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Bleeding again

Well, as the topic says, I am bleeding again.

A little background - I lost my first pg at 5 + 5 in Jan. I got pg straight away and found out at 10 weeks that I was carrying id twins. Had a fab scan at 12 + 3 (last Monday) and all was fine, with 2 heartbeats. Began bleeding and bloody water was gushing out of me on Saturday at 13 + 1. No pain and sickness returned this day as well after leaving me for 3 days. I went straight to A+E - cervix was closed and dr could see no active bleeding. Saw babies on scan and they had grown from week before and were active and heartbeats were there. We even got to listen to them.

Bleeding eased off yesterday (Sunday) but came back this morning. I am not soaking pads, and changing spotted pads every 3 or so hours. It does come out much more when I go to the toilet, and its red and syrupy. Have been back to A+E - cervix still closed, still no pain, sickness still awful and scan booked for tomorrow. Ill be 13 + 4.

Anyone else had anything similar this late on. Im desperate for this pg to work but fully understand that im in the realms of a threatened miscarriage. Being 13 weeks, everyone knows and im dreading telling people I have lost both my babies, as well as the first one in Jan.

Sorry for rambling! Thanx for reading xxx


  • Hi Gem

    I'm so sorry you're going through this right now. I really, really hope everything will be ok for you and your twins. It sounds positive that your cervix is closed and that you have no pain and still feel sick etc.

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Good luck at your scan and please do let us know how you get on.

    Love and hugs, NN xxx

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  • Gemmiebaby I'm so sorry to hear this, I hope all is ok and as NN says - let us know how you get on.

    Crossing fingers and toes for you.
  • Oh Gemmiebaby,
    My heart broke when I saw this thread but having read it, it sounds good. I know that LOADS of people experience heavy bleeds during pregnancy and are fine so I am praying that this is the case for you.
    I hope you're ok and not too scared - everything may well be perfect and the fact that the beans are growing sounds promising.
    Whatever happens please remember that we're here for you and I am sending you the BIGGEST hug and loads and loads of luck.
  • Hi Gemma,

    Already replied on your other thread....sorry your still having the bleeding but the fact you saw babies and heard heartbeat on Saturday is a good thing as is how you are feeling and hopefully your scan tomorrow will confirm that all is well with both babies still...

    Unfortunately people seem to bleed quite a bit through their pregnancies and there is never a reason found why...sometimes our bodies are just strange (with my mc i didnt have any sign at all that anything was wrong)

    Im sure you will be on here tomorrow telling us how much your littles beans have grown and how much they were wriggling about on screen...

    I hope all works out well for you!

  • Hi Gemmiebaby,
    So sorry to hear what a terribly stressful time you are going through, it really must be a worry. But take some comfort in the fact that the doctors are saying your cervix is closed and that you could see your twins in there all happy with their little beating hearts pumping away.
    I hope your scan goes well and will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Keep us all posted.

    Big hugs

    Leigh-Anne x
  • No words of wisdom I'm afraid. Just wanted to wish you luck for the scan. I really hope everything is still fine. Take care. xx
  • Hi there Gimmiebaby,

    Just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. Hopefully everything will be fine.

    Edie xxx
  • Thanx ladies. I posted on here because, although I have had lots of replies on pregnancy, I know people on here have a good idea of how im feeling. Desperate for scan to go well. Have terrible back ache but hoping this is because of pg and not the other.

    Thanx again xxx
  • What time is your scan? I have my fingers crossed for you and your babies.

    Love NN xxx

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  • I don't want to give you the answer to this question and feel bad giving it to you but I had this with my pregnancy where my baby died at 18-19 weeks. A couple of weeks before I had the big bleed like that. I am hoping this isn't the same thing but that was my experience.

    I am sorry to say that but I thought you should know. It sounds like everything is fine with your pregnancy though and I have heard of others having bleeds like this and everything turns out normal. It could just be because its twins I have heard some wierd stuff happens in pregnancy with twins.
  • libranaster - Im glad you replied as I feel its important to hear that things are not always going to be fine. I know people want to reassure, and thats lovely, but things do go wrong and its important to be level headed about these things.

