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'Natural' miscarriage what to expect - a few questions??

As you properly know I am currently mc for a second time. Last time I had a mmc at 12 weeks and had a D&C so only bled a little. Should be 6-7 weeks at the mo and it was confirmed yesterday that I am miscarrying as my HCG levels are dropping quickly. I have already been bleeding red blood like the 2-3rd day of your period quantity for a week tomorrow. My cervix apparently is still shut. I have a few questions:
1. Does my HCG have to get low before my cervix open?
2. Will I then get clots or is it too early for that?
3. How long will I bleed for?
4. How long will it take before I get my next AF?
5. Did anyone else start ttc again straight away?

I am going to my GPs tomorrow and even though I have only (cant quite believe I have just said that) had 2 mc I am going to demand tests as I have been ttc for two years now and have problems ovulating anyway. Secondly last bloods done revealed low progesterone which I have read can be a cause of recurrent mc.

If anyone can help I will be very grateful!



  • Hi there

    I am so so sorry for your loss, I know what you're going through as I miscarried naturally,4 weeks ago at 10wk4d pregnant (baby stopped growing at 7wks)

    I don't know if my answers will help, but hopefully it'll give you a bit of info as I have recently gone through the same thing.

    1. Once you have actually miscarried, I think your cervix is open from that time, but HCG levels take a little while to get out of your system.
    2. When I miscarried, baby was about 7 and a half weeks. I had no clots but had severe pain the night I miscarried and one very large clot (the baby)
    3. I bled for 9 days after miscarriage
    4. Its four weeks on and still waiting for af. They say it can take anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks depending on how far along you were.
    5. We started trying the day after I stopped bleeding. Drs usually say wait until af but thats moreso for dating purposes. I am hoping Im pregnant, as I felt like I had implantatioin cramping last night!

    Everyone is different and I really do hope you can move on form this awful experience. I definitely think you should speak to the doctors and Im sure they can see if theres anything wrong xx Good luck hun xx
  • Hi babes, I don't know the answer to all the questions but I'll try as I had a natural mc in July at 6 weeks.

    Once my hcg dropped it took around 3 days for the full bleeding to start, then another couple of days before I began to get clots. I bled for 2 weeks but only heavily for around a week. My doctor told me to expect to wait 5-7 weeks for my af and mine took 33 days. We never went back to using contraception but I didn't feel fully comfy to bd till after my first af.


  • Hi hun. So sorry that ur going through this. I had a mmc in may this year which ended naturally. It took 3 days for me to miscarry. Started with light bleeding over fri and sat with mild pain and on 3rd day my cervix dilated, waters broke and I was gushing with blood and lots and lots of clots but I was 12 weeks pregnant. I bled for about 7 days after that but not consecutive days they were randomly over a 2 week period. I never had an af after as I became pregnant within a week of miscarrying. I really hope you manage to get through this ok and ask the doctor all the questions u need. Take some time to grieve too. X
  • Hi Honey, I cant answer all your ?, but I had a natural M/c on 10th August, I was 5 weeks so very early, I spotted for first two days then bled heavily for 3 days then trailed off. My hcg levels had dropped drastically same as you and the EPU told me to take a test week after bleeding and it should be negative, which it was. We started to try again a day or two after bleeding stopped and now miraculously I am pregnant again, around 4+5, I think without A/F in between.So it is possible hun and I wish you all the best for the future and hope you get the support you need during this sad time xxxxx
  • Hey Muffin, I don't have all the answers as both my mmc I had the ERPC so haven't experienced a natural miscarriage. Am so so sorry to hear you are going through this. I've just had blood tests taken last week and awaiting results. Thinking of you at this distressing time. Big hugs. Zxx
  • Thanks ladies just want it all to be over so i can start ttc again. I hate how people do not know what to say to you. Just rang a close friend for a chat and she made her excuses to get off the phone. I know its hard to know what to say but I just wanted to hear a friendly voice and not talk about all the gorey details. Off to the docs tomorrow to have a discussion about what happens now. Actually walked out of the hospital yesterday as I was being dealt with by a very young doctor who was not able to look me in the eye and say miscarriage let alone give me any advice. We had already been there 6 hours and she did not know what else needed to be done. Hoping my GP will be more useful not sure if I will need to have another scan to see if everything has gone. Would like to avoid having another D&C if possible. Going to try and fight for some tests to be done. I do not feel confident ttc again if at the back of my head is the thought I will mc again. Thanks again!
  • Hi Muffin, I have had to have a scan both times after my natural mc's to check and see if everything is gone and I would highly recommend that as it can lead to and infection if it is not clean. I continued to bleed after both of my nmc's and also after my D&C in January for about 5days. The mc's were slightly more painful than bad af pains and they came for me at night and I found that taking ibuprofen helped considerably, there were several larges clots but I didn't -see' anything that looked any more sinister than that - that is what I was concerned about. After my nmc's my af returned within about 5 weeks each time. After the 2nd mc they did some preliminary blood testing on me which lead them to do further after my 3rd mc as it turns out I have a couple of issues but nothing that should cause multiple mc's apart from a potential clotting issue which I now take a bay aspirin for each day. It is worth having some testing done though as it certainly took the questioning out of my mind about why and was there anything I could do? The answer for me is no and I have to plod on and hope I'm not very unlucky again.

