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Share ur tips on bringing on labour...x

I'm 39 weeks with my 1st and I really dont want to go over as I'm sure every Mum feels the same..
Lets share our ideas on bringing on labour, old wives tales, proven or not, surely anything is worth a go? except castor oil..NEVER try this..midwife warned me..!!
Fresh pineapple
hot curry
lots of walking
raspberry t (started today)
clary sage in the bath (try this at weekend)
Done all of them except walking, try that 2moro night with my hubby, with a secret stop behind a bush..!!
can anyone add anything else?


  • When I was 38 weeks with my first pregnancy, my ob recommended a long walk on the beach sand to bring on the labour. It really worked, as I went into labour that night. But found the walk really hard work!!
  • hiyaaaaa ive tryed everything on your list, twice over with some of them, and nothing works, im due in 2 days aswell, i really dont think anything works, i think people try someting then there go in to labour when baby is ready but there just think it was because of the thing there tryed to start them off. apart from the sweep the midwife does i cant see anything else working apart from sex and i think thats only when baby is ready, but walking is a good way to head this in the right direction as i can feel the baby really further down after aimage long walk, good luck xxx
  • Nipple rolling works, we gave it a try and i had really strong pains, youre supposed to do it every 10 mins or so for it to kick in properly but i was in so much pain i couldnt be bothered and my nipples were sore. I had two pains after i stopped then nothing. I had a sweep yesterday but i had one on my first pregnancy and it didnt work so i wont hold my breath. Im 2 days over now and fed up so any new ones i havnt heard about i will give a go just incase lol.
  • hi i ws induced but i was so desprete to bring on the the labour i started to eat pineapple to help bring on the labour then 2 days later ,when i ws examined i was 2cms dialated and went from 2cms to full dilation in half an hour!i belive tht altough it didnt help bring on my labour in a noticable way, it helped me give birth quicker as i only took 2 hours(not bad for a first time mom). My friend who also tried this had an almost identical labour as well.
  • the night before i went into labour had a hot curry and had sex twice, realised i was actually in labour at 12 that night, don't know for sure if that was what brought it on, but certainly worth a try!! it started off as bad backache so much so that i needed to go to bed with a hot water bottle to ease it. hope this helps p.s was 4 days overdue at the time. Em xx image
  • keep very active!! i did loads shopping and carried loads bags plus cleaned alot!! i didnt stop even when in labour 6 days early!! x
  • keep very active!! i did loads shopping and carried loads bags plus cleaned alot!! i didnt stop even when in labour 6 days early!! x
  • I tried everything and nothing seemed to work so i was bad and took double the amount of raspberry leaf tablets and went into labour next day and only had 1hr 50 min labour.
  • hi i have heard walking up and down the stairs sideways works as it rocks your pelvis, i will be trying this when the time comes im only 20+6 at the mo.
  • Trying them all... I'm so bloated with pineapple, however, I have tummy ache n I'm actually pleased as I believe this can b a sign!!
    Havent lost my 'plug' yet tho which I've been waiting to happen??
    good luck n speedy labour to us all... keep ideas coming, if nothing else, it gives us something to focus on!!
  • Jsmine oil, few drops in ur bath, altho not till ur almost due...
  • this weekend ive tried long walk, sex, had some hot & spicy food and nothing has happened yet, im due tomorrow and really dont want to go over!!! Im going into town in a bit and pick up a hot curry for tea & some fresh pinapple to try that!!!!!!
  • Hi lil-nippa, keep in touch as I'm due Wed so if u go b4 me I'll wanna share ur tips!!
    Doing major house work today in hope that'll get him moving!!
  • I just got back from town, just eaten a curry, although it didnt taste very hot lol going to get some pinapple soon lol good luck and let me know how u get on...
  • Hi

    I know you said about castor oil but my friends sister had it with 2 of her children and it started her off. She wasnt overdue but her husband is a lorry driver and he was going to Italy and she wanted him to be there for the labour.
    t tastes horrible, she mixed with orange juice, but she said it definately works. Im 35 + 3 and I will be taking it nearer the time, well that is if my baby turns, its breech right now!!

    Vicki xx
  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news but none of those on the list are going to make anyone go into labour unless baby is ready to come when you do them. Baby dictates when its ready by releasing a hormone (or something) to tell your body to start labouring.
    Hospitals would save a hell of a lot of money if those worked on their own, I can just envisage it, going in overdue and being handed hot curries, a nipple tweaking operative and your very own male escort! mmmmmmm :lol: shame but I don't think anything other then mother nature or prostaglandin gel/pessary, oxy drip, membrane sweep or ruptured membranes will bring on labour for us.
    Perhaps thats one we could get the OH's to look up and try out..a membrane sweep! image
  • I think ur probably right but it sure takes our mind off waiting!! I'm due tomorrow and still no sign, my midwife has booked me in for a sweep in 10 days... 10 days.. how the hell will I wait that long?!!
    Long walks and lots of sex she recommended..!
    Any more suggestions? tried all the above!!
  • hi, the day my labour started i had eaten a pineapple and had a lovely long walk, but not sure if this did anything, i think the walk helped as could feel alot of pressure down there, but as for the pineapple, i brought it all up after labour lol xx
  • Know we r told to avoid it but has anyone tried Castor oil..?xx
  • Has any1 tried the reflexology? did it work - this sounds like the least amount of hard work lol!!
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