they are as safe (if not sarer) than a hospital birth! image
    best of luck xx
  • I'm due in feb and we have planned for a home birth, midwife came over to do the birth plan last Tuesday. We are just going to use the bath for early pain relief and gas & air or at least that is the plan. This will be our first.

    34+6 weeks
  • Hi,
    Just to let you know I had my home water birth on 28th December and had a healthy baby boy, 6lb 10oz. Total labour 8 hrs from start to finish!!!I got in the pool when I thought I could not manage any more of the pain, (2hrs before delivery) and I only accepted the gas and air after getting in the pool when my contractions peaked. I think the raspberry leaf tea helped my cervix soften which contributed the the speedy intense labour. Would do it all again its so worth it. I am sure if I went to hospital I would have found it very difficult not to accept pethadine or even an epidural. At home I managed to focus on the job, the midwife and my husband did a fantastic job supporting me. My baby is a chilled out happy little dude and he has breastfed easily and I have had no baby blues. I bought the Organic Pharmacy pregnancy kit which I would recommend to anyone and I also used the Heaven scent aromatherapy candles and some relaxing music on the ipod to create a relaxed environment. To get through the contractions I practiced my Yoga positions and breathing techniques. x
  • Wow that birth sounds amazing! Congratulations hon and thanks for posting your story, very inspiring!
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