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I am new to this really so I don't know quite what to say. I have recently lost a baby at 18 weeks. I went in to see the doc for a scan because of slight bleeding, and he said the baby was fine for which was such a relief, but then he did a smear like test and he saw the membranes hanging. I won't forget him saying to me I think you are going to go into labour, it was awful. My partner works away so he couldn't get to the hospital on time, as it was over in 4 hours. I suppose looking back I am glad I went to the hospital when I did as it would of happened at home. I am devastated to say the least. I am shocked at how many others have have had a miscarraige. Incidently I had another miscarraige (missed) last year but only made it to 6 weeks which does still hurt of course. I live in a small community and there are quite a few women around that are pregnant and I do see them reguarly which hurts. I have an appointment to see the Consultant on Friday so hopefully he will explain why this happened, as this is what is the hardest bit is why?


  • Hi Jakki. I also have had 2 miscarriages (one at 5/6 weeks) and one, 2 weeks ago at 12 weeks. I to am devestated, and am trying to think of why it would have happened, but they the doc tells me it is 'normal' to have miscarriages. It does seem so unfair, like you said, when others are pregnant ( 2 of my friends are and my botfriend's sister is as well, and they are all fine (which I am glad about, but it does make you feel picked on). My boyfriend and I will try ASAP for a baby, but i am still in pain from the miscarriage at the moement. I wish you luck XX bex
  • hi jakki, so sorry for your loss. I lost a baby at 16 weeks and another at 11 weeks (although baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks). with the baby at 16 weeks i just went for a routine antenatal and they found no heartbeat so i had emergency scan and they confirmed that our little girl had died. I had to have an induced labour. I was lucky and i did get a reason, i had a partial mole which means that 2 sperm fertilise one egg and instead of dividing into twins the one baby ends up with 69 chromosomes. I was told that very few people get a reason even for late m/c. All i can say is that it does get easier with time, i still think about my little girl, she would hav been 5 now but i have had 2 healthy children since then and that really helps. xx
  • I am so sorry to read your post... it is a tragic time... I know... I have been there too... I had a labour induced miscarriage at 20 weeks in Jan and another one 3 weeks ago at 10 weeks... its horrid.. the 20 week one took me absolutely ages to get over.. In fact I thought I would never get over it.. and I still feel sad, angry and even green with envy when I see pregnant women... with my first pregnancy I should be due in a couple of weeks... but I know my time will come as will yours - even though at the moment you can't even begin to think like that I know...
    Just take huge care of yourself.. and also your husband... he will be feeling very emotional too... I am here if you ever need to talk...
    I wrote a long post on my miscarriage.. I will push it up to the top of this forum in case you want or would like to read it...
    Take huge care of yourself.. and remember it takes time to heal...your little girl will be up there looking down on you - I truely believe that... xx
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