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Gender predictions - old wives tales

I would like to find out the baby's gender at the 20 week scan but hubby doesn't. I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret so it'll be a surprise for us both.

But......that doesn't stop me guessing! image

Were any of the old wives tales true for you? Heartbeat speed etc?

I know they're not certain but just for a bit of fun! x


  • I can't remember most of them with DD.

    With DS, I know his heartbeat was always 140, which was supposed to be a boy. That was about it.

    The Chinese gender thing, the one which takes your age at conception and the month of conception, was wrong for them both.

    I did a silly wee predictor thing online, I think on baby centre. it asked things like do you sleep on your right or left, are you married, have you been ill, can't remember what else but some were quite silly. It said I'm having a girl. I should really go back and answer it for my previous two pregnancies and see if it was right for those!

    This baby's heartbeat is always 160bpm, going by that alone, it seems the predictor was right!
  • Everything about my pg with dd pointed to.boy lol so was v surprised. Only thing was at 40 week mw appt she said if she were to guess by hb she'd say girl image
  • There seems to be subtle changes in the Chinese gender predictors I have seen. The following however, has been correct for about 30 of my family members, I am yet to find someone it wasn't correct for!
  • the heartbeat for DS was 140 too which would indicate a boy and he was ..

    this time heartbeat was 162 which would techinically mean a girl but im convinced its a boy so we shall see on the 19th

    going by how i have felt i havent felt any differently to last pregnancy so thinking boy but again i know it means nothing

    im trying not to develop a preference this time , but with it being our second (and final if hubby has his way) baby im finding im thinking about boy v's girl all the time

    first time i really didnt think about it x
  • ive been having fun with the old wives tales, its 50/50 atm with the predictions. but by heartbeat midwife says girl and me and hubby are convinced its a girl. guess we shall find out in the morning eeek!! were not fussed either way x
  • Tinks, it was wrong for both of mine... I'm an awkward one, me :lol:
  • Interesting ladies!!

    I did the Chinese one Tinks and it said girl.

    Heartbeat was 155 at mw which also points at girl.

    Only 24 weeks till I'll know for sure!

    Anyone done any others?
  • I have got a gorgeous baby boy (well he's 2 now but he'll always be my baby boy image ) and his heartbeat was always 140< - the predictor correctly said a boy and this time it's prediciting a girl and the heartbeat is always 150> - got my next scan on Monday when i'll be 21 weeks gestation so i might just have to find out what bubs is!! EXCITING!!



    oh and one other thing with my first pregnancy i wanted pasta and rice and proper heavy food - this time round i want chocolate, custard, granola bars, jelly all the sweet things - might hint towards a girl maybe??
  • apparently if you hang your wedding ring on a piece of thread over your belly (or wrist) if it goes in a circular motion its a girl, if it goes back and forward its a boy...
  • well i just did the wedding ring thing and that said boy. The chinese predictor that Tinks posted said boy but heartbeat is always around 160bpm which would indicate girl.

    I flit between the two and sometimes think girl sometimes boy. Cant wait to find out 18 days to go.#]][
  • With DD heartbeat and chinese chart said girl. This time heartbeat is girl but chart is boy x
  • Hi i have come across from Due in May as find this facinating...

    But just want to say that my intuition was that i was having a boy however we asked the midwife to guess based on bump shape, my awful morning sickness etc and she said hands down a girl.

    I did the chinese gender predicter and also looked at the wives tales and besides not craving sweet food and savoury instead all pointed to having a girl (MS was really bad) including heartbeats on several occasions never below 150 bpm.

    However i am having the boy that i thought image

  • congrats pondering123 - i'm due 22nd May but our forum has gone so quiet i've jumped ship to due in June!!

    A little boy image i've got a little boy and he's just the best thing ever soooooo much fun!,

    interesting to hear about your bubs heartrate being +150 and it's a boy - might just have blown that theory out of the water!!


  • I done the chain and wedding ring one and indicated a girl. Also done it on my 1st pregnancy with DD and it was said girl Just done the chinese test and it said girl too. Ive also said from the very start its a girl but thought DD was a boy. Everybody i meet say its a boy so will find out at scan on 23rd Feb when i will be 22+2. Trying to get private scan for 21st January tho cos im sooo impatient :lol:

  • well everything including heartbeat said a girl and its a boy image x
  • oo interesting ... congratulations bet your over the moon to be expecting a perfect little boy xx
  • congratulation sarahkuk. cant wait to find out what im having, everything is pointing to girl too xx
  • Nub theory worked for me! Even all symptoms were pointing to a boy, I didn't even comprehend it was a girl until I looked at the nub which showed quite clearly a girl!
  • i love this!!

    with DD1 & 2, the chinese predictor was right and the nub theory was right. I also felt similar and craved chocolate/cakes/pancakes etc over savoury stuff like cheese or crisps and went totally off proper meals - owuld happily eat crumptets & cereal for every meal. I didn't have any morning sickness with DD1 and very mild quasiness/funny taste in my mouth with DD2. My boobs really hurt both times too! Heartbeat always sounded like a train rather than a galloping horse with both too but i was never told the heart rate.

    With this one, I've had varying chinese predictor outcomes (so am going to try Tinks' ivillage one!) and the old wives tales are 50/50. I didn;t have MS but felt a bit more queasy and had the funny taste much worse and for much longer. I haven't been as tired and my boobs weren't as sore early on although they are now. Overall I've felt very similar. Greasy hair and spots all 3 times. I'm not sure what my instinct says as I'm trying to want a boy as DH is desperate for a son, but sneakily want another girl so am trying to stay neutral! Heartbeat on monday sounded like a train but again i wasn't told the speed. Also have fancied savoury food a bit more this time but sweet stuff too (alhtough i'm prob just a greedy pig!) and have gone off proper dinners again although am not craving breakfast items as much as before, but I think that may have kicked in later on in my pregnancies.

    Couldn't do the nub test this time as it wasn;t clear on our scan pic but I'm *sure* I saw it on screen and it was a girl one. Always hard to tell though when it's a moving image!!

    Oh well only 4 weeks to go til we (hopefully) find out!
  • ivillage says boy!
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