    Good luck hun I hope you get the tests that you need/want and that you are just one of the unlucky few and next time you will have a highly likely normal pg.
  • ah muffin I am so so sorry to see you back here again, life is so cruel to us sometimes.
    I was between 5+7 weeks when I had natural miscarriage and I beld for about a week. I had some clots and the pain was bad for one night, it took 4 weeks for my period to come and I felt as though it gave me a final clear out - I have waited after both miscarriages for AF to arrive before TTC again but that is my preference - there are plenty women on here who start as soon as the bleeding stops.
    My HCG levels dropped loads within that week and I think I got a negative test a couple of weeks later.

    There is no right or wrong thing to do, I think you go with whats makes you feel best, it takes time to get over the first mc let alone the second so take each day as it comes - I know we all say it but it does get easier. It is almost three months since my second mc and I am back in the swing of TTC again.

    I hope this next few weeks goes over quickly for you and lean on hubby for extra support...I will be thinking of you and if you ever want to chat us girls are all here. I think the people closest to us never know what to say and sometimes try to say nothing as they think that is best.

    Big hugs
  • Hi pet, im heartbroken for you, its just so unfair. I MC back in July, Bleeding started 2 weeks before baby left me, and I had several scans showing a growing baby with a healthy hb. My hopes were raised and shattered so many times during that fortnight I thought I was going mad. As soon as everything left me the bleeding stopped, the pain wasnt bad at any point, just like cramp. Physically you will recover, but, as you sadly already know, emotionally it doesnt leave you. I really dont know what to say to you. Its so unfair. Just want you to know you are in my thoughts, lots of love, Tracy xxx
  • Hi muffin34. So so sorry for your lost. I had a miscarriage on 17th November was told on the 9th December by the hospital that I was ovulating so we started trying straight away. Just waiting now hoping I'm pregnant again! I was bleeding for a good 2 weeks as I had to have medication for all of the baby to come out instead of having a d&c. I had hardly any clots just lots of dark and brown blood. I'd say though once you think you are ready then start again x
  • Its comforting to of found this forum as ive sat here waiting for the baby to leave me not having any idea what to expect. Thank you ladies, my thoughts go out to you all x

  • This has been very enlightening as we all do not know what to expect. is it for certain that there r clots when u r miscarrying? I have been cramping and spotting but no bleeding jus when I visited loo and I wipe. However my first mc I didn't have any clots at all juz panty liner bleeding for 2 weeks. So I really don't know what to expect. Or even know if it's a clot if I saw it... Pls advise
  • hi sunshine13 I had no clots what so ever. just broen spotting at first then abit like a like period. the hosp sent me away 3 times telling me I wasnt miscarring andvthat bleeding during the first few weeks is normal. until I passed something which was the sack I no now but when went to the hosp they still said it want anything I should be worried abiut and that my cervix were closed so I couldnt possibly be having a miscarriage. they also would not scan me again and wanted me to wait a whole week for me to have one. so I ended up going private the nexr day and paying for a scan and was told the hole sack had gone! thats nhs hospitals for you they dont care . I definatly wont be going back there in a hurry when I fall again! im starting clomid treatment again in the next few days and hoping it works as quick as it did before. we had been ttc before the clomid for 2 years so this is a long journey , hoping for our baby soon .

    if you are in doubt of any spotting I do suggest you go straight to your nearest early pregnancy assesment unit its better to be safe than sorry.

    and if you life in essex do not go to queens hospital romford!