    Did you have a scan when you bled? Could they give you a reason for your bleeding?

    At the scan everything was fine. They saw a bruise which, although very small, they think is where the bleeding came from. She printed it out and added it to my notes. There were 2 beautiful heartbeats, belonging to 1 very active baby and 1 very sleepy baby!

    Thankyou for your replies. Somehow, I still feel a little at home in this forum as you ladies were fab to me back in Jan when I lost our first little bean. xxx
  • hi gemmiebaby.

    im glad your scan went well,maybe youll just be one of those peeps that bleeds throughout or evn for a few weeks,you must be reassured to have seen the little babys hearts beating im sure.
    imksure things will be fine for you.

  • Hi
    Just wanted to say it must be really scary time for you but as people have said am keeping everything crossed for you
  • Really hope everything is ok, 2 healthy heartbeats is a really good sign and as others have said bleeding in pregnancy is common, I understand that after you're previous loss you will be even more worried, so really hope the scan went well today keeping everything crossed for you xxx
  • Hi gemmiebaby,
    I just wanted to say my thoughts are with you. I am having a wobbly at the moment too as to whether my pregnancy is viable. A friend of mine who is currently going through a threatened MC at 8wks said to me today to try to remain calm until you are given the news for certian there is a problem. It all sounds really positive for you at the moment as they have strong heart beats. Try to hang on to that and come and talk to us when you aren't feeling so positive.
    I really hope this is just a blip and things work out for you. I have been day dreaming today thinking wouldn't it be lovely if in 8 months time when we have our babies safe in our arms we can look back on these days and think 'why was i so worried, it was fine!'
    Sending you a hug at this difficult time.
    Lilou x
  • HI honey,
    So glad the two little beans were fine today. I hope that this is the end of your scare and that you can try to enjoy the rest of your pg. It's so scary but as Lilou says, trry to stay as positive as you can.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs.x
  • Oh Gemmie I feel so glad they gave you a reason for the bleeding. They could not really see anything with my bleeding but the thought was it may be damage to the placenta so mine was a little bit more scary than yours. I am so filled with joy for you that they found the bruising as that is a little less scary than placental damage. As I said you are having twins so things might be a bit different its gotta take a toll on your body to carry two babies. Its hard enough for me to carry one I could not imagine two. Good luck to you.
  • Thanx ladies.

    libranaster - Im so sorry you have been through all you have been through. I have utmost respect for anyone who can keep positive and keep going when having been through what you've been through. TBH, this is how I got through my mc. It probably isnt the most conventional way but I made myself read some of the horrible stories on here to keep things in perspective. Also, at the same time as my mc, one of my friends lost her baby at 14 weeks and I just felt mine was nothing in comparison. Also, the worst of them all, but the best at putting things into perspective, was my step mum. She has been my rock really as she lost my baby sister (her 1st baby - 16 years ago in June) at 38 weeks. Stories like yours, and listening to her, like I said before, helps me to keep a level head.

    I wish you all the luck for the future and really hope you get the baby that you dream of. Am I right in thinking you are pg again? If so, then im sending you any left over sticky baby dust I have and wish you all the luck in the world xxx
  • Hi gem

    SO glad that everything went well at your scan! That's great news.

    And I really hope you don't have any more scares and can soon relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

    Love NN xxx

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  • NN - TBH I wonder if I will ever enjoy pg. As much as I want to hold a baby in my arms, I dont know if I ever want to be pg again. That sounds very selfish, and I know that there are people who have been through worse than me, and if something did go wrong, I dont know if I could be childless, but I am hating pg. Everything about it stresses me out. I have a real fear of being sick, and ive had atrocious morning sickness, I am going to the toilet 30 times a day (simply knicker checking!) and I feel so stressed out!

    I was gonna post a message actually to ask how you are getting on? I read your website (the one on your posts) and it bought tears to my eyes regularly. I think you are so brave to go through what you are going through and still seem so positive (you may not be, but you always seem it!)
    Good luck and best wishes. Thanx for being so lovely!

    Gemma xxx
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