12 week scan dates!



  • Good luck to you all with a scan today, I just know all will be fine! image xxx
  • godd luck to everyone with their scans today let us know how everything goes x

  • Hi ladies, just to say my scan went really well thank god! All is well with our little one, s/he was very comfy in there and didn't want to be disturbed! My NT measurements appear to be fine too, measured 1.10 which is excellent! Had bloods taken but have to wait a couple of weeks for that result. We saw little ones hands, feet, heart,everything, was so amazing, my Nick cried when we got home, this is one rollercoaster that's for sure but were so pleased! Baby became very active after that and I've definitely felt movements today too!

    Ive been moved forward by 3 days so will be 13 weeks tmoro! My due date is now 1st March so I can just about still stay in this lovely birth buddies group image thanks for your lovely messages everyone.

    Hope the other ladies who had scans today have had good news too xxx

    Love to all xxx xxx

  • Sohappy that's fantastic news congratulations. 

    Had my scan saw baby move and lovely heartbeat but there is potentially an issue with baby's tummy so another scan in a few weeks just have to wait a hopeful it will resolve itself. 

    Going to take a break from here for a little while as trying to think too about it too much. 

    Mummyhb hope all went well with your scan today.  

    Good luck for the rest of you who have scans coming up xx

  • Aww thanks tulip. Sorry to hear about your worry, I totally I understand about you taking a break from here, do what you need to. I must admit that sometimes I read things on here that scare the hell out of me as it doesn't take much cos of before...

    Fingers crossed that it will sort itself out and baby will be fine. we will be here for you if and when you need us.  Take care tulip, hugs xxxx

  • My scan was all good too, nuchal measurement and bloods made me low risk.. Due date is still march 3rd, scan made it feb 27th but they only change it if its different by a week so yay staying in March! Loved seeing my little baby who was so active and very cute! 

    Sohappy glad yours was good too and tulip sorry you have to wait for another scan. Awful to have to wait but I'm sure everything will be ok. Praying for your little bubba.

    good luck to everyone else in the next few weeks xx

  • Glad to hear the scans went well ladies! Sohappy we are sharing the 1st then! Tulip i know its easy to say but im sure your little one will turn out just perfect and all will be well at your next scan x

  • Very happy to hear all the good news ladies! Sorry you have been left worrying Tulip, I really hope all looks fine at your next scan and the wait isn't too hard for you.

    Mummy HB I was put back 5 days to the 27th Feb and they changed mine! Funny how they do things differently depending on where you live. 

    Lots of early March babies then, if they all behave themselves and come on time! Xx

  • Magpie I know its so weird how different hospitals vary. They said they prefer to go with lmp rather than scan unless a weeks difference. To be honest I know 3rd of march is more accurate than 27th Feb I actually thought it would be 5th or 6th march so happy to stick with the 3rd! X

  • Just got my scan date for 9/9/13, for baby number 6!!, just as excited as i was with the first.

    Congrats to u all too image
  • Hi everyone

    glad to hear that people's scan are going well. Tulip, hope your 2nd scan gives you a positive update. 

    I had my scan on Friday and all is good with us. Baby was very active and wiggling away and doing 360 spins


  • Eeeeeeeek got my scan tomorrow morning at 9.40!!!! Am pooping my pants!!! Had an awful dream last night i had to have the scan in a field and there was no heartbeat! A sleepless night ahead me thinks!! pls keep your fingers crossed for me! 

  • How did it go N30? Well I hope xxx

  • Hello ladies! All went fab! And due date was brought forward to 07.03.14! Little monkey was dancing around, having a party! Feel so relieved and have been able to tell everyone including work, so officially out there now! image 

    whos next for their scan??? xx

  • Glad everything went ok n30.  How many days forward have they brought it?  My scans booked for 16th xx

  • Mine was today, all was well and due 19th image

  • Hi ladies, hope you are all well and good to hear scans going well. Had another scan to day as was left worrying at last one about fluid in baby tummy. I'm so glad to say that all went well today and there are no longer concerned. X 


  • Thats good news Tulip image now you can relax and wait for the 1st movements if you havent already started to feel them! x

  • Tulip80 yay!! Been thinking about you but wasn't sure to post for you as you said you were going to have a break. So pleased all is ok x

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