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12 week scan dates!

Hi ladies, hope you're all keeping well! Just thought itd be useful to have a thread on with our 12 week scan dates so we can keep track of when everyone's scan is!

Got mine through today - 2nd September image 

feels like aaaaaaaaages away!! xx



  • Morning N30.

    Good idea we can count down and make the time pass a bit quicker. 

    My scan is 23rd August x

  • I'm due 9th feb but think all the feb mums use the facebook group n I'm not on there. My 12 week scan is on Monday should b 12+1 x

  • How soon after your booking in appointment did u get a date for your scan?  I'm definitely going to be the last to each appointment and scan as I'm due on 30th march.  I'll be so jealous seeing you all having ur scans xx

  • I booked in on 3rd July, scan date letter was sent out on 9th x

  • Oooh that's good, not long to wait then.  Hopefully I'll find out next week when my booking in appointment is xx

  • Not had my date through as yet, still waiting but ill be 12 weeks in about 3 weeks so hoping the appointment comes soon! image 

  • Hello ladies, my scan is 14th August at 12+4 by my dates but early scan put me back about a week so will probably actually be 11+4 when I have it! It's hard not to wish this first bit away isn't it! Xx

  • Tulip80 mine is the 23rd August too! X

  • Hi girls,

    At last my appointments have come through image my scan is the same day as Tullip and  mummyhb - 23rd August! Have also got a consultant appt on 13 September but will have to change it as I'll be coming home from my hoilday in Cornwall and will definately not be home by 9am! 

    I'm so pleased as was so worried they were going to forget me, my partner is pleased too as all calm has sort of been restored image

    Hoping that everyone is ok? Xxx

  • Oh yeah, is anyone having the nuchal translucy? I am and it's done at the same time as my 12 week scan, they'll also take more blood from me at this appointment! We decided to have it because I'm older than I was as is my partner ( different combination to last time) just because of my history, more chance of things going wrong I guess image can't help but worry but we talked it out and it's what we want to do, anyone else? Xxx



  • Yeah I had it chick on Monday x

  • How was it LH, I take it it was ok and they just check the babys neck whilst scanning to see how much fluid is sitting around there? Xxx

  • Yay to the 23rd image!

    yes I am having the nuchal scan. Had it with my two girls. the first came back high risk but I had a private scan for a 2nd opinion and the consultant pretty much assured me all was ok And it was..... I didn't go ahead with further tests and my daughter was perfect! I think it's pretty standard across most hospitals now but I could be wrong.


  • Aww thanks for that mummyhb image i m a bit nervous for the whole thing, just need to know that bean is still in there growing well, just want a healthy baby but sometimes feel that that is too much to ask for....

    yes the sonographers certainly seem to be busy on the 23rd image

  • Yeah she measured it about 5 times as baby fell asleep shortly after scan started and got itself all comfy and wouldn't move lol. Then weighed me n took my bloods in a seperate room was expecting it to hurt as first one did but it was over in a second didn't even feel it they don't take much. Took 3 vials at my booking app I think x

  • Aww how cute LH, your little one getting all snug image ok, thanks, sounds ok. Not too bothered about the blood so that doesn't sound too bad.

    Have a good day everyone, I'm off to work soon image xxx

  • 30th August for me image 

    me and hubby work at the same place and we get a 'free day off' for first baby scan. Can't wait! 

  • hallow everyone

    mine is on the 24 august with my gynea as they check me from time to time. i will be 12 weeks by then

  • Good luck for tomorrow Magpie xxx let us know how you get on xxx

  • Good luck today Magpie let us know how it goes x

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