  • hey ladies i have just had a 2nd mc. i was only 5wks the 1st time and just over 6 wks this time. i had severe heavy bleeding wich lasted over 3 wks this time and some very large clots. i started ttc as soon as bleeding stopped just wandering how long it will be till i have my af, as the last week my breast have been extremely painfull somerthing i only experinced when pregnant.

  • I started with light bleeding on sunday and monday went to the ER tuesday had a vaginal ultra sound right after i started bleeding heavy and passed a clot. Was told everthing was fine. Wed heavy bleeding and clotting large clots this tme. No pain heavy bleeding continued on thursday. friday moderate to heavy bleedng no clots thought I had the mc on wed because of the large clots and heavy bleeding. Today Sat sudden heavy bleeding then I felt something come out thought it was another clot but it was the sack. Words can not express what I feel right now and wonering what I did wrong never had a problem with previous pregnancies . I want to try again but i am scared.

  • Hi Ladies,

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss..i mc 7 January 2014 at 14 weeks. I was bleeding (meadium to heavy) 2 weeks before that (since my 12 week scan). I think because of all the previous bleeding, both the baby and the sac came out on the 7th within 2 hours of each other. It os absolutely heart breaking when you hold your premature little one in your hands. But have faith that it happened for a reason, and the 3 months he was inside me, i gave him the best i could. 

    A day before the mc, i had severe cramps, and had pain both front and back. I passed several clots before the actual mc as well. But after the sac and baby came out, my bleeding quickly dropped. It was light 5 days and am still using panty liners.

    Keep hope ladies, be positive and hopefully we will a little one inside us soon.

    Loads of love


  • hi guys,

    i am 7 weeks pregnants.  started a light period yesterday,  not having any cramps i am sooooooo scared,  this will be my 3rd misc. why is this happening?

  • Hi ladies. 

    I'm only 19 and found out that i was expecting. took a while for my partner to get used to it but we were so excited to start another chapter of our lives together. I work in a Spa and during lunch time on Wednesday I had cramping and spotting. Was told it was normal by a pregnant colleage but I wanted to make sure. My partner is in the army and couldnt get to his phone until he had finished. I went to the hospital when I had finished work and because im young I wasn't taken seriously. the doctor made me do another pregnancy test and just told me to have some paracetemol and sent me home! Next morning cramping was worse and bleeding was slightly heavier so I called my manager and I went back to the hospital. I got sent for a scan and blood tests. They told me that I am miscarrying and my hormone levels are high but not high enough (7 weeks) and think it may be due to the fact that I was on the pill. I have to go back in next thursday (one week after) for another scan and blood test. I've had mild cramping and bleeding but no clots (2 days into miscarriag) can someone tell me what to expect as I have no idea! Thanks x

  • Sorry to hear what you're going through. I am only early 20s aged so I got similar treatment at my local hospital (where I was going for my pregnancy & miscarriage). They were pretty bad to me actually, too, through the miscarriage process. They made me feel like an idiot for not knowing that I was miscarrying... I had no previous experience though & not many mothers I knew to talk to...

    I was told my pregnancy stopped progressing around 8 week mark when I was 9/10 wks along & going in for an ultrasound. It started off as light bleeding, pinker in color, but after a few days became a little heavier & bright red to dark. I didn't have a ton of blood nor a ton of cramps, but my periods are also normally light- also I think this contributed to my particular miscarriage (not producing a lot of necessary lining). My entire miscarriage, as far as the bleeding part went, probably took 5 days. It was very quick & happened mostly over a weekend, so it made going back into work easy. I found that Tylenol (even just a half dose) helped me fine.

  • But everyone is different, what happens with 1 person may not with another. Miscarriage is a very complex process...I'm in medical school but still don't completely understand the thing. It's not the mother's fault most of the time & was unpreventable!

    I think the miscarriage I had was harder emotionally than anything else. Also I hadn't been with the dad for very long, so that was stressful (we're now married though :) ).

    The weirdest thing physically was the passing of the 'sac', for me. It was the size of a small strawberry, & felt weird (but not TOO weird) coming out. It was definitely unlike anything else I'd ever done/seen. I would advise to schedule some days off work so that when this happens, whenever it chooses to occur, that you can take the time to think about it, deal w/the remains however you wish (I found that burying mine helped the mental healing process) & also be w/the father if that makes you feel better!

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