New and confused

Hi ladies, I'm not sure this is the right place for this, but not really sure where else to go.

After a very strange couple of weeks where i thought i got af, to finding out i was pg, i started spotting brown last thursday night. I went for an early scan on tuesday, where they couldn't see anything so i had a blood test to check my hcg level. These were 96. I had the follow up today, and it has come back 114. Also, i took a cbd at the weekend that was 2-3, and then this morning was 1-2.

The nurse wasn't very clear about what this could mean, just said i have to go again on saturday for another blood test.

Really what i wanted to know was if anyone else has had anything like this happen, and what the outcome for them was? I know that a 16% increase isn't enough for a viable pregnancy, and i'm coming to terms with that, but I just expected the levels to be going down and they're not.

I'm sorry if this is upsetting to anyone, i'm just very confused right now.



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