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Hi Girls

As you have probably seen on the other thread, Pyrowall has not been able to continue with the weight loss thread. It is extremely hard as you all know to get on here some days and it was a busy thread.

I'm still off work so have volunteered to take over the weight loss thread, if thats alright with you guys.

Thanks Pyrowall for starting this back in January, it certainly has helped me with my weight loss so far!

Anyhow, i have gone through all the posts on the previous thread and noted all the weight losses/gains and hope i have all the details correct.

If you now reply to this thread to record your weight losses from now on i'll keep it as up to date as i can.

Snugglenush.....28lb to lose.....13 lb lost so far.....15lb to go.....*

DLAM.....21lb to lose.....7.5 lb lost so far.....13.5lb to go*

Sparklyfairy.....30lb to lose.....14lb lost so far.....16lb to go**

KouklaMoo.....21lb to lose.....14.5 lb lost so far.....6.5lb to go**

Impatient.....28lb to lose.....??? lost so far.....28lb to go

Plumduff.....21lb to lose.....14 lb lost so far.....7lb to go**

Tingletoes.....16lb to lose.....9 lb lost so far.....7lb to go*

Dugs2b.....28lb to lose.....17 lb lost so far.....11lb to go**

Angel100uk.....16lb to lose.....6 lb lost so far.....10lb to go

Pyrowall.....21lb to lose.....2 lb lost so far.....19lb to go

Eliza123uk.....20lb to lose.....5 lb lost so far.....15lb to go

Melissajs.....21lb to lose.....??? lost so far.....21lb to go

Sarah1980.....28lb to lose.....14 lb lost so far.....14lb to go**

Wisheruk.....28lb to lose.....11 lb lost so far.....17lb to go*

Cheekychimp.....21lb to lose.....1 lb lost so far.....20lb to go

HappyMrsS.....24lb to lose.....??? lost so far.....24lb to go

Carebearuk.....9lb to lose.....2 lb lost so far.....7lb to go

Littlelynsuk.....5lb to lose.....??? lost so far.....5lb to go

MrsLD.....28lb to lose.....4 lb lost so far.....24lb to go

Misspiggy2711.....40lb to lose.....33 lb lost so far.....7lb to go****

Jodibump.....16lb to lose.....5 lb lost so far.....11lb to go

Merschweinchen.....14lb to lose.....??? lost so far.....14lb to go

EmLovingSandJ.....30lb to lose.....??? lost so far.....30lb to go

Bryony.....32lb to lose.....starting 19/3/11.....32lb to go

For every half stone lost i'll add another star!

I have lost all track of what week everyone is on so we'll start over with the weeks but add it on to your total loss if thats ok.

Hope this is ok for everyone, if you have lost more or less than what i have stated let me know and i'll get it changed.

Happy dieting




  • As most weigh in's are on a Monday we will start week 1 as Week ending Sunday 20th March


    Week 1 = Wk ending Sun 20th March

    Week 2 = Wk ending Sun 27th March

    Week 3 = Wk ending Sun 3rd April (Mothers Day!)

    Week 4 = Wk ending Sun 10th April

    etc etc
  • Week 1 - Weight Losses


    BryonyMcM.....Week 1 of diet

    Week 2 - Weight Losses

    Snugglenush.....1lb loss

    KouklaMoo.....0.5lb loss

    Wisheruk.....3lb loss

    Misspiggy2711.....No weigh in


    Week 3 - Weight Losses

    KouklaMoo.....0.5lb loss

    Dugs2b.....2lb loss

    Misspiggy.....3lb loss

    Week 4 - Weight Losses weigh in

    Misspiggy.....2lb loss

    Plumduff.....2lb loss

    Week 5 - Weight Losses


    Misspiggy.....1lb loss


    Week 6 - Weight Losses

    KouklaMoo.....2lb loss

    Misspiggy.....2lb loss

    Week 7 - Weight Losses

    Eliza.....5lb loss(to-date)

    Sparklyfairy.....3lb loss

    KouklaMoo.....1lb loss


    Week 8 - Weight Losses

    Plumduff.....2lb loss

    Snugglenush.....1lb loss

    Misspiggy.....2lb loss

    KouklaMoo.....1lb loss

    Week 9 - Weight Losses

    Misspiggy.....1lb loss

    Week 10 - Weight Losses

    KouklaMoo.....1.5lb loss

    Sparklyfairy.....1lb loss

    Misspiggy2711.....3lb gain

    Week 11 - Weight Losses

    Sparklyfairy.....2lb loss

    Misspiggy2711.....4lb loss
  • Good idea with the new thread. I don't think I've kept up to date but my total loss so far has been 8lb :roll:

    I'm stepping up my game now though - on a mission!x
  • No probs Wisheruk, i've updated to show your 8lb loss to date and also allocated your 1st star. Well done on your weight loss so far, keep going.

  • THanks for this Miss Piggy! So I have already technically weighed in for week 1 - I lost 2lb but that is already included in your 11lb.

    I will weigh in again on Monday.

  • Hey Girls,

    Would I be able to join your weight loss group??

    It is definitely time for me to get serious about losing some weight so if you guys will have me i will start from Monday, I can have one more blowout weekend lol.
  • Course you can join us BryonyMcM, just let me now how much you want/hope to lose and i'll get you added to the list

  • Hi Misspiggy, just call me Bryony image

    Well i have a fair bit of weight to lose, i think 32lb will be a good starting point!!

    Thank you for letting me join you all late, im well inspired by all the weight you guys have lost so far!!

  • Thanks Bryony i've added you to the list.

    Happy dieting!

  • Cheers ma dear image xx
  • Welcome to the weight loss thread bryony!!

    Happy dieting!

  • oh well done.....thank you for taking on this !!!

    love the * idea for half stones....

    had a week off the diet this week as hubby has been home and had been feeding me from the jamie oliver 30 minute meals book - cor...think I've put on the 7lb I've lost !!!

    DLAM xxxx
  • Well I stayed the same this week, better than putting on I suppose. Off on hols tomorrow mon-fri so not gonna be thinking bout diet for the week!

    Post as normal girls and I'll update when I can.

    Have a good week everyone!


  • Hi Misspiggy - am now on Week 2. Lost 1lb this weekso that is 12lb total loss!

  • Hi Misspiggy - am now on Week 2. Lost 1lb this weekso that is 12lb total loss!

  • Thanks for doing this! Ive not had much of a chance to get on here lately but I have now lost a stone in total to date (up to w/e 20th March). The gym is my new best friend lol x
  • Thank you for taking this on, im getting back on track this week, im still stuck at the same so still 10lbs to
  • No probs girls, will get it all updated when I can get on laptop, on phone at moment. X
  • Hiya, I've lost 15lb to date x x
  • Week 2:

    Original weight: 11st 7lb

    Current weight: 10st 12.5lb

    Weight lost this week: 0.5lb

    Overall weight loss: 8.5lb
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