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im bleeding......

Well yesterday I had light spotting and told doc, she said I just gotta cross my fingers and hope all is well till 12w scan. This afternoon I've had a watery brown heavy I'm bleeding image I'm in bed resting. I'm upset, crying and drained. I've got backache too. I don't have a good feeling about this...... image 15 months ttc....surely can't end like this image


  • Can you contact midwife and get an early scan? Lots of people bleed in early pregnancy. Got my fingers crossed for you xx
  • Thank-you.

    Well doc said yesterday they'd only send for a scan if severe pain or clots. image

    Think I will book appt to speak to her again.....just feel lost.
  • That's appalling... How can they expect you to do nothing and wait for the 12 week scan?

    Surely they can refer you to the epu for an early scan to put your mind at rest??

    My thoughts are with you Emma, please make sure you get plenty of rest. I've got my fingers crossed that your little bean is just snuggling into you a bit deeper.

    All my love x
  • Really sorry to hear this. How many weeks are you now?

    I had bleeding (all brown which is apparently 'old' blood) with DD which was very very scary. At the time I discovered that you can self refer to an early pregnancy unit if you've got one nearby. They deal with pain and bleeding in early pregnancy and will scan you for any bleeding. I found mine using this link

    but it's probably worth double checking the info on here as I don't know how often it's updated.

    Keeping fingers crossed for you xx
  • The early pregnancy unit in York is

    York Hospital

    Wigginton Road??


    YO31 8HE.

    Tel: 01904 726489 .Fax: 01904 721838
  • Oh no sorry to see this, i really hope its nothing serious and everything turns out fine. Fingers crossed for you. Xx

  • Just wanted to say I've got everything crossed that your bean is a sticky one. 15 months is definitely too long for it to end so soon. Really really hope it's nothing serious hun.

    Take care and have lots of rest xxxx

  • Definitely get yourself to epu hun, bypass docs. I hope everything's ok for you xxx
  • Thanks ladies.

    I had bleeding with my dd twice at 5.5w and 6.5 weeks, red and like a short (2-3 day) period but NO pain. Doc sent me to epu then.

    I think I'm gonna call doc again tomorrow.

    I work at the hospital, closely with maternity and I didn't want ppl finding out early again this time, but it looks like I've no choice.

    Do I go to work tomorrow or call sick? My boss don't know I'm pg.

  • Phone in sick and go to the epu. U need to make sure u and the baby are ok. If ppl find out then so be it. U need to know everything is ok. Fingers crossed it is. Thinking of u xx
  • Fingers crossed for you Emma. Only just seen your post, I hope things had calmed during the night. I agree you should call in sick and go to the epu. My midwife Sao if I had any concerns they can organise a scan very quickly.

    Thinking about you. X
  • How are things this morning Baby Boom? I really hope you called in sick you need to put you and baba first.

    I agree with others, bypass docs and just take matters into your own hands. Insist that they see you...

    Hope everything's OK sweetie xxx 

  • Thinking of you and hoping for good news x


  • Morning all,

    Well called sick, my boss is so unimpressed, oops! Anyway she knows now so give it half hour and everyone will lol

    Still bleeding, browny red, light period/ heavy spotting, with backache.

    Called joy, gotta get doc to refer!

    Called doc and amazingly I got an appt!!! This morning!! I'm gonna demand a scan....if I'm mc then I want to know now not in 6 weeks!

    Fingers crossed ladies.

    Will update later.

  • Good luck Baby Boom will be thinking of you x 

  • Good luck. Got everything crossed for you x
  • Good luck, am thinking of you.

    Your boss sounds like a real cow, I hope she becomes a lot more supportive towards you.
  • Best of luck hun x
  • sorry only just seen this, hopefully it is just bean settling in and getting comfy, fingers crossed for u that they let u have an early scan and try and get some rest xx

  • Update -

    Yes my boss is very expected a colleague txted me an hour later to ask if I was pg! Confidentiality?!?! Lol

    Anyway....went to doc, saw lovely new female....she called epu straight up and booked me in tomorrow from 9am. Told me to rest today and go straight to A&E if bleeding increases.

    So anxious wait till tomorrow. But not feeling positive this time round image supposed to be 7 weeks tom.

    Thank-you ladies will update you more tom. X
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